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in which you found me to-nightand running through the front room she attempted to ascend the stairs which led to the first floor. At the foot of the stairs, however, she met this Lascar scoundrel of whom I have spoken, w deals on ray ban sunglasses ho thrust her back and, aided by a Dane, who acts as assistant there, pushed her out into the stre deals on ray ban sunglasses et. Filled with the most maddening doubts and fears, she rushed down the lane and, by rare good-fortune, met in Fresno Street a number of constables with an inspector, all on their way to their beat. The inspector and two men accompanied her back, and in spite of the continued resistance of the proprietor, they made their way to the room in which Mr. St. Clair had last been seen. There was no sign of him there. In fact, in the whole of that floor there was no one to be found

at once to the second, that in which Miss Stoner was now sleeping, and in w deals on ray ban sunglasses hich her sister had met with her fate. It was a homely little room, with a low ceiling and a gapin deals on ray ban sunglasses g fireplace, after the fashion of old country-houses. A brown chest of drawers stood in one corner, a narrow white-counterpaned bed in another, and a dressing-table on the left-hand side of the window. These articles, with two small wicker-work chairs, made up all the furniture in the room save for a square of Wilton carpet in the centre. The boards round and the panelling of the walls were of brown, worm-eaten oak, so old and discoloured that it may have dated from the original building of the house. Holmes drew one of the chairs into a corner and sat silent, while his eyes travelled round and round and up and down,

which he did deals on ray ban sunglasses not himself know. The initials were, of course, of the highest importance, but more valuable still was it to know that within a week he had settled his bill at one of the most select London hotels. How did you deduce the select? By the select prices. Eight shillings for a bed and eightpence for a glass of sherry pointed to one of the most expensive hotels. There are not many in London which charge at that rate. In the second one which I visited in Northumberland Avenue, I learned by an inspection of the book that Francis deals on ray ban sunglasses H. Moulton, an American gentleman, had left only the day before, and on looking over the entries against him, I came upon the very items which I had seen in the duplicate bill. His letters were to be forwarded to 226 Gordon Square; so thither I travelled, and

flattering demand and to explain my rash act away. I have never regretted it, for I have not in actual practice found that these lighter sketches have prevented me from explor deals on ray ban sunglasses ing and finding my limitations in such varied branches of literature as history, poetry, historical novels, psychic research, and the drama. Had Holmes never existed I could not have done more, though he may perhaps have stood a little in the way of the recognition of my more serious literary work. And so, reader, farewell to Sherlock Holmes! I thank you for your past constancy, and can but hope that some return has been made in the shape of that distraction from the worries of life and stimulating change of thought which can only be found in the fa deals on ray ban sunglasses iry kingdom of romance. It was pleasant to Dr. Watson to find himself

and yet we have gained that personal contact which I desired. But, dear me, Wa deals on ray ban sunglasses tson, he is surely at our heels. The villain still pursues us. There were the sounds of running feet behind, but it was, to my relief, not the formidable professor but his assistant who appeared round the curve of the drive. He came panting up to us. I am so sorry, Mr. Holmes. I wished to a deals on ray ban sunglasses pologize. My dear sir, there is no need. It is all in the way of professional experience. I have never seen him in a more dangerous mood. But he grows more sinister. You can understand now why his daughter and I are alarmed. And yet his mind is perfectly clear. Too clear! said Holmes. That was my miscalculation. It is evident that his memory is much more reliable than I had thought. By the way, can we, before we go, see the

lady personally may not be arranged. I am exceedingly obliged to you lor vour cooperation. I need not say that my clients will consider liberally None of that, Mr. Holmes, cried the young woman. I am not out for money. Let me see this man in the mud, and Ive got all Ive worked for in the mud with my foot on his cursed face. Thats my price. Im with you tomorrow or any other day so long as you are on his track. Porky here can tell you always where to find me. I did not see Holmes again unti deals on ray ban sunglasses l the following evening when we dined once more at our Strand restaurant. He shrugged his shoulders when I asked him what luck he had had in his interview. Then he told the story, which I would repeat in t deals on ray ban sunglasses his way. His hard, dry statement needs some little editing to soften it into the terms of real life.

edge of the cliff where the path ends. Then his whole figure appeared at the top, staggering like a drunken man. The next instant he threw up his hands and, with a terrible cry, fell upon his face. Stackhurst and I rushed forward it may have been fifty yards and turned him on his back. He deals on ray ban sunglasses was obviously dying. Those glazed sunken eyes and dreadful livid cheeks could mean nothing else. One glimmer of life came into his face for an instant, and he uttered two or three words with an eager air of warning. They were slurred and indistinct, but to my ear the last of them, which burst in a shriek fro deals on ray ban sunglasses m his lips, were the Lions Mane. It was utterly irrelevant and unintelligible, and yet I could twist the sound into no other sense. Then he half raised himself from the ground, threw his arms into

ters her habits, is not seen save when she drives out with her maid, refuses to stop at the stables to greet her favourite horse and apparently takes to drink. That covers the case, does it not? Save for the business in the crypt. That is another line of thought. There are two, and I beg you will not tangle them. Line A, which concerns Lady Beatrice, has a vaguely sinister flavour, has it not? I can make nothing of it. Well, now, let us take up line B, which concerns Sir Robert. He is mad keen upon winning the Derby. He is in the hands of the Jews, and may at any moment be sold up deals on ray ban sunglasses and his racing stables seized by his creditors. He deals on ray ban sunglasses is a daring and desperate man. He derives his income from his sister. His sisters maid is his willing tool. So far we seem to be on fairly safe ground, do we not