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must be more than one of them. A single man could not have carried out two deaths in such a way as to deceive a coroners jury. There must have been several in it, and they must have been men of resource and determination. Their papers they mean to have, be t ray ban 3379 he holder of them who it may. In this way you see K. K. K. ceases to be the initials of an individual and becomes the badge of a society. But of what society? Have you never said She ray ban 3379 rlock Holmes, bending forward and sinking his voicehave you never heard of the Ku Klux Klan? I never have. Holmes turned over the leaves of the book upon his knee. Here it is, said he presently: Ku Klux Klan. A name derived from the fanciful resemblance to the sound produced by cocking a rifle. This terrible secret society was formed by some ex-Confederate

surrounds me? At present it is out of my power to reward you for your services, but in a month or six weeks I shall be married, with the control of my own income, and then at least you shall not find me ungrateful. Holmes t ray ban 3379 urned to his desk and, unlocking it, drew out a small ca ray ban 3379 sebook, which he consulted. Farintosh, said he. Ah yes, I recall the case; it was concerned with an opal tiara. I think it was before your time, Watson. I can only say, madam, that I shall be happy to devote the same care to your case as I did to that of your friend. As to reward, my profession is its own reward; but you are at liberty to defray whatever expenses I may be put to, at the time which suits you best. And now I beg that you will lay before us everything that may help us in forming an opinion upon the

amused. Her father is very rich? He is said to be the richest man on the Pacific slope. And how did he make his money? In mining. He had nothing a few years ago. Then he struck gold, invested it, and came up by leaps and bounds. Now, what is your own impression as to the young ladysyour wifes character? The nobleman swung his glasses a little faster and stared down into the fire. You see, Mr. Holmes, said he, my wife was twenty before her father became a rich man. During that time she ran free in a mining camp and wandered through wo ray ban 3379 ods or mountains, so that her education has come from Nature rather than from the schoolmaster. She is what we call in ray ban 3379 England a tomboy, with a strong nature, wild and free, unfettered by any sort of traditions. She is impetuousvolcanic, I was about to say. She

falling in with our whims so far as to cut your hair. I assure you that it has not detracted in the tiniest iota from your appearance. We shall now see how the electric-blue dress will become you. You will find it laid out ray ban 3379 upon the bed in your room, and if you would be so good as to put it on we should both be extremely ray ban 3379 obliged. The dress which I found waiting for me was of a peculiar shade of blue. It was of excellent material, a sort of beige, but it bore unmistakable signs of having been worn before. It could not have been a better fit if I had been measured for it. Both Mr. and Mrs. Rucastle expressed a delight at the look of it, which seemed quite exaggerated in its vehemence. They were waiting for me in the drawing-room, which is a very large room, stretching along the entire front

disguise her own crime and to fasten a charge of murder upon an innocent victim. You can let Mr. Gibson ray ban 3379 know that I will see him in the morning, when steps can be taken for Miss Dunbars vindication. Late that evening, as we sat together smoking our pipes in the village inn, Holmes gave me a brief review of what had passed. I fear, Watson, said he, that you will not improve any reputation which I may have acquired by adding the case of the Thor Bridge mystery to your annals. I have been sluggish in mind and wanting in that mixture of imagination and reality which is the basis of my art. I confess that the chip in the stonework was a sufficient clue to suggest the true solution, and that I blame myself for not having attained ray ban 3379 it sooner. It must be admitted that the workings of this unhappy

on the mans head. I had a vision of him sprawling upon the floor with blood running down his face while Holmes rummaged him for weapons. Then my friends wiry arms were round me, and he was leading me to a chair. Youre not hurt, Watson? For Gods sake, say that you are not hurt! It was worth a wound it was worth ma ray ban 3379 ny wounds to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind that cold mask. The clear, hard eyes were dimmed for a moment, and the firm lips were shaking. For the one and only time I caught a glimpse of a great heart as well as of a great brain. All my years of humble but single-minded service culminated in that moment of reve ray ban 3379 lation. Its nothing, Holmes. Its a mere scratch. He had ripped up my trousers with his pocket-knife. You are right, he cried with an immense sigh of

that he was standing watching me, half-concealed by the laurels at the far end of the garden. I had a good look at the little house as I passed it, but the windows were heavily curtained, and, so far as one could see, it was empty. I might spoil my own game and even be ordered off the premises if I were too audacious, for I was still conscious that I was being watched. Therefore, I strolled back to the house and waited for night before I went on with my inquiry. When all was dark and quiet I slipped out of my window and made my way as silently as possible to the mysterious lodge. I have said that it was heavily curtained, but now I found that the windows were shuttered as we ray ban 3379 ll. Some light, however, was breaking through one of them, so I concentrated my attention upon ray ban 3379 this. I was in luck,

well modulated and pleasing. My name is not unfamiliar to you, Mr. Holmes, said she. I thought that it would bring you. That is so, madam, though I do not know how you are aware that I was interested in your case. l learned it when I had recovered my health and was examined by Mr. Edmunds, the county ray ban 3379 detective. I fear I lied to him. Perhaps it would have been wiser had I told the truth. It is usually wiser to tell the truth. But why did you lie to him? Because the fate of someone else depended upon it. I know that ray ban 3379 he was a very worthless being, and yet I would not have his destruction upon my conscience. We had been so close so close! But has this impediment been removed? Yes, sir. The person that I allude to is dead. Then why should you not now tell the police anything you know? Because