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marry ray ban 4115 sunglasses her at a registry office? No one knows a word of the matter, but you can imagine how maddening it must be to him to be upbraided for not doing what he would give his very eyes to do, b ray ban 4115 sunglasses ut what he knows to be absolutely impossible. It was sheer frenzy of this sort which made him throw his hands up into the air when his father, at their last interview, was goading him on to propose to Miss Turner. On the other hand, he had no means of supporting himself, and his father, who was by all accounts a very hard man, would have thrown him over utterly had he known the truth. It was with his barmaid wife that he had spent the last three days in Bristol, and his father did not know where he was. Mark that point. It is of importance. Good has come out of evil, however, for the barmaid, finding

articles upon begging in the metropolis, and I volunteered to supply them. There was the point from which all my adventures started. It was only by trying begging as an amateur that I could get the facts upon which to base my articles. When an actor I had, of course, learned all the secrets of making up, and had been famous in the green-room for my skill. I took ray ban 4115 sunglasses advantage now of my attainments. I painted my face, and to make myself as pitiable as possible I made a good scar and fixed one side of my lip in a ray ban 4115 sunglasses twist by the aid of a small slip of flesh-coloured plaster. Then with a red head of hair, and an appropriate dress, I took my station in the business part of the city, ostensibly as a match-seller but really as a beggar. For seven hours I plied my trade, and when I returned home in the

but I have had a good deal ray ban 4115 sunglasses to go through. Perhaps you had better not speak of the matter. It is evidently trying to your nerves. Oh, no, not now. I shall have to tell my tale to the police; but, between ourselves, if it were not for the convincing evidence of this wound of mine, I should be surprised if they believed my statement, for it is a very extraordinary one, and I have not much in the way of proof with which to back it up; and, even if they believe me, the clues which I can give them are so vague that it is a question whether justice will be done. Ha! cried I, if it is anything in the nature of a problem which you desire to see solved, I should strongly recommend you to come to my friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, before you go to the official polic ray ban 4115 sunglasses e. Oh, I have heard of that fellow,

even broke into a desultory chat with me over his business affairs. A short railway journey and a shorter walk brought us to Fairbank, the modest residence of the great financier. Fairbank was a good-sized square house of white stone, standing back a little from the road. A double carriage-sweep, with a snow-clad lawn, stretched down in front to two large iron gates which closed the entrance. On the right side was a small wooden thicket, which led into a narrow path between two neat hedges ray ban 4115 sunglasses stretching from the road to the kitchen door, and forming the tradesmens entrance. On the left ran a lane which led to the stables, and was not itself within the grounds at all, being a public, though little used, thoroughfare. Holmes left us standing at the do ray ban 4115 sunglasses or and walked slowly all round the house,

Cantlemere sir. Show him up, Biily. This is the eminent peer who represents the very highest interests, said Holmes. He is an excellent and loyal person, but rather of the old regime. Shall we make him unbend? Dare we venture upon a slight liberty? He knows, we may conjecture, nothing of what has occurred. The door opened to admit a thin, austere figure with a hatchet face and drooping mid-Victorian whiskers of a glossy blackness which hardly corresponded with the rounded shoulders and feeble gait. ray ban 4115 sunglasses Holmes advanced affably, and shook an unresponsive hand. How do you do, Lord Cantlemere? It is chilly for the time of year, but rather warm indoors. May I take your overcoat? No, I th ray ban 4115 sunglasses ank you; I will not take it off. Holmes laid his hand insistently upon the sleeve. Pray allow me! My friend Dr.

her lips. It was she she beyond all question who had drunk the poor babys blood. So the matter stands. She is now confined to her room. There has been no explanation. The husband is half demented. He knows, and I know, little of vampirism beyond the name. We had thought it was some wild tale of foreign parts. And yet here in the very heart of the English Sussex well, all this can be discussed with you in the morning. Will you ray ban 4115 sunglasses see me? Will you use your great powers in aiding a distrac ray ban 4115 sunglasses ted man? If so, kindly wire to Ferguson, Cheesemans, Lamberley, and I will be at your rooms by ten oclock. Yours faithfully, ROBERT FERGUSON. P. S. I believe your friend Watson played Rugby for Blackheath when I was three-quarter for Richmond. It is the only personal introduction which I can give. Of course

Chinese pottery. Therefore I gathered the girl up at the ray ban 4115 sunglasses last moment. How could I guess what the little packet was that she carried so carefully under her cloak? I thought she had come altogether on my business, but it seems she had some of her own. He guessed I came from you. I feared he would. But you held him in play just long enough for me to get the b ray ban 4115 sunglasses ook, though not long enough for an unobserved escape. Ah, Sir James, I am very glad you have come! Our courtly friend had appeared in answer to a previous summons. He listened with the deepest attention to Holmess account of what had occurred. You have done wonders wonders! he cried when he had heard the narrative. But if these injuries are as terrible as Dr. Watson describes, then surely our purpose of thwarting the marriage is

any moment he might die. More and more brandy was poured down his throat, each fresh dose bringing him back to life. Pads of cotton-wool soaked in salad-oil seemed to take the ray ban 4115 sunglasses agony from the strange wounds. At last his head fell heavily upon the cushion. Exhausted Nature had taken refuge in its last storehouse of vitality. It was half a sleep and half a faint, but at least it was ease from pain. To question him had been impossible, but the moment we were assured of his c ray ban 4115 sunglasses ondition Stackhurst turned upon me. My God! he cried, what is it, Holmes? What is it? Where did you find him? Down on the beach. Exactly where poor McPherson met his end. If this mans heart had been weak as McPhersons was, he would not be here now. More than once I thought he was gone as I brought him up. It was too far to