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over the sheet of paper, which showed by its ragged edge that it had indeed been torn from a book. It was headed, March, 1869, and beneath were the following enigmatical notices: 4th. Hudson came. Same old platform ray ban 2113 . 7th. Set the pips on McCauley, Paramore, and John Swain, of St. Augustine. 9th. McCauley cleared. 10th. John Swain cleared. 12th. Visited Paramore. All well. Thank you! said Holmes, folding up the paper and return ray ban 2113 ing it to our visitor. And now you must on no account lose another instant. We cannot spare time even to discuss what you have told me. You must get home instantly and act. What shall I do? There is but one thing to do. It must be done at once. You must put this piece of paper which you have shown us into the brass box which you have described. You must also put in a

expressly for you. Never mind. Ill have the other, and ray ban 2113 Ill take it now, said I. Oh, just as you like, said she, a little huffed. Which is it you want, then? That white one with the barred tail, right in the middle of the flock. Oh, very well. Kill it and take it with you. Well, I did what she said, Mr. Holmes, and I carried the bird all the way to Kilburn. I told my pal what I had done, for he was a man that it was easy to tell a thing like that to. He laughed until he choked, and we got a knife and opened the goose. My heart turned to water, for there was no sign of the stone, and I knew that some terrible mistake had occurred. I left the bird, rushed ba ray ban 2113 ck to my sisters, and hurried into the back yard. There was not a bird to be seen there. Where are they all, Maggie? I cried. Gone to the

Hatty Doran, the fascinating daughter of a California mil ray ban 2113 lionaire. Miss Doran, whose graceful figure and ray ban 2113 striking face attracted much attention at the West-bury House festivities, is an only child, and it is currently reported that her dowry will run to considerably over the six figures, with expectancies for the future. As it is an open secret that the Duke of Balmoral has been compelled to sell his pictures within the last few years, and as Lord St. Simon has no property of his own save the small estate of Birchmoor, it is obvious that the Californian heiress is not the only gainer by an alliance which will enable her to make the easy and common transition from a Republican lady to a British peeress. Anything else? asked Holmes, yawning. Oh, yes; plenty. Then there is another note in the

There is a train at half-past nine, said I, glancing over my Bradshaw. It is due at Winchester at 11:30. That will do very ray ban 2113 nicely. Then perhaps I had better postpone my analysis of the acetones, as we may need to be at our best in the morning. By eleven oclock the next day we were well upon our way to the old English capital. Holmes had been buried in the morning papers all the way down, but after we had passed the Hampshire border he threw them down and began to admire the scenery. It was an ideal spring day, a light blue sky, flecked with little fleecy white clouds drifting across f ray ban 2113 rom west to east. The sun was shining very brightly, and yet there was an exhilarating nip in the air, which set an edge to a mans energy. All over the countryside, away to the rolling hills around Aldershot,

said. She poured her whole wild fury out in burning and horrible words. I did not even answer I could not. It was dreadful to see her. I put my hands to my ears and rushed away. When I left her she was standing, still shrieking out her curses at me, in the mouth of the bridge. Whe ray ban 2113 re she was afterwards found? Within a few yards from the spot. And yet, presuming that she met her death shortly after you left her, you heard no shot~ No, I heard nothing. But, indeed, Mr. Holmes, I was so agitated and horrified by this terrible outbreak that I rushed to get back to the peace of my own room, and I was incapable of noti ray ban 2113 cing anything which happened. You say that you returned to your room. Did you leave it again before next morning? Yes, when the alarm came that the poor creature had met her death

wondering if this was Queen Anne or Georgian. Georgian, beyond doubt. Really. ray ban 2113 I should have thought a little earlier. However, it is easily ascertained. Well, good-bye, Mr. Garrideb, and may you have every success in your Birmingham journey. The house-agents was close by, but we found that it was closed for the day, so we made our way back to Baker Street. It was not till after dinner that Holmes reverted to the subject. Our little problem draws to a close, said he. No doubt you have outlined the solution in your own mind. I can make neither head nor tail of it. The head is surely clear enough and the tail we should see to-morrow. Did you notice nothing curious about that advertisement? I saw that the word plough was misspelt. Oh, you did notice that, d ray ban 2113 id you? Come, Watson, you improve all

your infernal pertinacity and would think that this insistence had reached the point of damned impe ray ban 2113 rtinence. You must put it down, sir, to my real love for your son. Exactly. I have already made every allowance upon that score. I must ask you, however, to drop these inquiries. Every family has its own inner knowledge and its own motives, which cannot always be made clear to outsiders, however well-intentioned. My wife is anxious to hear something of Godfreys past which you are in a position to tell her, but I would ask you to let the present and the future alone. Such inquiries serve no useful purpose, ray ban 2113 sir, and place us in a delicate and difficult position. So I came to a dead end, Mr. Holmes. There was no getting past it. I could only pretend to accept the situation and register a vow

describe Mrs. Merrilows method of progression than Sherlock Holmes threw himself with fierce energy upon the pile of commonplace books in the corner. For a few minutes there was a constant swish of the leaves, and then with a grunt of ray ban 2113 satisfaction he came upon what he sought. So excited was he th ray ban 2113 at he did not rise, but sat upon the floor like some strange Buddha, with crossed legs, the huge books all round him, and one open upon his knees. The case worried me at the time, Watson. Here are my marginal notes to prove it. I confess that I could make nothing of it. And yet I was convinced that the coroner was wrong. Have you no recollection of the Ab-bas Parva tragedy? None, Holmes. And yet you were with me then. But certainly my own impression was very superficial. For there was nothing to