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to give you such a two-edged thing, but I cant say what turn things are going to take. Kindly sign the paper where Mr. Fordham shows you. I signed the paper as directed, and the lawyer took it away with him. The singular incident made, as you may think, the deepest impression upon me, and I pondered over it and turned it every way in my mind without being able to make anything of it. Yet I could not shake off the vague feeling of dread which it left behind, though the sensation grew less keen as the how to change ray ban lenses weeks passed and nothing happened to disturb the usual routine of our lives. I could see a change in my uncle, how how to change ray ban lenses ever. He drank more than ever, and he was less inclined for any sort of society. Most of his time he would spend in his room, with the door locked upon the inside, but sometimes he

stall, was shaking his fists fiercely at the cringing figure. Ive had enough of you and your geese, he shouted. I wish you were all at the de how to change ray ban lenses vil together. If you come pestering me any more with your silly talk Ill set the dog at you. You bring Mrs. Oakshott here and Ill ans how to change ray ban lenses wer her, but what have you to do with it? Did I buy the geese off you? No; but one of them was mine all the same, whined the little man. Well, then, ask Mrs. Oakshott for it. She told me to ask you. Well, you can ask the King of Proosia, for all I care. Ive had enough of it. Get out of this! He rushed fiercely forward, and the inquirer flitted away into the darkness. Ha! this may save us a visit to Brixton Road, whispered Holmes. Come with me, and we will see what is to be made of this fellow. Striding through the

laughed heartily. No, sir, Dr. Becher is an Englishman, and there isnt a man in the parish who has a better-lined waistcoat. But he has a gentleman staying with him, a patient, as I understand, who is a foreigner, and he looks as if a little go how to change ray ban lenses od Berkshire beef would do him no harm. The station-master had not finished his speech before we were all hastening in the direction of the fire. The road topped a low hill, and there was a great widespread whitewashed building in front of us, spouting fire at every chink and window, while in the garden in front three fire-engines were vainly striving to keep the flames under. Thats it! cried Hatherley, in intense excitement. There is the gravel-drive, and there are the rose-bushes where I lay. That second window is t how to change ray ban lenses he one that I jumped from. Well,

seemed to me that I had never met so fascinating and so thoughtful a man. As I was already in debt to my tradesmen, the advance was a great convenience, and yet there was something unnatural about the whole transaction whi how to change ray ban lenses ch made me wish to know a little more before I quite committed myself. May I ask where you live, sir? said I. Hampshire. Charming rural place. The Copper Beeches, five miles on the far side of Winchester. It i how to change ray ban lenses s the most lovely country, my dear young lady, and the dearest old country-house. And my duties, sir? I should be glad to know what they would be. One childone dear little romper just six years old. Oh, if you could see him killing cockroaches with a slipper! Smack! smack! smack! Three gone before you could wink! He leaned back in his chair and laughed his eyes into

examined closely one could see that the surface was chipped as by a sharp blow. It took some violence to do that, said Holmes thoughtfully. With his cane he struck the ledge several times without leaving a mark. Yes, it was a hard knock. In a curious place, too. It was not from above but from below, for you see that it is on the lower edge of the parapet. But it is at least fifteen feet from the body. Yes, it is fifteen feet from the body. It may have nothin how to change ray ban lenses g to do with the matter, but it is a point worth noting. I do not think that we have anything more to learn here. There were no footsteps, you say? The ground was iron hard, sir. T how to change ray ban lenses here were no traces at all. Then we can go. We will go up to the house first and look over these weapons of which you speak. Then we shall get on to

Little Ryder Street, one of the smaller offshoots from the Edgware Ro how to change ray ban lenses ad, within a stone-cast of old Tyburn Tree of evil memory, looked golden and wonderful in the slanting rays of the setting sun. The particular house to which we were directed was a large, old-fashioned, Early Georgian edifice, with a flat brick face broken only by two deep bay windows on the ground floor. It was on this groun how to change ray ban lenses d floor that our client lived, and, indeed, the low windows proved to be the front of the huge room in which he spent his waking hours. Holmes pointed as we passed to the small brass plate which bore the curious name. Up some years, Watson, he remarked, indicating its discoloured surface. Its his real name, anyhow, and that is something to note. The house had a common stair, and there were a number of

though limited, are exceedingly pertinacious. For a long time he has worried me to write an experience of my own. Perhaps I have rather invited this persecution, since I have often had occasion to point out to him how superficial are his own accounts and to accuse him of pandering to popular taste instead of confining himself rigidly to facts and figures. Try it yourself, Holmes! he has retorted, and I am compelled to admit that, having taken my pen in my hand, I do begin to realize tha how to change ray ban lenses t the matter must be presented in such a way as may interest the reader. The following case can hardly fail to do so, as it is among the strangest happenings in my collection though it chanced that Watson had no note of it in his collection how to change ray ban lenses . Speaking of my old friend and biographer, I would take this

family to make some investigations and had come to the same conclusion as to foul play. He had watched the house for some days and had spotted Dr. Watson as one of the obviously suspicious characters who had called there. He could hardly arrest Watson, but when he saw a man actually climbing out of the pantry window there came a limit to his restraint. Of course, I told h how to change ray ban lenses im how matters stood and we continued the case together. how to change ray ban lenses Why him? Why not us? Because it was in my mind to put that little test which answered so admirably. I fear you would not have gone so far. The inspector smiled. Well, maybe not. I understand that I have your word, Mr. Holmes, that you step right out of the case now and that you turn all your results over to us. Certainly, that is always my custom. Well, in the name