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wharf and the house. It seemed likely enough that the weighted coat had remained when the stripped body had been sucked away into the river. But I understand that all ray ban clubmaster the other clothes were found in the room. Would the body be dressed in a coat alone? No, sir, but the facts might be met speciously enough. Suppose that this man Boone had thrust Neville St. Clair through the window, there is no human eye which could have seen the deed. What would he do then? It would of course instantly strike him that he must get rid of the tell-tale garments. He would seize the coat, then, and be in the act of throwing it out, when it would occur to him that it ray ban clubmaster would swim and not sink. He has little time, for he has heard the scuffle downstairs when the wife tried to force her way up, and perhaps he has

trap drove on, and a few minutes later we saw a sudden light spring up among the trees as the lamp was lit in one of the sitting-rooms. Do you know, Watson, said Holmes as we sat together in the gathering darkness, I have really some scruples as to taking you to-night. There is a distinct element of danger. Can I be of assistance? Your presence might be invaluable. Then I shall certainly come. It is very kind of you. You speak of danger. You have evidently seen more in these rooms than was visible to me. No, but I ray ban clubmaster fancy that I may have deduced a little more. I imagine that you saw all that I did. I saw nothing remarkable save the bell-rope, and what purpose that could answer I ray ban clubmaster confess is more than I can imagine. You saw the ventilator, too? Yes, but I do not think that it is such a very

even to you I had better say no more than that it was a name which is a household word all over the earthone of the highest, noblest, most exalted names in England. I was overwhelmed by the honour and attempted, when he entered, to say so, ray ban clubmaster but ray ban clubmaster he plunged at once into business with the air of a man who wishes to hurry quickly through a disagreeable task. Mr. Holder, said he, I have been informed that you are in the habit of advancing money. The firm does so when the security is good. I answered. It is absolutely essential to me, said he, that I should have 50,000 pounds at once. I could, of course, borrow so trifling a sum ten times over from my friends, but I much prefer to make it a matter of business and to carry out that business myself. In my position you can readily understand that it

bad fellow, Sam, but the Count has used him. Sams not a shark. He is a great big silly bull-headed gudgeon. But he is flopping about in my net all the same. ray ban clubmaster Where is this Count Sylvius? Ive been at his very elbow all the morning. Youve seen me as an old lady, Watson. I was never more convincing. He actually picked up my parasol for me once. By your leave, madame, said he half-ltalian, you know, and with the Southern graces of manner when in the mood, but a devil incarnate in the other mood. Life is full of whimsical happenings, Watson. It might have been tragedy. Well, perhaps it might. I followed ray ban clubmaster him to old Straubenzees workshop in the Minories. Straubenzee made the air-gun a very pretty bit of work, as I understand, and I rather fancy it is in the opposite window at the present moment.

grimly. Now, Mr. Bennett, we shall, I think, come to some conclusion tonight. If my deductions are correct we should have an opportunity of bringing matters to a head. In order to do so it is necessary to hold the professor under observation. I would suggest, therefore, that you remain awake and on the lookout. Should you hear him pass your door, do not interrupt him, but follow him as discreetly as you can. Dr. Watson and I will not be far off. By the way, where is the key of that little box of which you spoke? Upon his wa ray ban clubmaster tch-chain. I fancy our researches must lie in that direction. At the wo ray ban clubmaster rst the lock should not be very formidable. Have you any other able-bodied man on the premises? There is the coachman, Macphail. Where does he sleep? Over the stables. We might possibly want him. Well,

finally, of standing in the doorway of a chemists shop while I turned up the fateful paragraph. This was how it ran: We learn with regret that Mr. Sherlock Holmes, the well-known private detective, was the victim this morning of a murderous assault which has left him in a precarious position. There are no exact details to hand, but the event seems to have occurred about twelve oclock in Regent Street, outside the Cafe Royal. The attack was made by two men armed with sticks, and Mr. Holmes was beaten ray ban clubmaster about the head and body, receiving injuries wh ray ban clubmaster ich the doctors describe as most serious. He was carried to Charing Cross Hospital and afterwards insisted upon being taken to his rooms in Baker Street. The miscreants who attacked him appear to have been respectably dressed men, who escaped from

and returned it with the other things to the pockets of the Burberry. Then, as nothing more suggested itself, I walked back to my house for breakfast, having first arranged that the base of the cliffs should be thoroughly searched. Stackhurst was round in an hour or two to tell me that the body had been removed to The Gables, where the inquest would be held. He brought with him some serious and defi ray ban clubmaster nite news. ray ban clubmaster As I expected, nothing had been found in the small caves below the cliff, but he had examined the papers in McPhersons desk and there were several which showed an intimate correspondence with a certain Miss Maud Bellamy, of Fulworth. We had then established the identity of the writer of the note. The police have the letters, he explained. I could not bring them. But there is no doubt

and Odos, until we reached the Sir William and Sir Denis Falder of the eighteenth century. It was an hour or more before Holmes came to a leaden coffin standing on end before the entrance to the vault. I heard his little cry of satisfaction and was aware from his hurried but purposeful movements that he had reached a goal. With his lens he was eagerly examining the edges of the heavy lid. Then he drew from his pocket a short jemmy, a box-opener, which he thrust into a chink, levering back the whole front, which seemed to be secured by o ray ban clubmaster nly a couple of clamps. There was a rending, tearing sound as it gave way, but it had hardly hinged back and partly ray ban clubmaster revealed the contents before we had an unforeseen interruption. Someone was walking in the chapel above. It was the firm, rapid step of one