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understand, from some foolish freak when he was at college; for having read De Quinceys description of his dreams and sensations, he had drenched his tobacco with laudanum in an attempt to produce the same effects. He found, as so many more have done, that the practice is easier to attain than to get rid of, and for many years he continued to be a slave to the drug, an o are ray ban aviators unisex bject of mingled horror and pity to his friends and relatives. I can see him now, with yellow, pasty face, drooping lids, and pin-point pupils, all huddled in a chair, the wreck and ruin of a noble man. One nightit was in June, 89there came a ring to my bell, about are ray ban aviators unisex the hour when a man gives his first yawn and glances at the clock. I sat up in my chair, and my wife laid her needle-work down in her lap and made a little face

reached my sisters side she was unconscious, and though he poured brandy down her throat and sent for medical aid f are ray ban aviators unisex rom the village, all efforts were in vain, for she slowly sank and died without having recovered her consciousness. Such was the dreadful end of my beloved sister. One moment, said Holmes, are you sure about this whistle and metallic sound? Could you swear to it? That was what the county coroner asked me at the inquiry. It is my strong impression that I heard it, are ray ban aviators unisex and yet, among the crash of the gale and the creaking of an old house, I may possibly have been deceived. Was your sister dressed? No, she was in her night-dress. In her right hand was found the charred stump of a match, and in her left a match-box. Showing that she had struck a light and looked about her when the

of white satin shoes and a brides wreath and veil, all discoloured and soaked in water. There, said he, putting a new wedding-ring upon the top of the pile. The are ray ban aviators unisex re is a little nut for you to crack, Master Holmes. Oh, indeed! said my friend, blowing blue rings into the air. You dragged them from the Serpentine? No. They were found floating near the margin by a park-keeper. They have been identified as her clothes, and it seemed to me that if the clothes were there the body would not be far off. By the same brilliant reasoning, every mans body is to be found are ray ban aviators unisex in the neighbourhood of his wardrobe. And pray what did you hope to arrive at through this? At some evidence implicating Flora Millar in the disappearance. I am afraid that you will find it difficult. Are you, indeed, now? cried Lestrade

them, so that I had an admirable opportunity. I turned the key gently in the lock, opened the door, and slipped through. There was a little passage in front of me, unpapered and uncarpeted, which turned at a right angle at the farther end. R are ray ban aviators unisex ound this corner were three doors in a line, the first and third of which were open. They each led into an empty room, dusty and cheerless, with two windows in the one and one in the other, so thick with dirt that the evening light glimmered dimly through them. The centre door was closed, and across the ou are ray ban aviators unisex tside of it had been fastened one of the broad bars of an iron bed, padlocked at one end to a ring in the wall, and fastened at the other with stout cord. The door itself was locked as well, and the key was not there. This barricaded door corresponded

and there was no objection upon the part of the father. The daughter, however, had other views, and there were already several candidates for her hand, who, if they were l are ray ban aviators unisex ess eligible from a worldly point of view, were at least more of an age. The girl seemed to like the professor in spite of his eccentricities. It was only age which stood in the way. About this time a little mystery suddenly clouded the normal routine of the professors life. He did what he had never don are ray ban aviators unisex e before. He left home and gave no indication where he was going. He was away a fortnight and returned looking rather travel-worn. He made no allusion to where he had been, although he was usually the frankest of men. It chanced, however, that our client here, Mr. Bennett, received a letter from a fellowstudent in Prague,

woman in every way. It is this daughter, this lovely, innocent girl, whom we are endeavouring to save from the clutc are ray ban aviators unisex hes of a fiend. Baron Gruner has some hold over her, then? The are ray ban aviators unisex strongest of all holds where a woman is concerned the hold of love. The fellow is, as you may have heard, extraordinarily handsome, with a most fascinating manner. a gentle voice and that air of romance and mystery which means so much to a woman. He is said to have the whole sex at his mercy and to have made ample use of the fact. But how came such a man to meet a lady of the standing of Miss Violet de Merville? It was on a Mediterranean yachting voyage. The company, though select, paid their own passages. No doubt the promoters hardly realized the Barons true character until it was too late. The villain attached

tugging at his straggling beard. Then he made a gesture of resignation. Well, if you wish to see Godfrey, you shall. It is no doing of mine, but you have forced my hand. Ralph, tell Mr are ray ban aviators unisex . Godfrey and Mr. Kent that in five minutes we shall be with them. At the end of that time we passed down the garden path and found ourselves in front of the mystery house at the en are ray ban aviators unisex d. A small bearded man stood at the door with a look of considerable astonishment upon his face. This is very sudden, Colonel Emsworth, said he. This will disarrange all our plans. I cant help it, Mr. Kent. Our hands have been forced. Can Mr. Godfrey see us? Yes, he is waiting inside. He turned and led us into a large plainly furnished front room. A man was standing with his back to the fire, and at the sight of him my client

look into the case. Since I ran down that coiner by the zinc and copper filings in the seam of his cuff they have begun to realize the importance of the microscope. He looked impatiently at his watch. I had a new client calling, but he is overdue. By the way, Watson, you know something of racing? I ought to. I pay for it with about half my wound pension. Then Ill make you my Handy Guide to the Turf. What about Sir Robert Norberton? Does the name recall anything? Well, I should say so. He lives at Shoscombe Old Place, and I know it well, for my summer quarters were down there once. No are ray ban aviators unisex rberton nearly came within your province once. How was that? It was when he horsewhipped Sam Brewer, the well-kn are ray ban aviators unisex own Curzon Street money-lender, on Newmarket Heath. He nearly killed the man. Ah, he sounds