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threatened. I braved him to do his worst. We were to meet at the pool midway between our houses to talk it over. When I went down there I found him talking with his son, so I smoked a cigar and waited behind a tree until he should be alone. But as I listened to his talk all that was black and bitter in me seemed to come uppermost. He was urging his son to marr ray ban 3384 y my daughter with as little regard for what she might think as if she were a slut from off the streets. It drove me mad to think that I and all that I held most dear should be in the power of such a ma ray ban 3384 n as this. Could I not snap the bond? I was already a dying and a desperate man. Though clear of mind and fairly strong of limb, I knew that my own fate was sealed. But my memory and my girl! Both could be saved if I could but silence

with which I have bored you. So now we must set ourselves very seriously to finding this gentleman and ascertaining what part he has played in this little mystery. To do this, we must try the simplest means first, and these lie undoubtedly in an advertisement in all the evening papers. If this fail, I shall have recourse to other methods. What will you say? Give me a pencil and that slip of paper. Now, then: Found at the corner of Goodge Street, a goose and a black felt hat. Mr. Henry Baker can have the same by applying at 6:30 this even ray ban 3384 ing at 221B, Baker Street. That is clear and concise. Very. But will he see it? Well, he is sure to keep an eye on the papers, since, to a poor man, the loss was a heavy one. He was clearly so scared by his mischa ray ban 3384 nce in breaking the window and by the

transmit and multiply it in the manner which is familiar to you. The machine goes ray ban 3384 readily enough, but there is some stiffness in the working of it, and it has lost a little of its force. Perhaps you will have the goodness to look it over and to show us how we can set it right. I took the lamp from him, and I examined the machine very thoroughly. It was indeed a gigantic one, and capable of exercising enormous pressure. When I passed outside, however, and pressed down the levers which controlled it, I knew at once by the whishing sound that there was a slight leakage, which allowed a regurgitation of water through one of the side cylinders. An examination showed that one of the india-rubber bands which was round the head of a driving-rod had ray ban 3384 shrunk so as not quite to fill the socket along

Boots had then run down the lane, and another little smudge of blood showed that it was he who had been hurt. When he came to the highroad at the other end, I found that the pavement had been cleared, so there was an end to that clue. On entering the house, however, ray ban 3384 I examined, as you remember, the sill and framework of the hall window with my lens, and I could at once see that someone had passed out. I could distinguish the outline of an instep where the wet foot had been placed in coming in. I was then beginning to be able to form an opinion as to what had occurred. A man had waited outside the window; someone had brou ray ban 3384 ght the gems; the deed had been overseen by your son; he had pursued the thief; had struggled with him; they had each tugged at the coronet, their united strength causing

imperturbably he received it. Then I bluffed him by giving him the impression that I was absolutely certain, when in reality I was only extremely suspicious. Perhaps he will come back? He is sure ray ban 3384 to come back. He must come back. He cant leave it where it is. Ha! isnt that a ring? Yes, there is his footstep. Well, Mr. Gibson, I was just saying to Dr. Watson that you were somewhat overdue. The Gold King had reentered the room in a more chastened mood than he had left it. His wounded pride still showed in his resentful eyes, but his common sense had shown him that he must yield if he would attain his en ray ban 3384 d. Ive been thinking it over, Mr. Holmes, and I feel that I have been hasty in taking your remarks amiss. You are justified in getting down to the facts, whatever they may be, and I think the

out. And the dog! If one were to use such a poison, would one not try it first in order to see that it had not lost its power? I did not foresee the dog, but at least I understand him and he fitted into my reconstruction. Now do you understand? Your wife feared such an attack. She saw it made and saved the childs life, and yet she shrank from telling you all the truth, for she knew how you loved the boy and feare ray ban 3384 d lest it break your heart. Jacky! I watched him as you fondled the child just now. His face was clearly reflected in the glass of the window where the shutter formed a background. I saw such jealousy, such cruel hatred, as I have seldom seen in a human face. My Jacky! Y ray ban 3384 ou have to face it, Mr. Ferguson. It is the more painful because it is a distorted love, a maniacal exaggerated

know pretty well who the men are and where to find them. It is that gang of Barney Stockdale, with the big nigger in it theyve been seen about here. Excellent! Wha ray ban 3384 t did they get? Well, they dont seem to have got much. Mrs. Maberley was chloroformed and the house was Ah! here is the lady herself. Our friend of yesterday, looking very pale and ill, had ent ray ban 3384 ered the room, leaning upon a little maidservant. You gave me good advice, Mr. Holmes, said she, smiling ruefully. Alas, I did not take it! I did not wish to trouble Mr. Sutro, and so I was unprotected. I only heard of it this morning, the lawyer explained. Mr. Holmes advised me to have some friend in the house. I neglected his advice, and I have paid for it. You look wretchedly ill, said Holmes. Perhaps you are hardly equal to telling me

scribbled note upon the table. DEAR WATSON: There are one or two points of contact which I should wish to establish with Mr. Jo ray ban 3384 siah Amberley. When I have done so we can dismiss the case or not. I would only ask you to be on hand about three oclock, as I conceive it possible that I may want you. S.H. I saw nothing of Holmes all day, but at the hour named he returned, grave, preoccupied, and aloof. At such times it was wiser to leave him to himself. Has Amberley been here yet? No. Ah! I am expecting him. He was not disappointed, for presently the old fellow arrived with a very worried and puzzled expression upon his austere face. Ive had a telegram, Mr. Holmes. I can make nothing of it. He handed it over, and Holmes read it aloud. Come at onc ray ban 3384 e without fail. Can give you information as to