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see the traces which had been left by the fall of the stricken man. To Holmes, as I ray ban 55014 could see by his eager face and peering eyes, very many other things were to be read upon the trampled grass. He ran round, like a dog who is picking up a scent, and then turned upon my companion. What did you go into the pool for? he asked. I fished about with a rake. I thought there might be some weapon or other trace. But how on earth Oh, tut, tut! I have no time! That left foot of yours with ray ban 55014 its inward twist is all over the place. A mole could trace it, and there it vanishes among the reeds. Oh, how simple it would all have been had I been here before they came like a herd of buffalo and wallowed all over it. Here is where the party with the lodge-keeper came, and they have covered all tracks for six or

interrupt you. Not at all. I am glad to have a ray ban 55014 friend with whom I can discuss my results. The matter is a perfectly trivial onehe jerked his thumb in the direction of the old hatbut there are points in connection with it which are not entirely devoid of interest and even of instruction. I seated myself in his armchair and warmed my hands before his crackling fire, for a sharp frost had set in, and the windows were ray ban 55014 thick with the ice crystals. I suppose, I remarked, that, homely as it looks, this thing has some deadly story linked on to itthat it is the clue which will guide you in the solution of some mystery and the punishment of some crime. No, no. No crime, said Sherlock Holmes, laughing. Only one of those whimsical little incidents which will happen when you have four million human

beg that you will state your business, sir, said I; my time is of value. Heaven forgive me for that last sentence, but the words came to my l ray ban 55014 ips. How would fifty guineas for a nights work suit you? he asked. Most admirably. I say a nights work, but an hours would be nearer the mark. I simply want your opinion about a hydraulic stamping machine which has got out of gear. If you show us what is wrong we shall soon set it right ourselves. What do you think of such a commission as that? The work appears to be light and the pay munificent. Precisely so. We shall want you to come to-night by the last train. Where to? To Eyford, in Berkshire. It is a little place near the borders of Oxford-shire, and within seven miles of Reading. There is a train ray ban 55014 from Padding-ton which would bring you there at

suddenly bent his strength upon it, but without result. I feel it give a little, said he; b ray ban 55014 ut, though I am exceptionally strong in the fingers, it would take me all my time to break it. An ordinary man could not do it. Now, what do you think would happen if I di ray ban 55014 d break it, Mr. Holder? There would be a noise like a pistol shot. Do you tell me that all this happened within a few yards of your bed and that you heard nothing of it? I do not know what to think. It is all dark to me. But perhaps it may grow lighter as we go. What do you think, Miss Holder? I confess that I still share my uncles perplexity. Your son had no shoes or slippers on when you saw him? He had nothing on save only his trousers and shirt. Thank you. We have certainly been favoured with extraordinary luck during this

narrative is drawn from my own experience. It was a wild morning in October, and I observed as I was dressing how the last remaining leaves were being whirled from the solitary plane tree which graces the yard behind our house. I descended to breakfast prepared to find my companion in depressed spirits, for, like all great artists, he was easily impressed by his surroundings. On the contrary, I found that he had nearly finished his meal, and that his mood was particularly bright and joyous, with that somewhat sinister cheerfulness which was characteristi ray ban 55014 c of his lighter moments. You have a case, Holmes? I remarked. The faculty of deduction is certainly contagious, Watson, he answered. It has enabled you to probe my secret. Yes, I have a case. After a month of trivialitie ray ban 55014 s and stagnation

seem to be a most interesting lad. There is one other point about these assaults. Were the strange attacks upon the baby and the assaults upon yow son at the same period? In the first case it was so. It was as if some frenzy had seized her, and she had vented her rage upon both. In the second case i ray ban 55014 t was only Jack who suffered. Mrs. Mason had no complaint to make about the baby. That certainly complicates matters. I dont quite follow you, Mr. Holmes. Possibly not. One fo ray ban 55014 rms provisional theories and waits for time or fuller knowledge to explode them. A bad habit, Mr. Ferguson, but human nature is weak. I fear that your old friend here has given an exaggerated view of my scientific methods. However, I will only say at the present stage that your problem does not appear to me to be insoluble,

questioning, our visitor bolted out of the room almost as precipitately as he had entered. Holmes knocked out the ashes of his pipe with a quiet chuckle. I am gla ray ban 55014 d you were not forced to break his woolly ray ban 55014 head, Watson. I observed your manoeuvres with the poker. But he is really rather a harmless fellow, a great muscular, foolish, blustering baby, and easily cowed, as you have seen. He is one of the Spencer John gang and has taken part in some dirty work of late which I may clear up when I have time. His immediate principal, Barney, is a more astute person. They specialize in assaults, intimidation, and the like. What I want to know is, who is at the back of them on this panicular occasion? But why do they want to intimidate you? It is this Harrow Weald case. It decides me to look into the

that I had seen it somewhere in an unexpected context. You have seen that it does describe the creature. I have no doubt that it was float ray ban 55014 ing on the water when McPherson saw it, and that this phrase was the only one by which he could convey to us a warning as to the creature which had been his death. Then I, at least, am cleared, said Murdoch, rising slowly to his feet. There are one or two words of explanation which I should give, for I know the direction in which your inquiries have run. It is true that I loved this lady, but from the day when she chose my friend McPherson my one desire was to ray ban 55014 help her to happiness. I was well content to stand aside and act as their go-between. Often I carried their messages, and it was because I was in their confidence and because she was so dear to me