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reconsider my resolution about going out. We have still time to take a train to Hereford and see him to-night? Ample. Then let us do so. Watson, I fear that you will find it very slow, but I shall o ray ban aviators pink nly be away a couple of hours. I walked down to the station with them, and then wandered through the streets of the little town, finally returning to the hotel, where I lay upon the sofa and tried to interest myself in a yellow-backed novel. The puny plot of the story was so thin, however, when compared to the deep mystery through which we were groping, and I found my attention wander so continually from the action to the fact, that I at last flung it across the room and gave myself up enti ray ban aviators pink rely to a consideration of the events of the day. Supposing that this unhappy young mans story were

was a middl ray ban aviators pink e-sized man, ray ban aviators pink coarsely clad as became his calling, with a coloured shirt protruding through the rent in his tattered coat. He was, as the inspector had said, extremely dirty, but the grime which covered his face could not conceal its repulsive ugliness. A broad wheal from an old scar ran right across it from eye to chin, and by its contraction had turned up one side of the upper lip, so that three teeth were exposed in a perpetual snarl. A shock of very bright red hair grew low over his eyes and forehead. Hes a beauty, isnt he? said the inspector. He certainly needs a wash, remarked Holmes. I had an idea that he might, and I took the liberty of bringing the tools with me. He opened the Gladstone bag as he spoke, and took out, to my astonishment, a very large bath-sponge. He! he!

the consulting-room. I dressed hurriedly, for I knew by experience that railway cases were seldom trivial, ray ban aviators pink and hastened downstairs. As I descended, my old ally, the guard, came out of the room and closed the door tightly behind him. Ive got him here, he whispered, jerking his thumb o ray ban aviators pink ver his shoulder; hes all right. What is it, then? I asked, for his manner suggested that it was some strange creature which he had caged up in my room. Its a new patient, he whispered. I thought Id bring him round myself; then he couldnt slip away. There he is, all safe and sound. I must go now, Doctor; I have my dooties, just the same as you. And off he went, this trusty tout, without even giving me time to thank him. I entered my consulting-room and found a gentleman seated by the table. He was quietly

make nothing of it. You may go to any expense which you think necessary. I have already offered a reward of 1000 pounds. My God, what shall I do! I have lost my ray ban aviators pink hon-our, my gems, and my son in one night. Oh, what shall I do! He put a hand on either side of his head and rocked himself to and fro, droning to himself like a child whose grief has got beyond words. Sherlock Holmes sat silent for some few minutes, with his b ray ban aviators pink rows knitted and his eyes fixed upon the fire. Do you receive much company? he asked. None save my partner with his family and an occasional friend of Arthurs. Sir George Burnwell has been several times lately. No one else, I think. Do you go out much in society? Arthur does. Mary and I stay at home. We neither of us care for it. That is unusual in a young girl. She is of a

round, but all was quiet. Save for the one strange figure seated in the chair, the room was certainly empty. Something in the street, said Merton. Now look here, guvnor, youve got the brains. Surely you can think a way out of it. If slugging is no use then its up to you. Ive fooled better men than he, the Count answered. The st ray ban aviators pink one is here in my secret pocket. I take no chances leaving it about. It can be out of England to-night and cut into four pieces in Amsterdam before Sunday. He knows nothing of Van Seddar. I thought Van Seddar was going next week. He was. But now he must get off by the next boat. One or other of us must slip round with the stone to Lime Street and tell him. But the false bottom aint ready. Well, he must ray ban aviators pink take it as it is and chance it. Theres not a moment to lose.

letter is, as I had hoped, from Robert Ferguson. By the way, he claims acquaintance with you. With me! You had better read it. He handed the letter across. It was headed with the address quoted. DEAR MR HOLMES it said]: I have been recommended to you by my lawyers, but indeed the matter is so extraordinarily delicate that it is most difficult to discuss. It concerns a friend for whom I am acting. This gentleman married some five years ago a Peruvian lady the daughter of a Peruvian merchant, whom he had met in connection with the importation of nitrates. The lady was very beautiful, but the fact of her f ray ban aviators pink oreign birth and of her alien religion always caused a separation of interests and of feelings between husband and wife, so that after a time his love may h ray ban aviators pink ave cooled towards her and he may

the h ray ban aviators pink ouse rushed after him to the open window. And then! I ray ban aviators pink t was done in an instant, and yet I clearly saw it. An arm a womans arm shot out from among the leaves. At the same instant the Baron uttered a horrible cry a yell which will always ring in my memory. He clapped his two hands to his face and rushed round the room, beating his head horribly against the walls. Then he fell upon the carpet, rolling and writhing, while scream after scream resounded through the house. Water! For Gods sake, water! was his cry. I seized a carafe from a side-table and rushed to his aid. At the same moment the butler and several footmen ran in from the hall. I remember that one of them fainted as I knelt by the injured man and turned that awful face to the light of the lamp. The vitriol was eating into it

departure. What would my position be if I let him slip away with all this evidence against him? The burly, phlegmatic man was sorely troubled in his mind. Consider, I said, all the essential gaps in your case. On the morning of the crime he can surely prove an alibi. He had been with his scholars till the last moment, and within a few minutes of McPhersons appearance he came upon us from behi ray ban aviators pink nd. Then bear in mind the absolute impossibility that he could single-handed have inflicted this outrage upon a man quite as strong as himself. Finally, there is this question of the instrument with which these injuries were inflicted. What could it be but a scourge or flexible whip of some sort? Have you examined the marks ray ban aviators pink ? I asked. I have seen them. So has the doctor. But I have examined them very