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herself. While she was walking in this way down Swandam Lane, she suddenly heard an ejaculation or cry, and was struck col mens ray ban sunglass reviews d to see her husband looking down at her and, as it seemed to her, beckoning to her from a second-floor window. The window was open, and she distinctly saw his face, which she describes as being terribly agitated. He waved his hands frantically to her, and then vanished from the window so suddenly that it seemed to her that he had been plucked back by some irresistible force from behind. One singular point which struck her quick feminine eye was that although he wore some dark coat, such as he had started to town in, he had on neither collar nor necktie. Convinced that something wa mens ray ban sunglass reviews s amiss with him, she rushed down the stepsfor the house was none other than the opium den

that side. Now, would you have the kindness to go into your room and bar your shutters? Miss Stoner did so, and Holmes, after a careful examination through the open window, endeavoured in every way to force the shutter open, but without success. There was no slit through which a knife could be passed to raise the bar. Then with his lens he tested the hinges, but they were of solid iron, built firmly into the massive masonry. Hum! said he, scratching his chin in some perplexity, my t mens ray ban sunglass reviews heory certainly presents some difficulties. No one could pass these shutters if they were bolted. Well, we shall see if the inside throws any light upon the matter. A small side door led into the whitewashed corridor from which the three bedrooms opened. Holmes refused to examine the third chambe mens ray ban sunglass reviews r, so we passed

Her young womanhood had, I knew, been spent in rough scenes and under strange conditions. So far I had got before I ever heard Lord St. Simons narrative. When he told us of a man in a pew, mens ray ban sunglass reviews of the change in the brides manner, of so transparent a device for obtaining a note as the dropping of a bouquet, of her resort to her confidential maid, and of her very significant allusion to claim-jumpingwhich in miners parlance means taking possession of that which another person has a prior claim tothe whole situation became absolutely clear. She had gone off with a man, and the man was either a lover or was a previous husbandthe chances being in favour of the latter. And how in the world did you find them? It might have been difficult, but f mens ray ban sunglass reviews riend Lestrade held information in his hands the value of

it through the all-too-short reign of Edward, and has managed to hold his own little niche even in these feverish days. Thus it would be true to say that those who first read of him, as young men, have lived to see th mens ray ban sunglass reviews eir own grown-up children following the same adventures in the same magazine. It is a striking example of the patience and loyalty of the British public. I had fully determined at the conclusion of The Memoirs to bring Holmes to an end, as I felt that my literary energies should not be directed too much into one channel. That pale, clear-cut face and loose-limbed figure were taking up an undue sh mens ray ban sunglass reviews are of my imagination. I did the deed, but fortunately no coroner had pronounced upon the remains, and so, after a long interval, it was not difficult for me to respond to the

the door as he spoke, and he shook his two hands at us with furious passion. You can hardly get out of it so easily as that. His face was convulsed, and he grinned and gibbered at us in his mens ray ban sunglass reviews senseless rage. I am convinced that we should have had to fight our way out of the room if Mr. Bennett had not inter mens ray ban sunglass reviews vened. My dear Professor, he cried, consider your position! Consider the scandal at the university! Mr. Holmes is a wellknown man. You cannot possibly treat him with such discourtesy. Sulkily our host if I may call him so cleared the path to the door. We were glad to find ourselves outside the house and in the quiet of the tree-lined drive. Holmes seemed greatly amused by the episode. Our learned friends nerves are somewhat out of order, said he. Perhaps our intrusion was a little crude,

Adelbert has met his match this time. The outer study is the one with the Chinese crockery in it big glass cupboard between the windows. Then behind his desk is the door that leads to the mens ray ban sunglass reviews inner study a small room where he keeps papers and things. Is he not afraid of burglars? Adelbert is no coward. His worst enemy couldnt say that of him. He can look after himself. Theres a burgl mens ray ban sunglass reviews ar alarm at night. Besides, what is there for a burglar unless they got away with all this fancy crockery? No good, said Shinwell Johnson with the decided voice of the expert. No fence wants stuff of that sort that you can neither melt nor sell. Quite so, said Holmes. Well, now, Miss Winter. if you would call here tomorrow evening at five. I would consider in the meanwhile whether your suggestion of seeing this

the cliff path which led to the steep descent to the beach. As I walked I heard a shout behind me, and there was Harold Stackhurst waving his hand in cheery greeting. What a morning, Mr. Holmes! I thought I should see you out. Going for a swim, I see. At your old tricks again, he laughed, patting his bulging pocket. Yes. McPherson started early, and I expect I may find him there. Fitzroy McPherson was the science master, a fine upstanding young fellow whose life had been crippled by heart trouble following rheumatic fever. He was a natural athlete, however, and excell mens ray ban sunglass reviews ed in every game which did not throw too great a strain upon him. Summer and winter he went for his swim, and, as I am a swimmer myself, I have often joined him. At this moment we saw the man himself. His h mens ray ban sunglass reviews ead showed above the

left us. Its not an easy one to play, but we may see our way in a day mens ray ban sunglass reviews or two. By the way, Sir Robert is still in London, I hear. We might, perhaps, enter the sacred domain to-night without fear of bodily assault. There are one or two points on which I should like reassurance. Have you any theory, Holmes? Only this, Watson, that something happened a week or so ago which has cut deep into the life of the Shoscombe household. What is that something? We can only guess at it from its effects. They seem to be of a curiously mixed char mens ray ban sunglass reviews acter. But that should surely help us. It is only the colourless, uneventful case which is hopeless. Let us consider our data. The brother no longer visits the beloved invalid sister. He gives away her favourite dog. Her dog, Watson! Does that suggest nothing to you