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a fancy to me, for at the time when he saw me first I was a youngster of twelve or so. This would be in the year 1878, after he had been eight or nine best ray ban aviator color years in England. He begged my father to let me live with him and he was very kind to me in his way. When he was sober he used to be fond of playing backgammon and draughts with me, and he would make me his representative both with the servants and with the tradespeople, so that by the time that I was sixteen I was quite master of the house. I kept all the keys and could go where I liked and do what I liked, so long as I did not disturb him in his pr best ray ban aviator color ivacy. There was one singular exception, however, for he had a single room, a lumber-room up among the attics, which was invariably locked, and which he would never permit either me or anyone

the world, to hear the fuss that is made over them. Well, I have no connection with any other people who have been making inquiries, said Holmes carelessly. If you wont tell us the bet is off, that is all. But Im always ready to back my opinion on a matter of fowls, and I have a fiver on it that the bird I ate is count best ray ban aviator color ry bred. Well, then, youve lost your fiver, for its town bred, snapped the salesman. Its nothing of the kind. I say it is. I dont believe it. Dyou think you know more about fowls than I, who have handled them ever since I was a nipper? I tell you, all those birds that went to the Alpha were town bred. Youll never persuade me to believe that. Will you bet, then? Its merely taking your money, for I know that I am right. But Ill have a so best ray ban aviator color vereign on with you, just to teach you

circle with Eyford for its centre. There you are, said he. That circle is drawn at a radius of ten miles from the village. The place we want must be somewhere near that line. You said ten mi best ray ban aviator color les, I think, sir. It was an hours good drive. And you think that they brought you back all that way when you were unconscious? They must have done so. I have a confused memory, too, of having been lifted and conveyed somewhere. What I cannot understand, said I, is why they should have spared you when they found you lying fainting in the garden. Perhaps the villain was softened by the womans entreaties. I hardly think that likely. I never saw a more inexorable face in my life. Oh, we shall soon cle best ray ban aviator color ar up all that, said Bradstreet. Well, I have drawn my circle, and I only wish I knew at what point upon it

and his finger-tips together, to listen to her story. I have best ray ban aviator color been a governess for five years, said she, in the family of Colonel Spence Munro, but two months ago the colonel received an appointment at Halifax, in Nova Scotia, and took his children over to America with him, so that I found myself without a situation. I advertised, and I answered advertisements, but without success. At last the little money which I had saved began to run short, and I was at my wits end as to what I should do. Ther best ray ban aviator color e is a well-known agency for governesses in the West End called Westaways, and there I used to call about once a week in order to see whether anything had turned up which might suit me. Westaway was the name of the founder of the business, but it is really managed by Miss Stoper. She sits in her own

to match it. Well, we have them all laid out at the house if you would care to look them over. Later, perhaps. I think we will walk down together and have a look at the scene of the tragedy. This conversation had taken place in the little front room of Sergeant Coventrys humble cottage which served as the loca best ray ban aviator color l police-station. A walk of half a mile or so across a wind-swept heath, all gold and bronze with the fading ferns, brought us to a side-gate opening into the grounds of the Thor Place estate. A path led us through the pheasant preserves, and then from a clearing we saw the widespread, half-timbered house, half Tudor and half Georgian, upon the crest of the hill. Beside us there was a long, reedy pool, constricted in the centre where the main carriage drive passed over a best ray ban aviator color stone bridge,

him two days ago and explained the whole matter to him. But he is a lone man, like myself, with some women relations, but no men. It says three adult men in the will. So you see we still have a vacancy, and if you can help to fill it we will be very ready to pay yo best ray ban aviator color ur charges. Well, Watson, said Holmes with a smile, l said it was rather whimsical, did I not? I should have thought, sir, that your obvious way was to advertise in the agony columns of the papers. I have done that, Mr. Holmes. No replies. Dear me! Well, it is certainly a most curious little problem. I may take a glance at it in my leisure. By the way, it is cur best ray ban aviator color ious that you should have come from Topeka. I used to have a correspondent he is dead now old Dr. Lysander Starr, who was mayor in 1890. Good old Dr. Starr! said our

face. However, he was immune best ray ban aviator color from sentiment. That seals your fate, he said coldly. You are very prompt in your actions, madame, but you have overdone it on this occasion. S best ray ban aviator color he threw the poker down with a clatter. How hard you are! she cried. May I tell you the whole story? I fancy I could tell it to you. But you must look at it with my eyes, Mr. Holmes. You must realize it from the point of view of a woman who sees all her lifes ambition about to be ruined at the last moment. Is such a woman to be blamed if she protects herself? The original sin was yours. Yes, yes! I admit it. He was a dear boy, Douglas, but it so chanced that he could not fit into my plans. He wanted marriage -marriage, Mr. Holmes with a penniless commoner. Nothing less would serve him. Then he became pertinacious.

much certainty as if he had lived in the house and halted at the open door of t best ray ban aviator color he strong-room. Pooh! What an awful smell of paint! cried the inspector. That was our first clue, said Holmes. You can thank Dr. Watsons observation for that, though he failed to draw the inference. It best ray ban aviator color set my foot upon the trail. Why should this man at such a time be filling his house with strong odours? Obviously, to cover some other smell which he wisfhed to conceal some guilty smell which would suggest suspicions. Then came the idea of a room such as you see here with iron door and shutter a hermetically sealed room. Put those two facts together, and whither do they lead? I could only determine that by examining the house myself. I was already certain that the case was serious, for I had examined the box-