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else to enter. With a boys curiosity I have peeped through the keyhole, but I was never able to see more than such a collection of old trunks and bundles as would be expected in such a room. One dayit was in March, 1883a letter with a foreign stamp lay upon the table in front of the colonels plate. It was not a common thing for him to recei ray ban aviator gold ve letters, for his bills were all paid in ready money, and he had no friends of any sort. From India! said he as he took it up, Pondicherry postmark! What can this be? Opening it hurriedly, out there jumped five little dried orange pips, which pattered down upon his plate. I began to laugh at this, but the laugh was struck from my lips at the sight of his face. His ray ban aviator gold lip had fallen, his eyes were protruding, his skin the colour of putty, and he glared at

not to be obstinate. The salesman chuckled grimly. Bring me the books, Bill, said he. The small boy brought round a small thin volume and a great greasy-backed one, laying them out together beneath the hanging lamp. Now then, Mr. Cocksure, said the salesman, I thought that I was out of geese, but before I finish youll find that there is still one left in my shop. You see this little book? Well? Thats the list of the folk from whom I buy. Dyou see? Well, then, here on this page are the country folk, and the numbers after their names are where their accounts are in the big ledger. Now, then! You see this other page in red ink? Well, that is a list of my town supplie ray ban aviator gold rs. Now, look at that third name. Just read it out to me. Mrs. Oakshott, 117, Brixton Ro ray ban aviator gold ad249, read Holmes. Quite so. Now turn

the folk that we are in search of are to be found. I think I could lay my finger on it, said Holmes quietly. Really, now! cried the inspector, you have formed your opinion! Come, now, we shall see who agrees with you. I say it is south, for the country is more deserted there. And I say east, said my patient. I am for west, remarked the plain-clothes man. There are several quiet little villages up there. And I am for north, sai ray ban aviator gold d I, because there are no hills there, and our friend says that he did not notice the carriage go up any. Come, cried the inspector, laughing; its a very pretty diversity of opinion. We have boxed the compass ray ban aviator gold among us. Who do you give your casting vote to? You are all wrong. But we cant all be. Oh, yes, you can. This is my point. He placed his finger in the centre of

little office, and the ladies who are seeking employment wait in an anteroom, and are then shown in one by one, when she consults her ledgers and sees whether she has anything which would suit them. Well, when I called last week I was shown into the little office as usual, but I found that Miss Stop ray ban aviator gold er was not alone. A prodigiously stout man with a very smiling face and a great heavy chin which rolled down in fold upon fold over his throat sa ray ban aviator gold t at her elbow with a pair of glasses on his nose, looking very earnestly at the ladies who entered. As I came in he gave quite a jump in his chair and turned quickly to Miss Stoper. That will do, said he; I could not ask for anything better. Capital! capital! He seemed quite enthusiastic and rubbed his hands together in the most genial fashion. He was

but swelling into small lakes on either sid ray ban aviator gold e. Our guide paused at the mouth of this bridge, and he pointed to the ground. That was where ray ban aviator gold Mrs. Gibsons body lay. I marked it by that stone. I understand that you were there before it was moved? Yes, they sent for me at once. Who did? Mr. Gibson himself. The moment the alarm was given and he had rushed down with others from the house, he insisted that nothing should be moved until the police should arrive. That was sensible. I gathered from the newspaper report that the shot was fired from close quarters. Yes, sir, very close. Near the right temple? Just behind it, sir. How did the body lie? On the back, sir. No trace of a struggle. No marks. No weapon. The short note from Miss Dunbar was clutched in her left hand. Clutched, you say? Yes, sir,

visitor. His name is still honoured. Well, Mr. Holme ray ban aviator gold s, I suppose all we can do is to report to you and let you know how we progress. I reckon you will hear wi ray ban aviator gold thin a day or two. With this assurance our American bowed and departed. Holmes had lit his pipe, and he sat for some time with a curious smile upon his face. Well? I asked at last. I am wondering, Watson just wondering! At what? Holmes took his pipe from his lips. I was wondering, Watson, what on earth could be the object of this man in telling us such a rigmarole of lies. I nearly asked him so for there are times when a brutal frontal attack is the best policy but I judged it better to let him think he had fooled us. Here is a man with an English coat frayed at the elbow and trousers bagged at the knee with a years wear, and yet

Because I had given he see ray ban aviator gold med to think that I still must give, and to him only. It was intolerable. At last I had ray ban aviator gold to make him realize it. By hiring ruffians to beat him under your own window. You do indeed seem to know everything. Well, it is true. Barney and the boys drove him away, and were, I admit, a little rough in doing so. But what did he do then? Could I have believed that a gentleman would do such an act? He wrote a book in which he described his own story. I, of course, was the wolf; he the lamb. It was all there, under different names, of course; but who in all London would have failed to recognize it? What do you say to that, Mr. Holmes? Well, he was within his rights. It was as if the air of Italy had got into his blood and brought with it the old cruel Italian spirit. He

office chart at the Haymarket Theatre another of Dr. Watsons bulls-eyes and ascertained that neither B thirty nor thirty-two of the upper circle had been occupied that night. Therefore, Amberley had not been to the theatre, and his alibi fell to the ground. He made a bad slip when he allowed my astute friend to notice the number of the ray ban aviator gold seat taken for his wife. The question now arose how I might be able to examine the house. I sent an agent to the most impossible village I could think of, and summoned my man to it at such an hour that he could not possibly get back. To prevent any miscarriage, Dr. Watson accompanied him. The good vicars name I t ray ban aviator gold ook, of course, out of my Crockford. Do I make it all clear to you? It is masterly, said the inspector in an awed voice. There being no fear of