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said Holmes quietly. I have given you the chance. Here are your lodgings. Good-bye. I shall drop you a line before I leave. Having left Lestrade at his rooms, we drove to our hotel, where we found lunch upon the table. Holmes was silent and buried in thought with a pained expression upon his face, as one who finds himself in a perplexing position. Look here, Watson, he said when the ray ban 4033 cloth was cleared just sit down in this chair and let me preach to you for a little. I dont know quite what to do, and I should value your advice. Ligh ray ban 4033 t a cigar and let me expound. Pray do so. Well, now, in considering this case there are two points about young McCarthys narrative which struck us both instantly, although they impressed me in his favour and you against him. One was the fact that his father

the hat of the u ray ban 4033 nknown gentleman who lost his Christmas dinner. Did he not advertise? No. Then, what clue could you have as to his identity? Only as much as we can deduce. From his hat? Precisely. But you are joking. What can you gather from this old battered felt? Here is my lens. You know my methods. What can you gather yourself as to the ray ban 4033 individuality of the man who has worn this article? I took the tattered object in my hands and turned it over rather ruefully. It was a very ordinary black hat of the usual round shape, hard and much the worse for wear. The lining had been of red silk, but was a good deal discoloured. There was no makers name; but, as Holmes had remarked, the initials H. B. were scrawled upon one side. It was pierced in the brim for a hat-securer, but the elastic was

is dug out like gravel from a pit. Ah! said he carelessly, we have our own process. We compress the earth into bricks, so as to remove them without revealing what they are. But that is a mere detail. I have taken you fully into my confidence now, Mr. Hatherley, and I have shown you how I trust you. He rose as he spoke. I shall expect you, then, at Eyford at 11:15. I shall certainly be there ray ban 4033 . And not a word to a soul. He looked at me with a last long, questioning gaze, and then, pressing my hand in a cold, dank grasp, he hurried from the room. Well, when I came to think it all over in cool blood I was very much astonished, as you may both think, at this sudden commission which had been intrusted to me. On the ray ban 4033 one hand, of course, I was glad, for the fee was at least tenfold what I should

which told me that he was off once more upon his congenial hunt. I waited until midnight, but there was no sign of his return, so I retired to my room. It was no uncommon thing for him to be away for days and nights on end when he was hot upon a scent, so that his lateness caused me no surprise. I do not know at what hour he came in, but when I came down to breakfast in the morning there he was with a cup of coffee in one hand and the paper in the other, as fresh and trim as possible. You will excuse my beginning without you, Watson, said he, but you remember that our client has rather an early appointment this morning. Why, it i ray ban 4033 s after nine now, I answered. I should not be surprised if that were he. I thought I heard a ring. It was, indeed, our f ray ban 4033 riend the financier. I was shocked by the

financial power in the world, and a man, as I understand, of most violent and formidable character. He married a wife, the victim of this tragedy, of whom ray ban 4033 I know nothing save that she was past her prime, which was the more unfortunate as a very attractive governess superintended the education of two young children. ray ban 4033 These are the three people concerned, and the scene is a grand old manor house, the centre of a historical English state. Then as to the tragedy. The wife was found in the grounds nearly half a mile from the house, late at night, clad in her dinner dress, with a shawl over her shoulders and a revolver bullet through her brain. No weapon was found near her and there was no local clue as to the murder. No weapon near her, Watson mark that! The crime seems to have been committed

host returned it was clear from his downcast face that he had ray ban 4033 made no progress. He brought with him a tall, slim, brown-faced girl. The tea is ready, Dolores, said Ferguson. See that your mistress has everything she can wish. She verra ill, cried the girl, looking with indignant eyes at her master. She no ask for food. She verra ill. She need doctor. I frightened stay alone with her without doctor. Ferguson looked at me with a question in his eyes. I should be so glad if I could be of use. Would your mistress see Dr. Watson? I take him. I no ask leave. She needs doctor. Then ray ban 4033 Ill come with you at once. I followed the girl, who was quivering with strong emotion, up the staircase and down an ancient corridor. At the end was an iron-clamped and massive door. It struck me as I looked at it that

named a good round sum. To this also he at once agreed. I had always ray ban 4033 wanted to travel, and the bargain was so good a one that it really seemed that I should be my own mistress for the rest of my life. Yesterday the man arrived with the agreement all drawn out. Luckily I showed it to Mr. Sutro, my lawyer, who lives in Harrow. He said to me, This is a very strange document. Are you aware that if you sign it you could not legally take anything out of the house not even your own private possessions? When the man came again in the evening I pointed this out, and I said that I meant only to sell the furniture. No, no, everything, said he. But ray ban 4033 my clothes? My jewels? Well, well, some concession might be made for your personal effects. But nothing shall go out of the house unchecked. My client

chess. Not far from him at Lewisham there lives a young doctor who is also a chess-player. I have noted his name as Dr. Ray Ernest. Ernest was frequently in the house, and an intimacy between him and Mrs. Amberley was a natural sequence, for you must admit that our unfortunate client has few outward graces, whatever his inner virtues may be. The couple went off together last week destination untraced. What is more, the faithless spouse carried off the old mans deed-box as her personal luggage with a good part of his lifes savings within. Can we find the lady? Can we save the money? A commonplace problem so far as it ray ban 4033 has developed, and yet a vital one for Josiah Amberley. What will you do about it? Well, the immediate question, my dear Watson, happens to b ray ban 4033 e, What will you do? if you will