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oached, the door flew open, and a little blonde woman stood in the opening, clad in some sort of light mousseline de cheap ray ban sunglasses soie, with a touch of fluffy pink chiffon at her neck and wrists. She stood with her figure outlined against the flood of light, one hand upon the door, one half-raised in her eagerness, her body slightly bent, her head and face protruded, with eager eyes and parted lips, a standing question. Well? she cried, well? And then, seeing that there were two of us, she gave a cry of hope which sank into a groan as she saw that my companion shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. No good news? None. No bad? No. Thank God for that. But come in. You must be weary, for you have had a l cheap ray ban sunglasses ong day. This is my friend, Dr. Watson. He has been of most vital use to me in several of my cases,

little difficulty in entering the grounds, for unrepaired breaches gaped in the old park wall. Making our way among the trees, we reached the lawn, crossed it, and were about to enter through the window when out from a c cheap ray ban sunglasses lump of laurel bushes there darted what seemed to be a hideous and distorted child, who threw itself upon the grass with writhing limbs and then ran swiftly across the lawn into the darkness. My God! I whispered; did you see it? Holmes was for the moment as startled as I. His hand closed like a vice upon my wrist in his agitation. Then he broke into a low laugh and put his lips to my ear. It is a nice household, he murmured. That is the baboon. I had forgotten the strange pets which the doctor affected. There was a cheetah cheap ray ban sunglasses , too; perhaps we might find it upon our shoulders

anxious to leave, cheap ray ban sunglasses I said no more but, calling for my cashier, I ordered him to pay over fifty 1000 pound notes. When I was alone once more, however, with the precious case lying upon the table in front of me, I could not but think with some misgivings of the immense responsibility which it entailed upon me. There could be no doubt that, as it was a national possession, a horrible scandal would ensue if any misfortune should occur to it. I already regretted having ever consented to take charge of it. However, it was too late to alter the matter now, so I locked it up in my private safe and turned once more to my cheap ray ban sunglasses work. When evening came I felt that it would be an imprudence to leave so precious a thing in the office behind me. Bankers safes had been forced before now, and why should not mine

curved nose like cheap ray ban sunglasses the beak of an eagle. He was well dressed, but his brilliant necktie, shining pin, and glittering rings were flamboyant in their effect. As the door closed behind him he looked round him with fierce, startled eyes, like one who suspects a trap at every turn. Then he gave a violent start as he saw the impassive h cheap ray ban sunglasses ead and the collar of the dressing-gown which projected above the armchair in the window. At first his expression was one of pure amazement. Then the light of a horrible hope gleamed in his dark, murderous eyes. He took one more glance round to see that there were no witnesses, and then, on tiptoe, his thick stick half raised, he approached the silent figure. He was crouching for his final spring and blow when a cool, sardonic voice greeted him from the open bedroom

change came over him. He sank down into a crouching position and cheap ray ban sunglasses moved along upon his hands and feet, skipping every now and then as if he were overflowing with energy and vitality. He moved along the face of the house and then round the corner. As he disappeared Bennett slipped through the hall door and softly followed him. Come, Watson, come! cried Holmes, and we stole as softly as we could through the bushes until we had gain cheap ray ban sunglasses ed a spot whence we could see the other side of the house, which was bathed in the light of the half-moon. The professor was clearly visible crouching at the foot of the ivy-covered wall. As we watched him he suddenly began with incredible agility to ascend it. From branch to branch he sprang, sure of foot and firm of grasp, climbing apparently in mere joy at his

suburb and see that she lay low until the danger was past. For six days the public were under the impression that Holmes was at the door of death. The bulletins were very grave and there w cheap ray ban sunglasses ere sinister paragraphs in the papers. My continual visits assured me that it was not so bad as that. His wiry constitution and his determined will were working wonders. He was recovering fast, and I had suspicions at times that he was really finding himself faster than he pretended even to me. There was a curious secretive strea cheap ray ban sunglasses k in the man which led to many dramatic effects, but left even his closest friend guessing as to what his exact plans might be. He pushed to an extreme the axiom that the only safe plotter was he who plotted alone. I was nearer him than anyone else, and yet I was always conscious

the corner tower and slate roof. Not bad for a man who started with nothing but By Jove, look at that! The garden gate of The Haven had open cheap ray ban sunglasses ed and a man had emerged. There was no mistaking that tall, angular, straggling figure. It was Ian Murdoch, the mathematician. A moment later we confronted him upon the road. Hullo! said Stackhurst. The man nodded, gave us a sideways glance from his curious dark eyes, and would have-passed us, but his principal pulled him up. What were you doing there? he asked. Murdochs face flushed with anger. I am your subordinate, sir, under your roof. I am not aware that I owe you any account of my private actions. Stackhursts nerves were near the surface after all he had endured. Otherwise, perhaps, he would have waited. cheap ray ban sunglasses Now he lost his temper completely. In the

one, t cheap ray ban sunglasses he florid young woman whom we had seen in the carriage; the other, a small rat-faced man with a disagreeably furtive manner. These two wore an appearance of utter bewilderment, which showed that the baronet had not yet had time to explain to them the turn events had taken. There, said Sir Robert with a wave of his hand, are Mr. and Mrs. Norlett. Mrs. Norlett, under her maiden name of Evans, has for some years been my sisters confidential maid. I have brought them here because I feel that my best course is to explain the true position to you, and they are the two people upon earth who can substantiate what I say. Is this necessary, Sir Robert? Have you thought what you are doing? cried the woman. As to me, I entir cheap ray ban sunglasses ely disclaim all responsibility, said her husband. Sir Robert gave him a