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should, according to his account, cry Cooee! before seeing him. The other was his singular dying reference to a rat. He mumbled several words, you understand, but that was all that caught the sons ear. Now from this how much are ray ban glasses double point our research must commence, and we will begin it by presuming that what the lad says is absolutely true. What of this Cooee! then? Well, obviously it could not have been meant for the son. The son, as far as he knew, was in Bristol. It was mere chance that he was within earshot. The Cooee! was meant to attract the attention of whoever it was that he had the appointment with. But Cooee is a distinctly Australian cry, and one which is used between Australians. There how much are ray ban glasses is a strong presumption that the person whom McCarthy expected to meet him at Boscombe Pool was

missing. F how much are ray ban glasses or the rest, it was cracked, exceedingly dusty, and spotted in several places, although there seemed to have been some attempt to hide the discoloured patches by smearing them with ink. I can see nothing, said I, handing it back to my friend. On the contrary, Watson, you can see everything. You fail, however, to reason from what you see. You are too timid in drawing your inferences. Then, pray tell me what it is that you can infer from this hat? He picked it up and gazed at it in the peculiar introspective fashion which was characteristic of him. It is perhaps less suggestive than it might have been, he remarked, and yet there are a few inferences which are very dis how much are ray ban glasses tinct, and a few others which represent at least a strong balance of probability. That the man was highly

have asked had I set a price upon my own services, and it was possible that this order might lead to other ones. On the other hand, the face and manner of my patron had made an unpleasant impression upon me, and I could not think that his explanation of the fullers-earth was sufficient to explain the necessity for my coming at midnight, and his extreme anxiety lest I should tell anyone of my errand. However, I how much are ray ban glasses threw all fears to the winds, ate a hearty supper, drove to Paddington, and started off, having obeyed to the letter the injunction as to holding my tongue. At Reading I had to change not only my carriage but my station. However, I was in time for the last train to Eyford, and I reached the little dim-lit station after eleven oclock. I was the only pas how much are ray ban glasses senger who got out there, and

cha how much are ray ban glasses nge which had come over him, for his face which was naturally of a broad and massive mould, was now pinched and fallen in, while his hair seemed to me at least a shade whiter. He entered with a weariness and lethargy which was even more painful than his violence of the morning before, and he dropped heavily into the armchair which I pushed forward for him. I do not know what I have done to be so severely tried, said he. Only two days ago I was a happy and prosperous man, without a care in the world. Now I am left to a lonely and dishonoured age. One sorrow comes close upon the heels of another. My niece, Mary, has deserted me. Deserted you? Yes. Her bed this morning had not been slept in, her room was empty, and a note for me lay upon the hall how much are ray ban glasses table. I had said to her last night, in

late in the evening, and the body was found by a gamekeeper about eleven oclock, when it was examined by the police and by a doctor before being carried up to the house. Is this too condensed, or can you follow it clearly? It is all very clear. But why suspect the governess? Well, in the first place there is some very direct evidence. A revolver with one discharged chamber and a calibre which corres how much are ray ban glasses ponded with the bullet was found on the floor of her wardrobe. His eyes fixed and he repeated in broken words, On the floor of her wardrobe. Then he sank into silence, and I saw that some train of thought had been set mov how much are ray ban glasses ing which I should be foolish to interrupt. Suddenly with a start he emerged into brisk life once more. Yes, Watson, it was found. Pretty damning, eh? So the two juries

if Ferguson tried to force his way to his wife he would find it no easy matter. The girl drew a key from her pocket, and the heavy oaken planks creaked upon their old hinges. I passed in and she swiftly followed, fastening the door behind her. On the bed a woman was lying who was clearly in a high fever. She was only half conscious, but as I entered she raised a pair of frightened but beautiful eyes and glared at me in apprehension. Seeing a stranger, she appeared to be relieved and sank back with a sigh upon the pillow. I stepped up to her with a few reassuring words, and she lay still while I took her pulse and temperature. Both were high, and yet how much are ray ban glasses my impression was that the condition was rather that of mental and nervous excitem how much are ray ban glasses ent than of any actual seizure. She lie like that one day,

is a very liberal man, but he has his fads and his own way of doing things. It is everything or nothing with him. Then it must be nothing, said I. And there the matter was left, but the whole thin how much are ray ban glasses g seemed to me to be so unusual that I thought Here we had a very extraordinary interruption. Holmes raised his hand for silence. how much are ray ban glasses Then he strode across the room, flung open the door, and dragged in a great gaunt woman whom he had seized by the shoulder. She entered with ungainly struggle like some huge awkward chicken, torn, squawking, out of its coop. Leave me alone! What are you a-doin of? she screeched. Why, Susan, what is this? Well, maam, I was comin in to ask if the visitors was stayin for lunch when this man jumped out at me. I have been listening to her for the last five minutes, but did

be good enough to understudy me. You know that I am preoccupied with this case of the two Coptic Patriarchs, which should come to a head to-day. I really have not time to go out to Lewisham, and yet evidence taken on the spot has a special value. The old fellow was quite insistent that I should go, but I explained my difficulty. He is prepared to meet a representative. By all m how much are ray ban glasses eans, I answered. I confess I dont see that I can be of much service, but I am willing to do my best. And so it was that on a summer afternoon I set forth to Lewisham, little dreaming that within a week the affair in which I was engaging would be the eager debate of all England. how much are ray ban glasses It was late that evening before I returned to Baker Street and gave an account of my mission. Holmes lay with his gaunt figure stretched in