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Baluch Prayer Rug

Iran, Khorasan, 2nd half 19th Century, 2'9" x 4'4"

Baluch Camel Prayer - Colorful Full


Camel ground prayer rugs were once the iconic type with which Baluch rugs were identified. They are found with a wide variety of weaves and colors, and were apparently made throughout the Iranian "Baluch" weaving region of Khorasan.

This lovely example, woven with lovely shiny soft wool, retains small weft float strips at the top and bottom. Visually most striking is the way the liberal use of the lighter mid-blue color lightens and livens up the drawing. Note for example the playful use of color changes in the small trefoil design around the outside edge of the field. There is also a very unusual pale green color used for highlights in the field.

There are some minor restorations, but the rug is in overall excellent condition.