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We called at the door, when the maid, at Holmes req ray ban clubmaster colors uest, showed us the boots which her master wore at the time of his death, and also a pair of the sons, though not the pair which he had then had. Having measured these very carefully from seven or eight different points, Holmes desired to be led to the court-yard, from which we all followed the winding track which led to Boscombe Pool. Sherlock Holmes was transformed when he was hot upon such a scent as this. Men who had only known the quiet thinker and logician of Baker Street would have failed to recognise him. His face flushed and darkened. His brows were drawn into two hard black lines, while his ray ban clubmaster colors eyes shone out from beneath them with a steely glitter. His face was bent downward, his shoulders bowed, his lips compressed, and the veins

minutes after I found, rather, I confess, to my relief, that instead of being identified as Mr. Neville St. Clair, I was arrested as his murderer. I do not know that there is anything else for me to explain. I was determined to preserve my disguise as long as possible, and hence my preference for a dirty face. Knowing that my wife would be terribly anxious, I slipped off my ray ban clubmaster colors ring and confided it to the Lascar at a moment when no constable was watching me, together with a hurried scrawl, telling her that she had no cause to fear. That note only reached her yesterday, said Holmes. Good God! What a week she must have spent! The police have watched this Lascar, said Inspector Bradstreet, and I can quite understand that he might find it difficult to ray ban clubmaster colors post a letter unobserved. Probably he handed

chin, and the skin of his cheeks was drawn quite tense over his outstanding bones. Yet this emaciation seemed to be his natural habit, and due to no disease, for his eye was bright, h ray ban clubmaster colors is step brisk, and his bearing assured. He was plainly but neatly dressed, and his age, I should judge, would be nearer forty than thirty. Mr. Hatherley? said he, with something of a German accent. You have been recommended to me, Mr. Hatherley, as being a man who is not only proficient in his profession but is also discreet and capable of preserving a secret. I bowed, feeling as flattered as any ray ban clubmaster colors young man would at such an address. May I ask who it was who gave me so good a character? Well, perhaps it is better that I should not tell you that just at this moment. I have it from the same source that you are

these vague theories, cried the banker impatiently, when I have told you that I saw Arthur with the coronet in his hands? Wait a little, Mr. Holder. We must come back to that. About this girl, Miss Holder. You saw her return by the kitchen door, I presume? Yes; when I went to see if the door was fastened for the night I met her slipping in. I saw the man, too, in the gloom. Do you know him? Oh, yes! he is th ray ban clubmaster colors e green-grocer who brings our vegetables round. His name is Francis Prosper. He stood, said Holmes, to the left of the doorthat is to say, farther up the path than is neces ray ban clubmaster colors sary to reach the door? Yes, he did. And he is a man with a wooden leg? Something like fear sprang up in the young ladys expressive black eyes. Why, you are like a magician, said she. How do you know that? She smiled,

Cantlemere, your pleasure in telling of this successful result in the exalted circle to which you return will be some small atonement for my practical ray ban clubmaster colors joke. Billy, you will show his Lordship out, and tell Mrs. Hudson that I should be glad i ray ban clubmaster colors f she would send up dinner for two as soon as possible. Chapter 2 Chapter 2 The Problem of Thor Bridge Somewhere in the vaults of the bank of Cox and Co., at Charing Cross, there is a travel-worn and battered tin dispatchbox with my name, John H. Watson, M. D., Late Indian Army, painted upon the lid. It is crammed with papers, nearly all of which are records of cases to illustrate the curious problems which Mr. Sherlock Holmes had at various times to examine. Some, and not the least interesting, were complete failures, and as such will hardly bear

Ferguson? Two servants who have not been long with us. One stablehand, Michael, who sleeps in the house. My wife, myself, my boy Jack, b ray ban clubmaster colors aby, Dolores, and Mrs. Mason. That is all. I gather that you did not know your wife well at the time of your marriage? I had only known her a few weeks. How long had this maid Dolores been with her? Some years. Then your wifes character would really be better known by Dolores than by you? Yes, you may say so. Holmes made a note. I fancy, said he, that I may be of more use at Lamberley than here. It is eminently a case for personal investigation. If the lady remains in her room, our presence could not annoy or inconvenience her. Of course, we would stay ray ban clubmaster colors at the inn. Ferguson gave a gesture of relief. It is what I hoped, Mr. Holmes. There is an excellent

round the angle of the table. See here, M ray ban clubmaster colors asser Holmes, you keep your hands out of other folks business. Leave folks to manage their own affairs. Got that, Masser Holmes? Keep on talking, said Holmes. Its fine. Oh! its fine, is it? growled the savage. It wont be so damn fine if I have to trim you up a bit. Ive handled your kind before now, and they didnt look fine when I was through with them. Look at that, Masser Holmes! He swung a huge knotted lump of a fist under my friends nose. Holmes examined it closely with an air of great interest. Were you born so? he asked. Or did it come by degrees? It may have been t ray ban clubmaster colors he icy coolness of my friend, or it may have been the slight clatter which I made as I picked up the poker. In any case, our visitors manner became less flamboyant. Well, Ive given

nearly perished from contact with this vile creature, so he wrote with a very full knowledge. Cyanea capillata is the miscreants full name, and he can be as dangerous to life as, and far more painful than, the bite of the cobra. Let me briefly give this extract. If the bather should see a loose roundish mass of tawny membranes and fibres, something like very large handfuls of lions mane and silver paper, let him beware, for this is the fearful stinger, Cyanea capillata. Could our sinister acquaintance be more clearly described? He goes on to tell of his own encounter with one when swimming off ray ban clubmaster colors the coast of Kent. He found that the ray ban clubmaster colors creature radiated almost invisible filaments to the distance of fifty feet, and that anyone within that circumference from the deadly centre was in danger of