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early tide this morning, homeward bound to Savannah. I wired to Gravesend and learned that she had passed some time ago, and as the wind is easterly I have no doubt that she is now past the Goodwins and not very far from the Isle of Wight. What will you do, then? Oh, I have my hand upon him. He and the two mates, are as I learn, the only native-born Americans in the ship. The others are Finns and Germans. I know, also, t how to size ray ban aviators hat they were all three away from the ship last night. I had it from the stevedore who has been loading their cargo. By the time that their sailing-ship reaches Savannah the mail-boat will have carried this letter, and the cable will have informed the police of Savannah that these three gentlemen are badly wanted here upon a how to size ray ban aviators charge of murder. There is ever a flaw, however,

souls which are so closely allied. It was a wild night. Th how to size ray ban aviators e wind was howling outside, and the rain was beating and splashing against the windows. Suddenly, amid all the hubbub of the gale, there burst forth the wild scream of a terrified woman. I knew that it was my sisters voice. I sprang from my bed, wrapped a shawl round me, and rushed into the corridor. As I opened my door I seemed to hear a low whistle, such as my sister described, and a few moments later a clanging sound, as if a mass of metal had fallen. As I ran down the passage, my sisters door was unlocked, and revolved slowly up how to size ray ban aviators on its hinges. I stared at it horror-stricken, not knowing what was about to issue from it. By the light of the corridor-lamp I saw my sister appear at the opening, her face blanched with terror, her

here is Lestrade! Good-afternoon, Lestrade! You will find an extra tumbler upon the sideboard, and there are cigars in the box. The official detective was attired in a pea-jacket and cravat, which gave him a decidedly nautical appearance, and he carri how to size ray ban aviators ed a black canvas bag in his hand. With a short greeting he seated himself and lit the cigar which had been offered to him. Whats up, then? asked Holmes with a twinkle in his eye. You look dissatisfied. And I feel dissatisfied. It is this infernal St. Simon marriage case. I can make neither head nor tail of the business. Really! You surprise me. Who ever heard of such a mixed affair? Every clue seems to slip through my fingers. I have been at work upon it all day. And very wet how to size ray ban aviators it seems to have made you, said Holmes laying his hand upon the arm

was preoccupied with business matters. I assu how to size ray ban aviators red him that I was not offended. how to size ray ban aviators By the way, said I, you seem to have quite a suite of spare rooms up there, and one of them has the shutters up. He looked surprised and, as it seemed to me, a little startled at my remark. Photography is one of my hobbies, said he. I have made my dark room up there. But, dear me! what an observant young lady we have come upon. Who would have believed it? Who would have ever believed it? He spoke in a jesting tone, but there was no jest in his eyes as he looked at me. I read suspicion there and annoyance, but no jest. Well, Mr. Holmes, from the moment that I understood that there was something about that suite of rooms which I was not to know, I was all on fire to go over them. It was not mere curiosity, though I

professional assistant to the great scientist, lives under his roof, and is engaged to his only daughter. Certainly we must agree that the professor has every claim upon his loyalty and devotion. But it may best be how to size ray ban aviators shown by taking the necessary steps to clear up this strange mystery. I hope so, Mr. Holmes. That is my one object. Does Dr. Watson know the how to size ray ban aviators situation? I have not had time to explain it. Then perhaps I had better go over the ground again before explaining some fresh developments. I will do so myself, said Holmes, in order to show that I have the events in their due order. The professor, Watson, is a man of European reputation. His life has been academic. There has never been a breath of scandal. He is a widower with one daughter, Edith. He is, I gather, a man of very virile and

will lead and yet to be utterly unable to avert it. Can a human being be placed in a more trying position? Perhaps not. Then you will sympathize with the client in whose interests I am acting. I did not understand that you were merely an intermediary. Who is the principal? Mr. Holmes, I must beg you not to press that question. It is important that I should be able to assu how to size ray ban aviators re him that his honoured name has been in no way how to size ray ban aviators dragged into the matter. His motives are, to the last degree, honourable and chivalrous, but he prefers to remain unknown. I need not say that your fees will be assured and that you will be given a perfectly free hand. Surely the actual name of your client is immaterial? I am sorry, said Holmes. I am accustomed to have mystery at one end of my cases, but to have it at both

nce. Ill shoot you, sir! By God, I will! As to you, sir, turning upon me, I extend the same warning to you. I am familiar with your ignoble profession, but you must take your reputed talents to some other field. There is no opening for them here. I cannot leave here, said my clien how to size ray ban aviators t firmly, until I hear from Godfreys own lips that he is under no restrain how to size ray ban aviators t. Our involuntary host rang the bell. Ralph, he said, telephone down to the county police and ask the inspector to send up two constables. Tell him there are burglars in the house. One moment, said I. You must be aware, Mr. Dodd, that Colonel Emsworth is within his rights and that we have no legal status within his house. On the other hand, he should recognize that your action is prompted entirely by solicitude for his son. I venture to

framework of a face when the face itself is gone. Two living and beautiful brown ey how to size ray ban aviators es looking sadly out from that grisly ruin did but make the view more awful. Holmes held up his hand in a gesture of pity and protest, and together we left the room. Two days later, when I called upon my friend, he pointed with some pride to a small blue bottle upon his mantelpiece. I picked it up. There was a red poison label. A pleasant almondy odour rose when I opened it. Prussic acid? said 1. Exactly. It came by post. I send you my temptation. I will follow your advice. That was the message. I think, Watson, we can guess how to size ray ban aviators the name of the brave woman who sent it. Chapter 12 Chapter 12 The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place Sherlock Holmes had been bending for a long time over a low-power microscope. Now he