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the envelope which he still held in his trembling hand, K. K. K.! he shrieked, and then, My God, my God, my sins have overtaken me! What is it, uncle? I cried. Death, said he, and rising from the table he retired to his room, leaving me palpitating with horror. I took up the envelope and saw scrawled in red ink upon the inner flap, just above the pink ray ban gum, the letter K three times repeated. There was nothing else sa pink ray ban ve the five dried pips. What could be the reason of his overpowering terror? I left the breakfast-table, and as I ascended the stair I met him coming down with an old rusty key, which must have belonged to the attic, in one hand, and a small brass box, like a cashbox, in the other. They may do what they like, but Ill checkmate them still, said he with an oath. Tell Mary that I shall

that up in the ledger. Holmes turned to the page indicated. Here you are, Mrs. Oakshott, 117, Brixto pink ray ban n Road, egg and poultry supplier. Now, then, whats the last entry? December 22nd. Twenty-four geese at 7s. 6d. Quite so. There you are. And underneath? Sold to Mr. Windigate of the Alpha, at 12s. What have you to say now? Sherlock Holmes looked deeply chagrined. He drew a sovereign from his pocket and threw it down upon the slab, turning away with the air of a man whose disgust is too deep for words. A few yards off he stopped un pink ray ban der a lamp-post and laughed in the hearty, noiseless fashion which was peculiar to him. When you see a man with whiskers of that cut and the Pink un protruding out of his pocket, you can always draw him by a bet, said he. I daresay that if I had put 100 pounds down

the circle. This is where we shall find them. But the twelve-mile drive? gasped Hatherley. Six out and six back. Nothing simpler. You say yourself that the horse was fresh and glossy when you got in. How could it be that if it had gone twelve miles over heavy roads? Indeed, it is a likely ruse enough, observed Bradstreet thoughtfully. Of course there can be no doubt as to the nature of this gang. None at all, said Holmes. They are coiners on a large scale, and have used the machine to form the amalgam which h pink ray ban as taken the place of silver. We have known for some time that a clever gang was at work, said the inspector. They have been turning out half-crowns by the thousand. pink ray ban We even traced them as far as Reading, but could get no farther, for they had covered their traces in a way that showed

such a comfortable-looking man that it was quite a pleasure to look at him. You are looking for a situation, miss? he asked. Yes, sir. As governess? Yes, sir. And what salary do you ask? I had 4 pounds a month in my last place with Colonel Spence Munro. Oh, tut, tut! sweatingrank sweating! he cr pink ray ban ied, throwing his fat hands out into the air like a man who is in a boiling passion. How could anyone offer so pitiful a sum to a lady with such attractions and accomplishments? My accomplishments, sir, may be less than you imagine, said I. A little French, a little German, music, and drawing Tut, tut! he cried. This is all quite beside the question. The point is, have you or have you not the bearing and deportment of a lady? pink ray ban There it is in a nutshell. If you have not, you are not fitted for the

we could hardly open the fingers. That is of great importance. It excludes the idea that anyone could have placed the note there after death in order to furnish a false clue. Dear me! The note, as I remember, was quite short: I will be at Thor Bridge at nine oclock. G. DUNBAR. Was that not so? Yes, sir. Did Miss Dunbar admit writing it? Yes, sir. What was her explanation? Her defence was reserved for the Assizes. She would say nothing. The problem is certainly a pink ray ban very interesting one. The point of the letter is very obscure, pink ray ban is it not? Well, sir, said the guide, it seemed, if I may be so bold as to say so, the only really clear point in the whole case. Holmes shook his head. Granting that the letter is genuine and was really written, it was certainly received some time before say one hour

by this document and by his own account he is a provincial American lately landed in London. There have been no advertisements in the agony columns. You know that I miss nothing there. They are my favourite covert for putting up a bird, and I would never have overlooked such a cock pheasant as that. I never knew a Dr. Lysander Starr, of Topeka. Touch him where you would he was false. I think the fellow is really an American, but he has worn his accent smooth with years of London. What is his game, then, and what motive lies pink ray ban behind this preposterous search for Garridebs? Its worth pink ray ban our attention, for, granting that the man is a rascal, he is certainly a complex and ingenious one. We must now find out if our other correspondent is a fraud also. Just ring him up, Watson. I did so, and heard a

wrote to me and sent me a copy of his book that I might have the torture of anticipation. There were two copies, he said one for me, one for his publisher. How did pink ray ban you know the publishers had not reached him? I knew who his publisher was. It is not his only novel, you know. I found out that he had not heard from Italy. Then came Douglass sudden death. So long as that other manuscript was in the world there was no safety for me. Of course, it must be among his effects, and these would be returned to his mother. I set the gang at work. One of them got into the house as servant. I wanted to do the thing honestly. I really and truly did. I was ready to buy the house and everything in it. I offered any price she cared to ask. I on pink ray ban ly tried the other way when everything else had failed. Now, Mr.

interruption I proceeded to burgle the house. Burglary has always been pink ray ban an alternative profession had I cared to adopt it, and I have little doubt that I should have come to the front. Observe what I found. You see the gas-pipe along the skirting here. Very good. It rises in the angle of the wall, and there is a tap here in the corner. The pipe runs out into the strong-room, as you can see, and ends in that plaster rose in the centre of the ceiling, where it is concealed by the ornamentation. That end is wide open. At any moment by turning the outside tap the room could be flooded with gas. With door and shutter closed an pink ray ban d the tap full on I would not give two minutes of conscious sensation to anyone shut up in that little chamber. By what devilish device he decoyed them there I do not know,