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while I watched my friend with the interest which sprang from the conviction that every one of his actions was directed towards a definite end. The Boscombe Pool, which is a little reed-girt sheet of water some fifty yards across, is situated at the boundary between the Hatherley Farm and the private park of the wealthy Mr. Turner. Above the woods which lined it upon the farther side we could see the red, jutting pinnacles which marked the site of the rich landowners dwelling. On the Hatherley side of the pool the woods grew very thick, and there was a narrow belt of sodden grass twenty paces across between the edge of the trees and the reeds which lined t ray ban aviator polarized 55mm he lake. Lestrade showed us the exact spot at ray ban aviator polarized 55mm which the body had been found, and, indeed, so moist was the ground, that I could plainly

that if we drive to Baker Street we shall just be in time for break ray ban aviator polarized 55mm fast. Part 7 THE ADVENTURE OF THE BLUE CARBUNCLE I had called upon my friend Sherlock Holmes upon the second morning after Christmas, with the intention of wishing him the compliments of the season. He was lounging upon the sofa in a purple dressing-gown, a pipe-rack within his reach upo ray ban aviator polarized 55mm n the right, and a pile of crumpled morning papers, evidently newly studied, near at hand. Beside the couch was a wooden chair, and on the angle of the back hung a very seedy and disreputable hard-felt hat, much the worse for wear, and cracked in several places. A lens and a forceps lying upon the seat of the chair suggested that the hat had been suspended in this manner for the purpose of examination. You are engaged, said I; perhaps I

promise, then? said he at last. Yes, I promise. Absolute and complete silence before, during ray ban aviator polarized 55mm , and after? No reference to the matter at all, either in word or writing? I have already given you my word. Very good. He suddenly sprang up, and darting like lightning across the room he flung open the door. The passage outside was empty. Thats all right, said he, coming back. I know that clerks are sometimes curious as to their masters affairs. Now we can talk in safety. He drew up his chair very close to mine and began to stare at me again with the same questioning and thoughtful look. A feeling of repulsion, and of something akin to fear had begun to rise within me at the strange antics of this fleshless man. Even my dread of losing a client could not restrain me from showing my impatience. ray ban aviator polarized 55mm I

lumber-room. Have you it here? That is it on the dressing-table. Sherlock Holmes took it up and opened the bureau. It is a noiseless lock, said he. It is no wonder that it did not wake you. This case, I presume, contains the coronet. We must have a look at it. H ray ban aviator polarized 55mm e opened the case, and taking out the diadem he laid it upon the table. It was a magnificent specimen of the jewellers art, and the thirty-six stones were the finest that I have ever seen. At one side of the coronet was a cracked edge, where a corner holding three gem ray ban aviator polarized 55mm s had been torn away. Now, Mr. Holder, said Holmes, here is the corner which corresponds to that which has been so unfortunately lost. Might I beg that you will break it off. The banker recoiled in horror. I should not dream of trying, said he. Then I will. Holmes

involve the secrets of private families to an extent ray ban aviator polarized 55mm which would mean consternation in many exalted quarters if it were thought possible that they might find their way into print. I need not say that such a breach of confidence is unthinkable, and that these records will be separated and destroyed now that my friend ha ray ban aviator polarized 55mm s time to turn his energies to the matter. There remain a considerable residue of cases of greater or less interest which I might have edited before had I not feared to give the public a surfeit which might react upon the reputation of the man whom above all others I revere. In some I was myself concerned and can speak as an eye-witness, while in others I was either not present or played so small a part that they could only be told as by a third person. The following

fiery tropical love. But the boy he is fifteen, I understand, and probab ray ban aviator polarized 55mm ly very developed in mind, since his body has been circumscribed in action. Did he give you no explanation of these assaults? No, he declared there was no reason. Were they good friends at other times? No, there was never any love between them. Yet you say he is affectionate? Never in the world could there be so devoted a son. My life is his life. He is absorbed in what I say or do. Once again Holmes made a note. For some time he sat lost in thought. No doubt you and the boy were great comrades before this second marriage. You were thrown very close together, were you not? Very much so. And the boy, having so affectionate a nature, was devoted, no doubt, to the memory of his mother? Most devoted. He would certai ray ban aviator polarized 55mm nly

with this ere Perkins, Masser Holmes? I was trainin at the Bull Ring in Birmingham when this boy done gone get into trouble. Yes, youll tell the magistrate abou ray ban aviator polarized 55mm t it, Steve, said Holmes. Ive been watching you and Barney Stockdale So help me the Lord! Masser Holmes Thats enough. Get out of it. Ill pick you up when I w ray ban aviator polarized 55mm ant you. Good-mornin, Masser Holmes. I hope there aint no hard feelins about this ere visit? There will be unless you tell me who sent you. Why, there aint no secret about that, Masser Holmes. It was that same genlman that you have just done gone mention. And who set him on to it? Selp me. I dont know, Masser Holmes. He just say, Steve, you go see Mr. Holmes, and tell him his life aint safe if he go down Harrow way. Thats the whole truth. Without waiting for any further

face. He gulped down brandy, a whole bottleful, and it seems to have saved his life. There is the book, Inspector. I leave it with you, and you cannot doubt that it contains a full explanation of the tragedy of poor McPherson. And incidentally exonerates me, remarked Ian Murdoch with a wry smile. I do not blame you, Inspector, nor you, Mr. Holmes, for your suspicions were natural. I feel that on the very eve of my arrest I have only cleared myself by sharing the fate of my poor friend. No, Mr. Murdoch. I was already upon the track, and had I been out as early as I intended I might we ray ban aviator polarized 55mm ll have saved you from this terrific experience. But how did you know, Mr. Holmes? I am an omnivorous reader with a strangely reten ray ban aviator polarized 55mm tive memory for trifles. That phrase the Lions Mane haunted my mind. I knew