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interesting, said Holmes. Oh, yes! In a hundred other ways he has helped him. Everybody about here speaks of his kindness to him. Really! Does it not strike you as a little singular that this Mc ray ban aviator titanium Carthy, who appears to have had little of his own, and to have been under such obligations to Turner, should still talk of marrying his son to Turners d ray ban aviator titanium aughter, who is, presumably, heiress to the estate, and that in such a very cocksure manner, as if it were merely a case of a proposal and all else would follow? It is the more strange, since we know that Turner himself was averse to the idea. The daughter told us as much. Do you not deduce something from that? We have got to the deductions and the inferences, said Lestrade, winking at me. I find it hard enough to tackle facts, Holmes, without flying

improved by practice and made me quite a recognised character in the City. All day a ray ban aviator titanium stream of pennies, varied by silver, poured in upon me, and it was a ray ban aviator titanium very bad day in which I failed to take 2 pounds. As I grew richer I grew more ambitious, took a house in the country, and eventually married, without anyone having a suspicion as to my real occupation. My dear wife knew that I had business in the City. She little knew what. Last Monday I had finished for the day and was dressing in my room above the opium den when I looked out of my window and saw, to my horror and astonishment, that my wife was standing in the street, with her eyes fixed full upon me. I gave a cry of surprise, threw up my arms to cover my face, and, rushing to my confidant, the Lascar, entreated him to prevent anyone

which veiled his keen and eager nature, while I sat opposite to him, and we listened in silence to the strange story which our visitor detailed to us. You must know, said he, that I am an orphan and a bachelor, residing alone in lodgings in London. By profession I am a hydraulic engineer, and I have had considerable experience of my work during the seven years that I was apprenticed to Venner & Matheson, the well-known firm, of Greenwich. Two years ago, having served my time, and having also come into a fair sum of money through my poor fathers death, I determined to start in business for myself and took professional chambers in Vict ray ban aviator titanium oria Stre ray ban aviator titanium et. I suppose that everyone finds his first independent start in business a dreary experience. To me it has been exceptionally so. During two years I

so dreadful to think of our dear Arthur in prison! I shall never let it drop until the gems are foundnever, Mary! Your affection for Arthur blinds you as to the awful consequences to me. Far from hushing the thing up, I have brought a gentleman down from London to inquire more deeply into it. This gentleman? she asked, facing round to me. No, his friend. He wished us to leave him alone. He is roun ray ban aviator titanium d in the stable lane now. The stable lane? She raised her dark eyebrows. What can he hope to find there? Ah! this, I suppose, is he. I trust, sir, that you will succeed in proving, what I feel sure is the truth, that my cousin Arthur is innocent of th ray ban aviator titanium is crime. I fully share your opinion, and I trust, with you, that we may prove it, returned Holmes, going back to the mat to knock the snow from his

taste for foolish jokes. I may tell you frankly, sir, that I have never been a believer in your powers, and that I have always been of the opinion that the matter was far safer in the hands of the regular police force. Your conduct confirms all my conclusions. I have the honour, sir ray ban aviator titanium , to wish you good-evening. Holmes had swiftly changed his position and was between the peer and the door. One moment, sir, said he. To actually go off with the Mazarin stone would be a more serious offence than to be found in temporary possession of it. Sir, this is intolerable! Let me pass. Put your hand in the right-hand pocket of your overcoat. What do you mean, sir? Come come, ray ban aviator titanium do what I ask. An instant later the amazed peer was standing, blinking and stammering, with the great yellow stone on his shaking

naturally, Mr. Ferguson. Now sit here and pull yourself together and give me a few clear answers. I can assure you that I am very far from being at my wits end, and that I am confident we shall find some solution. First of all, tell me what steps you have taken. Is your wife still near the children? We had a dreadful scene. She is a most loving woman, Mr. Holmes. If ever a woman loved a man with all her heart and soul, she loves me. She was cut to the heart that I should have discovered this horrible, this incredible, secret ray ban aviator titanium . She would not even speak. She gave no answer to my reproaches, save to gaze at me with a sort of wild, despairing look in her eyes. Then she rushed to ray ban aviator titanium her room and locked herself in. Since then she has refused to see me. She has a maid who was with her before her

vitriol-throwing. Such extenuating circumstances came out in the trial that the s ray ban aviator titanium entence, as will be remembered was the lowest that was possible for such an offence. Sherlock Holmes was threatened with a prosecution for burglary, but when an object is good and a client is sufficiently illustrious, even the rigid British law becomes human and elastic. My friend has not yet stood in the dock. Chapter 7 Chapter 7 The Adventure of the Three Gables I dont think that any of my adventures with Mr. Sherlock Holmes opened quite so abruptly, or so dramatically, as that which I associate with The Three Gables. I had not seen Holmes for some days and had no idea of the new channel into which his activities had been directed. He was in a chatty mo ray ban aviator titanium od that morning, however, and had just settled me into

waving, vibrating, hairy creature with streaks of silver among its yellow tresses. It pulsated with a slow, heavy dilation and contraction. It has done mischief enough. Its day is over! I cried. Help me, Stackhurst! Let us end the murderer forever. There was a big boulder just above the ledge, and we pushed it until it fell with a tremendous splash into the water. When the ripples had cle ray ban aviator titanium ared we saw that it had settled upon the ledge below. One flapping edge of yellow membrane showed that our victim was beneath it. A thick oily scum oozed out from below the stone and stained the water round, rising slowly to the surface. Well, this gets me! cried the inspector. What was it, Mr. Holmes? Im born and bred in these parts, but I never saw such a thing. It dont be ray ban aviator titanium long to Sussex. Just as well for