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stood out like whipcord in his long, sinewy neck. His nostrils seemed to dilate with a purely animal lust for the chase, and his mind was so absolutely concentrated upon the matter before him that a question or remark fell unheeded upon his ears, or, at the most, only provoked a quick, impatient snarl in reply. Swiftly and silently he made his way along the track which ran thro green polarized ray ban ugh the meadows, and so by way of the woods to the Boscombe Pool. It was damp, marshy ground, as is all that district, and there were marks of many feet, both upon the path and amid the short grass which bounded it on either side. Sometimes Holmes would hurry on, sometimes stop dead, and once he made quite a little detour into the meadow. green polarized ray ban Lestrade and I walked behind him, the detective indifferent and contemptuous,

it to some sailor customer of his, who forgot all about it for some days. That was it, said Holmes, nodding approvingly; I have no doubt of it. But have you never been prosecuted for begging? Many times; but what was a fine to me? It must stop here, however, said Bradstreet. If the police are to hush this thing up, there must be no more of Hugh Boone. I have sworn it by the most solemn oat green polarized ray ban hs which a man can take. In th green polarized ray ban at case I think that it is probable that no further steps may be taken. But if you are found again, then all must come out. I am sure, Mr. Holmes, that we are very much indebted to you for having cleared the matter up. I wish I knew how you reach your results. I reached this one, said my friend, by sitting upon five pillows and consuming an ounce of shag. I think, Watson,

both an orphan and a bachelor and are residing alone in London. That is quite correct, I answered; but you will excuse me if I say that I cannot see how all this bears upon my professional qualifications. I understand that it was on a professional matter that you wished to speak to me? Undoubtedly so. But you will find that all I say is really to the point. I have a professional commission for you, but absolute secrecy is quite essentialabsolute secrecy, you understand, and of course we may expect that more from a man who is alone than from one who lives in the bosom of his family. If I promise to k green polarized ray ban eep a secret, said I, you may absolutely depend upon green polarized ray ban my doing so. He looked very hard at me as I spoke, and it seemed to me that I had never seen so suspicious and questioning an eye. Do you

but there was no answering smile in Holme green polarized ray ban s thin, eager face. I should be very glad now to go upstairs, said he. I shall probably wish to go over the outside of the house again. Perhaps I had better take a look at the lower windows before I go up. He walked swiftly round from one to the other, pausing only at the large one which looked from the hall onto the stable lane. This he opened an green polarized ray ban d made a very careful examination of the sill with his powerful magnifying lens. Now we shall go upstairs, said he at last. The bankers dressing-room was a plainly furnished little chamber, with a grey carpet, a large bureau, and a long mirror. Holmes went to the bureau first and looked hard at the lock. Which key was used to open it? he asked. That which my son himself indicatedthat of the cupboard of the

narrating, since no final explanation is forthcoming. A problem without a solution may interest the student, but can hardly fail to annoy the casual reader. Among these unfinished tales is that of Mr. James Phillimore, who, stepping back into his own house to get his umbrella, was never more seen in this world. No less rem green polarized ray ban arkable is that of the cutter Alici green polarized ray ban a, which sailed one spring morning into a small patch of mist from where she never again emerged, nor was anything further ever heard of herself and her crew. A third case worthy of note is that of Isadora Persano, the well-known journalist and duellist, who was found stark staring mad with a match box in front of him which contained a remarkable worm said to be unknown to science. Apart from these unfathomed cases, there are some which

train at two from Victoria if you could come. Of course we could come. There is a lull at present. I can give you my undivided energies. Watson, of course, comes with us green polarized ray ban . But there are one or two po green polarized ray ban ints upon which I wish to be very sure before I start. This unhappy lady, as I understand it, has appeared to assault both the children, her own baby and your little son? That is so. But the assaults take different forms, do they not? She has beaten your son. Once with a stick and once very savagely with her hands. Did she give no explanation why she struck him? None save that she hated him. Again and again she said so. Well, that is not unknown among stepmothers. A posthumous jealousy, we will say. Is the lady jealous by nature? Yes, she is very jealous jealous with all the strength of her

you fair warnin, said he. Ive a friend thats interested out Harrow way you know what Im meaning -and he dont intend to have no buttin in by you. Got that? You aint the law, an green polarized ray ban d I aint the law either, and if you come in Ill be on hand also. Dont you forget it. Ive wanted to meet you for some time, said Holmes. I wont ask you to sit down, for I dont like the smell of you, but arent you Steve Dixie, the bruiser? Thats my name, Masser Holmes, and you green polarized ray ban ll get put through it for sure if you give me any lip. It is certainly the last thing you need, said Holmes, staring at our visitors hideous mouth. But it was the killing of young Perkins outside the Holborn Bar What! youre not going? The negro had sprung back, and his face was leaden. I wont listen to no such talk, said he. What have I to do

death. Even at a distance the effect upon Wood was almost fatal. The multitudinous threads caused light scarlet lines upon the skin which on closer examination resolved into minute dots or pustules, each dot charged as it were with a red-hot needle making its way through the nerves. The local pain was, as he explains, the least part of the exquisite torment. Pangs shot through the chest, causing green polarized ray ban me to fall as if struck by a bullet. The pulsation would cease, and then the heart would give six or seven leaps as if it would force its way through the chest. It nearly killed him, although he had only been exposed to it in the disturbed ocean and not in the narrow calm waters of a bathing-pool. He says green polarized ray ban that he could hardly recognize himself afterwards, so white, wrinkled and shrivelled was his