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he was possessed of unusual strength of body and of character. H ray ban aviator 3044 is ray ban aviator 3044 tangled beard, grizzled hair, and outstanding, drooping eyebrows combined to give an air of dignity and power to his appearance, but his face was of an ashen white, while his lips and the corners of his nostrils were tinged with a shade of blue. It was clear to me at a glance that he was in the grip of some deadly and chronic disease. Pray sit down on the sofa, said Holmes gently. You had my note? Yes, the lodge-keeper brought it up. You said that you wished to see me here to avoid scandal. I thought people would talk if I went to the Hall. And why did you wish to see me? He looked across at my companion with despair in his weary eyes, as though his question was already answered. Yes, said Holmes, answering the look rather

moisture upon the inside are proof positive that the wearer perspired very freely, and could therefore, hardly be in the best of training. But his wifeyou said that she had ceased to love him. This hat has not been brushed for weeks. When I see you, my dear Watson, with a weeks accumulation of dust upon your hat, and when your wife allows you to go out in such a state, I shall fear that you also have been unfortunate enough to lose your wifes affection. But he might be a bachelor. Nay, he was bringing home the goose as a peace-offering to his wife. Remember the card upon the birds leg. You have an answer to everything. But how o ray ban aviator 3044 n earth do you deduce that the gas is not laid on in his house? One tallow stain, or even two, might ray ban aviator 3044 come by chance; but when I see no less than five, I think that

table in the centre, on which several German books were scattered. Colonel Stark laid down the lamp on the top of a harmonium beside the door. I shall not keep you waiting an instant, said he, and v ray ban aviator 3044 anished into the darkness. I glanced at the books upon the table, and in spite of my ignorance of German I could see that two of them were treatises on science, the others being volumes of poetry. Then I walked across to the window, hoping that I might catch some glimpse of the country-side, but an oak shutter, heavily ba ray ban aviator 3044 rred, was folded across it. It was a wonderfully silent house. There was an old clock ticking loudly somewhere in the passage, but otherwise everything was deadly still. A vague feeling of uneasiness began to steal over me. Who were these German people, and what were they doing

his vows to her, as he had done to a hundred before her, she flattered herse ray ban aviator 3044 lf that she alone had touched his ray ban aviator 3044 heart. The devil knows best what he said, but at least she became his tool and was in the habit of seeing him nearly every evening. I cannot, and I will not, believe it! cried the banker with an ashen face. I will tell you, then, what occurred in your house last night. Your niece, when you had, as she thought, gone to your room, slipped down and talked to her lover through the window which leads into the stable lane. His footmarks had pressed right through the snow, so long had he stood there. She told him of the coronet. His wicked lust for gold kindled at the news, and he bent her to his will. I have no doubt that she loved you, but there are women in whom the love of a lover

seems to have a nice loyal household. But the warning is ray ban aviator 3044 a useful one, and now we can only wait till the man himself appears. Sharp at the hour we heard a heavy step upon the stairs, and the famous millionaire was shown into the room. As I looked upon him I understood not only the fears and dislike of his manager but also the execrations which so many business rivals have heaped upon his head. If I were a sculptor and desired t ray ban aviator 3044 o idealize the successful man of affairs, iron of nerve and leathery of conscience, I should choose Mr. Neil Gibson as my model. His tall, gaunt, craggy figure had a suggestion of hunger and rapacity. An Abraham Lincoln keyed to base uses instead of high ones would give some idea of the man. His face might have been chiselled in granite, hard-set, craggy, remorseless,

Fancy anyone having th ray ban aviator 3044 e heart to hurt him, he muttered as he glanced down at the small, angry red pucker upon the cherub throat. It was at this moment that I chanced to glance at Holmes and saw a most singular intentness in his expression. His face was as set as if it had been carved out of old ivory, and his eyes, which had glanced for a moment at father and child, were now fixed with eager curiosity upon something at the other side of the room. Following his gaze I could only guess that he was looking out through the window at the melancholy, dripping garden. It is true that a shutter had half closed outside and obstructed the view, but none the less it was certainly at the window th ray ban aviator 3044 at Holmes was fixing his concentrated attention. Then he smiled, and his eyes came back to the baby. On

Mr. Holmes, what can it be? Let us see whether by this purely mental analysis we can get it to a finer point. You have been in this house a year. Nearly two. All the better. During this long period no one wants anything ray ban aviator 3044 from you. Now suddenly within three or four days you have urgent demands. What would you gather from that? It can only mean, said I, that the object, whatever it may ray ban aviator 3044 be, has only just come into the house. Settled once again, said Holmes. Now, Mrs. Maberley has any object just arrived? No, I have bought nothing new this year. Indeed! That is very remarkable. Well, I think we had best let matters develop a little further until we have clearer data. Is that lawyer of yours a capable man? Mr. Sutro is most capable. Have you another maid, or was the fair Susan, who has just

a man as Mr. Sherlock Holmes. I assured him that the financial question did not arise. No of course, it is art for arts sake with him, said he, but even on the artistic side of crime he might have found something here to study. And human nature, Dr. Watson the black ingratitude of it all! When did I ever refuse one of her re ray ban aviator 3044 quests? Was ever a woman so pampered? And that young man he might have been my own son. He had the run of my house. And yet see how th ray ban aviator 3044 ey have treated me! Oh, Dr. Watson, it is a dreadful, dreadful world! That was the burden of his song for an hour or more. He had, it seems, no suspicion of an intrigue. They lived alone save for a woman who comes in by the day and leaves every evening at six. On that particular evening old Amberley, wishing to give his wife a treat,