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of disappointment. A patient! said she. Youll have to go out. I groaned, for I was newly come back from a weary day. We heard the door open, a few hurried words, and then qu ray ban 3447 ick steps upon the linoleum. Our own door flew open, and a lady, clad in some dark-coloured stuff, with a black veil, entered the room. You will excuse my calling so late, she began, and then, suddenly losing her self-control, she ran forward, threw her arms about my wif ray ban 3447 es neck, and sobbed upon her shoulder. Oh, Im in such trouble! she cried; I do so want a little help. Why, said my wife, pulling up her veil, it is Kate Whitney. How you startled me, Kate! I had not an idea who you were when you came in. I didnt know what to do, so I came straight to you. That was always the way. Folk who were in grief came to my wife

alarm took place. That is important. And what conclusions did the coroner come to? He investigated the case with great care, for Dr. Roylotts conduct had long been notorious in the county, but he was unable to find any satisfactory cause of death. My evidence showed that the door had been fastened upon the inner side, and the windows were blocked by old-fashioned shutters with broad iron bars, ray ban 3447 which were secured every nigh ray ban 3447 t. The walls were carefully sounded, and were shown to be quite solid all round, and the flooring was also thoroughly examined, with the same result. The chimney is wide, but is barred up by four large staples. It is certain, therefore, that my sister was quite alone when she met her end. Besides, there were no marks of any violence upon her. How about poison? The doctors

with some bitterness. I am afraid, Holmes, that you are not very practical with your deductions and your inferences. You have made two blunders in as many minutes. This dress does implicate Miss Flora Millar. And how? In the dress is a pocket. In the pocket is a card-case. In the card-case is a note. And here is the very note. He slapped it down upon the table in front of him. Listen to this: You will see me when all is ready. Come at once. F.H.M. No ray ban 3447 w my theory all along has been that Lady St. Simon was decoyed away by Flora Millar, and that she, with confederates, no doubt, was responsible for her disappearanc ray ban 3447 e. Here, signed with her initials, is the very note which was no doubt quietly slipped into her hand at the door and which lured her within their reach. Very good, Lestrade, said

clearly with the shuttered window outside, and yet I could see by the glimmer from beneath it that the room was not in darkness. Evidently there was a skylight which let in light from above. As I stood in the passage gazing at the sinister door and wondering what secret it might veil, I suddenly heard the sound of steps within the room and saw a ray ban 3447 shadow pass backward and forward against the little slit of dim light which shone out from under the door. A mad, unreasoning terror rose up in me at the sight, Mr. Holmes. My overstrung nerves failed me suddenly, and I turned and ranran as though some dreadful hand were behind me clutching at the skirt of my dress. I rushed down the passage, through the door, and straight into the arms of Mr. Rucastle, who wa ray ban 3447 s waiting outside. So, said he, smiling,

who said that he was glad to have seen Professor Presbury there, although he had not been able to talk to him. Only in this way did his own household learn where he had been. Now comes the point. From that time onward a curious change came over the professor. He became furtive and sly. Those around him had always the feeling that he was not the man that t ray ban 3447 hey had known, but that he was under some shadow which had darkened his higher qualities. His intellect was not affected. His lectures were as brilliant as ever. But always there was something new, something sinister and unexpected. His daughter, who was devoted to him, tried again and again to resume the old relations and to penetrate this mask which her father seemed to have put on ray ban 3447 . You, sir, as I understand, did the same but all was in

himself to the lady, and with such effect that he has completely and ray ban 3447 absolutely won her heart. To say that she loves him hardly expresses it. She dotes upon him, she is obsessed by him. Outside of him there is nothing on earth. She will ray ban 3447 not hear one word against him. Everything has been done to cure her of her madness, but in vain. To sum up, she proposes to marry him next month. As she is of age and has a will of iron, it is hard to know how to prevent her. Does she know about the Austrian episode? The cunning devil has told her every unsavoury public scandal of his past life, but always in such a way as to make himself out to be an innocent martyr. She absolutely accepts his version and will listen to no other. Dear me! But surely you have inadvertently let out the name of your client?

sprang forward with outstretched hand. Why, Godfrey, old man, this is fine! But the other waved ray ban 3447 him back. Dont touch me, Ji ray ban 3447 mmie. Keep your distance. Yes, you may well stare! I dont quite look the smart Lance-Corporal Emsworth, of B Squadron, do I? His appearance was certainly extraordinary. One could see that he had indeed been a handsome man with clear-cut features sunburned by an African sun, but mottled in patches over this darker surface were curious whitish patches which had bleached his skin. Thats why I dont court visitors, said he. I dont mind you, Jimmie, but I could have done without your friend. I suppose there is some good reason for it, but you have me at a disadvantage. I wanted to be sure that all was well with you, Godfrey. I saw you that night when you looked into my

interesting! Does he often indulge in that way? Well, he has the name of being a dangerous man. He is about the most daredevil ray ban 3447 rider in England second in the Grand National a few years back. He is one of those men who have overshot their true generation. He should have been a buck in the days of the Regency a boxer, an athlete, a plunger. on the turf, a lover of fair ladies, and, by all account, so far down Queer Street that he may never find his way ba ray ban 3447 ck again. Capital, Watson! A thumb-nail sketch. I seem to know the man. Now, can you give me some idea of Shoscombe Old Place? Only that it is in the centre of Shoscombe Park, and that the famous Shoscombe stud and training quarters are to be found there. And the head trainer, said Holmes, is John Mason. You need not look surprised at my