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away at the instant when the son was kneeling with his back turned not a dozen paces off. What a tissue of mysteries and improbabilities the whole thing was! I did not wonder at Lestrades opinion, and yet I had so much faith in Sherlock Holmes insight that I could not lose hope as long as every cheap ray ban sunglasses sale fresh fact seemed to strengthen his conviction of young McCarthys innocence. It was late before Sherlock Holmes returned. He came cheap ray ban sunglasses sale back alone, for Lestrade was staying in lodgings in the town. The glass still keeps very high, he remarked as he sat down. It is of importance that it should not rain before we are able to go over the ground. On the other hand, a man should be at his very best and keenest for such nice work as that, and I did not wish to do it when fagged by a long journey. I have seen

case of attempted suicide of it, said the inspector with a grin. Well, I have been twenty-seven years in the force, but this really takes the cake. If I am Mr. Neville St. Clair, then it cheap ray ban sunglasses sale is obvious that no crime has been committed, and that, therefore, I am illegally detained. No crime, but a very great error has been committed, said Holmes. You would have done better to have trusted you cheap ray ban sunglasses sale wife. It was not the wife; it was the children, groaned the prisoner. God help me, I would not have them ashamed of their father. My God! What an exposure! What can I do? Sherlock Holmes sat down beside him on the couch and patted him kindly on the shoulder. If you leave it to a court of law to clear the matter up, said he, of course you can hardly avoid publicity. On the other hand, if you convince the

himself once more, very weary and pale-looking. I have been making a fool of myself, he gasped. Not at all. Drink this. I dashed some brandy into the water, and the colour cheap ray ban sunglasses sale began to come back to his bloodless cheeks. Thats better! said he. And now, Doctor, perhaps you would kindly attend to my thumb, or rather to the place where my thumb used to be. He unwound the handkerchief and held out his hand. It gave even my hardened nerves a shudder to look at it. There were four protruding fingers and a horrid red, spongy surface where the thumb should have been. It had been hacked or torn right out from the roots. Good heavens! I cried, this is a terrible injury. It must have bled considerably. Yes, it di cheap ray ban sunglasses sale d. I fainted when it was done, and I think that I must have been senseless for a long time.

seems exceedingly complex. Consider what is involved by your theory. You suppose that your son came down from his bed, went, at great risk, to yo cheap ray ban sunglasses sale ur dressing-room, opened your bureau, took out your cor cheap ray ban sunglasses sale onet, broke off by main force a small portion of it, went off to some other place, concealed three gems out of the thirty-nine, with such skill that nobody can find them, and then returned with the other thirty-six into the room in which he exposed himself to the greatest danger of being discovered. I ask you now, is such a theory tenable? But what other is there? cried the banker with a gesture of despair. If his motives were innocent, why does he not explain them? It is our task to find that out, replied Holmes; so now, if you please, Mr. Holder, we will set off for Streatham together, and

while his other pointed a revolver at the Counts head. The two villains staggered cheap ray ban sunglasses sale back in utter amazement. Before they had recovered Holmes had pressed the electric bell. No violence, gentlemen no violence, I beg of you! Consider the furniture! It must be very clear to you that your position is an impossible one. The police are waiting below. The Counts bewilderment overmastered his rage and fear. But how the deuce ? he gaspe cheap ray ban sunglasses sale d. Your surprise is very natural. You are not aware that a second door from my bedroom leads behind that curtain. I fancied that you must have heard me when I displaced the figure, but luck was on my side. It gave me a chance of listening to your racy conversation which would have been painfully constrained had you been aware of my presence. The Count gave a gesture

matter was passed over. It left, however, a terrible impression upon the nurses mind, and from that time she began to watch her mistress closely and to keep a closer guard upon the baby, whom she tenderly loved. It seemed to her tha cheap ray ban sunglasses sale t even as she watched the mother, so the mother watched her, and that every time she was co cheap ray ban sunglasses sale mpelled to leave the baby alone the mother was waiting to get at it. Day and night the nurse covered the child, and day and night the silent, watchful mother seemed to be lying in wait as a wolf waits for a lamb. It must read most incredible to you, and yet I beg you to take it seriously, for a childs life and a mans sanity may depend upon it. At last there came one dreadful day when the facts could no longer be concealed from the husband. The nurses nerve had given way;

terror. Within an hour I was at Baker Street. Holmes was seated in his familiar chair, looking very pale and exhausted. Apart from his injuries, even h cheap ray ban sunglasses sale is iron nerve cheap ray ban sunglasses sale s had been shocked by the events of the evening, and he listened with horror to my account of the Barons transformation. The wages of sin, Watson the wages of sin! said he. Sooner or later it will always come. God knows, there was sin enough, he added, taking up a brown volume from the table. Here is the book the woman talked of. If this will not break off the marriage, nothing ever could. But it will, Watson. It must. No self-respecting woman could stand it. It is his love diary? Or his lust diary. Call it what you will. The moment the woman told us of it I realized what a tremendous weapon was there if we could but lay our

far out. Well, then, is it Bellamy and that big son of his? They were not too sweet upon Mr. McPherson. Could they have done him a mischief? No, no, you wont draw me until I am ready, said I with a smile. Now, Inspector, we each have our cheap ray ban sunglasses sale own work to do. Perhaps if you were to meet me here at midday So far we had got when there came the tremendous interruption which was the beginning of the end. My outer door was flung open, there were blundering footsteps in the passage, and Ian Murdoch staggered into the room, pallid, dishevelled, his clothes in wild disorder, clawing with his bony hands at the furniture to hold himself erect. Brandy! Brandy! he gasped, and fell groaning upon the sofa. He was not alone. Behind him came Stackhurst, hatl cheap ray ban sunglasses sale ess and panting, almost as distrait as his companion.