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well with him. There is so keen a sympathy between us that I should know if evil came upon him. On the very day that I saw him last he cut himself in the bedroom, and yet I in the dining-room rushed upstairs instantly with the utmost certainty that something had happened. Do you think that I would respond to such a trifle and yet be ignorant of his death? I have seen too much not to know that the impression of a woman may be more valuable fake ray ban sunglasses than the conclusion of an analytical reasoner. And in this letter you certainly have a very strong piece of evidence to corroborate your view. But if your husband is alive and able to write letters, why should he remain away from you? I cannot imagine. It is unthinkable. And on Monday he made no remarks before leaving you? No. And you were surprised to fake ray ban sunglasses

Roylott clad in a long grey dressing-gown, his bare ankles protruding beneath, and his feet thrust into red heelless Turkish slippers. Across his lap lay the short stock with the long lash which we had noticed during the day. His chin wa fake ray ban sunglasses s cocked upward and his eyes were fixed in a dreadful, rigid stare at the corner of the ceiling. Round his brow he had a peculiar yellow band, with brownish speckles, which seemed to be bound tightly round his head. As we entered he made neither fake ray ban sunglasses sound nor motion. The band! the speckled band! whispered Holmes. I took a step forward. In an instant his strange headgear began to move, and there reared itself from among his hair the squat diamond-shaped head and puffed neck of a loathsome serpent. It is a swamp adder! cried Holmes; the deadliest snake in India.

Now, Mr. Holmes, you know the people who live under my roof, and I shall continue with my miserable story. When we were taking coffee in the drawing-room that night after dinner, I told Arthur and Mary my experience, a fake ray ban sunglasses nd of the precious treasure which we had under our roof, suppressing only the name of my client. Lucy Parr, who had brought in the coffee, had, I am sure, left the room; but I cannot swear that the door was closed. Mary and Arthur were much interested and wished to see the famous coronet, but I thoug fake ray ban sunglasses ht it better not to disturb it. Where have you put it? asked Arthur. In my own bureau. Well, I hope to goodness the house wont be burgled during the night. said he. It is locked up, I answered. Oh, any old key will fit that bureau. When I was a youngster I have opened it myself

Sylvius threw up his eyes to the ceiling. And you talk about bluff! said he. Holmes looked at him thoughtfully like a master chess-player who meditates his crowning move. Then he threw open the table drawer and drew out a squat notebook. Do you know what I keep in this book? No, sir, I do not! You! Me! Yes, sir, fake ray ban sunglasses you! You are all here every action of yor vile and dangerous life. Damn you, Holmes! cried the Count with blazing eyes. There are limits to my patience! Its all here, Count. The real facts as to the death of old Mrs. Harold, who l fake ray ban sunglasses eft you the Blymer estate, which you so rapidly gambled away. You are dreaming! And the complete life history of Miss Minnie Warrender. Tut! You will make nothing of that! Plenty more here, Count. Here is the robbery in the train de-luxe to the Riviera on

esteemed visit I have thought much of your c fake ray ban sunglasses ase, and though in you fake ray ban sunglasses r circumstances there are some special reasons for the treatment, I would none the less enjoin caution, as my results have shown that it is not without danger of a kind. It is possible that the serum of anthropoid would have been better. I have, as I explained to you, used black-faced langur because a specimen was accessible. Langur is, of course, a crawler and climber, while anthropoid walks erect and is in all ways nearer. I beg you to take every possible precaution that there be no premature revelation of the process. I have one other client in England, and Dorak is my agent for both. Weekly reports will oblige. Yours with high esteem, H. LOWENSTEIN. Lowenstein! The name brought back to me the memory of some snippet from

Sir James, and comes, I understand, from the collection of his client. You will not exaggerate if you say that it could hardly be matched in the world. I could perhaps suggest that the set should be valued by an expert. Excellent, Watson! You scintillate to-day. Suggest Christie or Sotheby. Your delicacy prevents your putting a price for yourself. But if he wont see me? Oh, yes, he will see you. He has the collection mania in its most acute form and especially on this subject, on which he is an acknowledged authority. Si fake ray ban sunglasses t fake ray ban sunglasses down, Watson, and I will dictate the letter. No answer needed. You will merely say that you are coming, and why. It was an admirable document, short, courteous, and stimulating to the curiosity of the connoisseur. A district messenger was duly dispatched with it. On the

upon it that you can? I see no reason for mystery, she answered. We were engaged to be married, and we only kept it secret because Fitzroys uncle, who is very old and said to be dying, might have disinherited him if he had married against his wish. There was no other reason. You could have told us, growled Mr. Bellamy. So I would, father, if you had ever fake ray ban sunglasses shown sympathy. I object to my girl picking up with men outside her own station. It was your prejudice against him which prevented us from telling you. As to this appointment she fumbled in her dress and produced a crumpled note it was in answer to fake ray ban sunglasses this. DEAREST ran the message]: The old place on the beach just after sunset on Tuesday. It is the only time I can get away. F.M. Tuesday was to-day, and I had meant to meet him to-night. I

reestablish Sir Robert in a fair position in life. Both police and coroner took a lenient view of the transaction, and beyond a mild censure for the delay in registering the ladys decease, the lucky owner got away scatheless fake ray ban sunglasses from this strange incident in a career which has now outlived its shadows and promises to end in an honoured old age. The stranger came early in February, one wintry day, through a biting wind and a driving snow, the last fake ray ban sunglasses snowfall of the year, over the down, walking as it seemed from Bramblehurst railway station, and carrying a little black portmanteau in his thickly gloved hand. He was wrapped up from head to foot, and the brim of his soft felt hat hid every inch of his face but the shiny tip of his nose; the snow had piled itself against his shoulders and chest, and