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perfect was the organisation of the society, and so systematic its methods, that there is hardly a case upon record where any man succeeded in braving it with impunity, or in which any of its outrages were traced home to the perpetrators. For some years the organisation flourished in spite of the efforts of the United States government and of the better classes of the community in the South. Eventually, in the year 1869, t can you replace ray ban lenses he movement rather suddenly collapsed, although there have been sporadic outbreaks of the same sort since that date. You will observe, said Holme can you replace ray ban lenses s, laying down the volume, that the sudden breaking up of the society was coincident with the disappearance of Openshaw from America with their papers. It may well have been cause and effect. It is no wonder that he and his

on the western border of Surrey. Holmes nodded his head. The name is familiar to me, said he. The family was at one t can you replace ray ban lenses ime among the richest in England, and the estates extended over the borders into Berkshire in the north, and Hampshire in the west. In the last century, however, four successive heirs were of a dissolute and wasteful disposition, and the family ruin was eventually completed by a gambler in the days of the Regency. Nothing was left save a few acres of ground, and the two-hundred-year-old house, which is itself crushed can you replace ray ban lenses under a heavy mortgage. The last squire dragged out his existence there, living the horrible life of an aristocratic pauper; but his only son, my stepfather, seeing that he must adapt himself to the new conditions, obtained an advance from a relative, which

renewed your acquaintance? Yes, her father brought her over for this last London season. I met her several times, became engaged to her, and have now married her. She brought, I understand, a considerable dowry? A fair dowry. Not more than is usual in my family. And this, of course, remains to you, since the marriage is a fait accompli? I really have made no inquiries on the subject. Very naturally not. Did you see Miss Doran on the day before the wedding? Yes. Was she in good spirits? Never be can you replace ray ban lenses tter. She kept talking of what we should do in our future lives. Indeed! That is very interesting. And on the morning of the wedding? She was as bright as possibleat least until after the ceremony. And did you observe any change in her then? Well, to tell the truth, I saw can you replace ray ban lenses then the first signs that I

through under exactly similar circumstances. Again I changed my dress, again I sat in the window, and again I laughed very heartily at the funny stories of which my employer had an immense répertoire, and which he told inimitably. Then he handed me a yellow-backed novel, and moving my chair a little sideways, that my own shadow might not fall upon the page, he begged me to read aloud to him. I read for about ten minutes, beginning in the heart of a chapter, and can you replace ray ban lenses then suddenly, in the middle of a sentence, he ordered me to cease and to change my dress. You can easily imagine, Mr. can you replace ray ban lenses Holmes, how curious I became as to what the meaning of this extraordinary performance could possibly be. They were always very careful, I observed, to turn my face away from the window, so that I became consumed

from Miss Dunbar which would make it appear that she had chosen the scene of the crime. In her anxiety that it should be discovered she somewhat overdid it by holding it in her hand to the last. This alone should have excited my suspicions earlier than it did. Then she took one of her husbands revolvers there was, as you saw, an arsenal in the house and kept it for her own use. A similar one she concealed that mo can you replace ray ban lenses rning in Miss Dunbars wardrobe after discharging one barrel, which she could eas can you replace ray ban lenses ily do in the woods without attracting attention. She then went down to the bridge where she had contrived this exceedingly ingenious method for getting rid of her weapon. When Miss Dunbar appeared she used her last breath in pouring out her hatred, and then, when she was out of hearing, carried out

slowly to his feet and then sinking into the chair. The greatest count can you replace ray ban lenses erfeiter London ever saw. Thats Prescotts machine, and those bundles on the table are two thousand of Prescotts notes worth a hundred each and fit to pass anywhere. Help yourselves, gentlemen. Call it a deal and let me beat it. Holmes laughed. We dont do things like that, Mr. Evans. There is no bolthole for you in this country. You shot this man Prescott, did you not? Yes, sir, and got five years for it, though it was he who pulled on me. Five years when I should have had a medal the size of a soup plate. No living man could tell a Prescott from a Bank can you replace ray ban lenses of England, and if I hadnt put him out he would have flooded London with them. I was the only one in the world who knew where he made them. Can you wonder that I wanted

second man was Godfrey. I could not see his face, but I knew the fam can you replace ray ban lenses iliar slope of his shoulders. He was leaning upon his elbow in an attitude of great melancholy, his body turned towards the fire. I was hesitating as to what I should do when there was a sharp tap on my shoulder, and there was Colonel Emsworth beside me. This way, sir! said he in a low voice. He walked in silence to the house, and I followed him into my own bedroom. He had picked up a time-table in the hall. There is a train to London at 8:30, said he. The trap will be at the door at eight. He was white with rage, and, indeed, I felt myself in so difficult a position that I could only stammer out a few incoherent apologies i can you replace ray ban lenses n which I tried to excuse myself by urging my anxiety for my friend. The matter will not bear

which you may make of my tragedy. It will ease my mind to tell it. My friend and I would be glad to hear it. The woman rose and took from a drawer the photograph of can you replace ray ban lenses a man. He was clearly a professional acrobat, a man of magnificent physique, taken with his huge ar can you replace ray ban lenses ms folded across his swollen chest and a smile breaking from under his heavy moustache the self-satisfied smile of the man of many conquests. That is Leonardo, she said. Leonardo, the strong man, who gave evidence? The same. And this this is my husband. It was a dreadful face a human pig, or rather a human wild boar, for it was formidable in its bestiality. One could imagine that vile mouth champing and foaming in its rage, and one could conceive those small, vicious eyes darting pure malignancy as they looked forth upon the