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about George Meredith, if you please, and we shall leave all minor matters until to-morrow. There was no rain, as Holmes had foretold, and the morning broke bright and cloudless. At nine oclock Lestrade called for us with the carriage, and we set off for Hatherley Farm and the Boscombe Pool. There is serious news this morning, Lestrade observed. It is said that Mr. Turner, of the Hall, is so ill that his life is despaired of. An elderly man, I presume? said Holmes. About sixty; but his constitution has been shattered by his life abroad, and he has been in failing health for some time. This business has had a very bad effect ray ban eyeglasses cheap upon him. He was an old friend of McCarthys, and, I may ad ray ban eyeglasses cheap d, a great benefactor to him, for I have learned that he gave him Hatherley Farm rent free. Indeed! That is

last, and I threw up ray ban eyeglasses cheap reporting and sat day after day in the corner which I had first chosen, inspiring pity by my ghastly face and filling my pockets with coppers. Only one man knew my secret. He was the keeper of a low den in which I used to lodge in Swandam Lane, where I could every morning emerge as a squalid beggar and in the evenings transform myself into a well-dressed man about town. This fellow, a Lascar, was well paid by me for his rooms, so that I knew that my secret wa ray ban eyeglasses cheap s safe in his possession. Well, very soon I found that I was saving considerable sums of money. I do not mean that any beggar in the streets of London could earn 700 pounds a yearwhich is less than my average takingsbut I had exceptional advantages in my power of making up, and also in a facility of repartee, which

rdered fresh rashers and eggs, and joined us in a hearty meal. When it was concluded he settled our new acquaintance upon the sofa, placed a p ray ban eyeglasses cheap illow beneath his head, and laid a glass of brandy and water within his reach. It is easy to see that your experience has been no common one, Mr. Hatherley, said he. Pray, lie down there and make yourself absolutely at home. Tell us what you can, but stop when you are tired and keep up your strength with a little stimulant. Thank you, said my patient. but I have felt another man since the doctor banda ray ban eyeglasses cheap ged me, and I think that your breakfast has completed the cure. I shall take up as little of your valuable time as possible, so I shall start at once upon my peculiar experiences. Holmes sat in his big armchair with the weary, heavy-lidded expression

capacity for self-restraint. Disregarding my presence, she went straight to her uncle and passed her hand over his head with a sweet womanly caress. You have given orders that Arthur should be liberated, have you not, dad? she asked. No, no, my girl, the matter must be probed to the bottom. But I am so sure that he is innocent. You know what womans instincts are. I know that he has done no harm and that you will be sorry for having acted so harshly. Why is he silen ray ban eyeglasses cheap t, then, if he is innocent? Who knows? Perhaps because he was so angry that you should suspect him. How could I help suspecting him, ray ban eyeglasses cheap when I actually saw him with the coronet in his hand? Oh, but he had only picked it up to look at it. Oh, do, do take my word for it that he is innocent. Let the matter drop and say no more. It is

case against the actual thieves. When you have caught them. Exactly. But the question is how shall we proceed against the receiver? Is this not rather premature? It is as well to have our plans ready. Now, what would you regard as final evidence against the receiver? The actual possession of the stone. You would arrest him upon that? Most undoubtedly. Holmes seldom laughed, but he got as near it as his old friend Watson could remember. In that case, my de ray ban eyeglasses cheap ar sir, I shall be under the painful necessity of advising your arrest. Lord Cantlemere was very angry. Some of the ancient fires flickered up into his sallow cheeks. You take a great liberty, Mr. Holmes. In fifty years of official life I cann ray ban eyeglasses cheap ot recall such a case. I am a busy man, sir engaged upon important affairs, and I have no time or

is surely nothing in life more painful than to meet the wreck of a fine athle ray ban eyeglasses cheap te whom one has known in his prime. His great frame had fallen in, his flaxen hair was scanty, and his shoulders were bowed. I fear that I roused corresponding emotions in him. Hullo, Watson, said he, and his voice was still deep and hearty. You dont look quite the man you did when I threw you over the ropes into the crowd at the Old Deer Park. I expect I have changed a bit also. But its this last day or two that has aged me. I see by your telegram, Mr. Holmes, that it is no use my pretending to be anyones deputy. . It is simpler to deal direct, said Holmes. Of course it is. But you can imagine how difficult it is when you are speaking of the one wom ray ban eyeglasses cheap an whom you are bound to protect and help. What can I do? How am

Then I turned back and ascended the stair to Holmess room. I have found out who ou ray ban eyeglasses cheap r client is, I cried, bursting with my great news. Why, Holmes, it is It is a loyal f ray ban eyeglasses cheap riend and a chivalrous gentleman, said Holmes, holding up a restraining hand. Let that now and forever be enough for us. I do not know how the incriminating book was used. Sir James may have managed it. Or it is more probable that so delicate a task was entrusted to the young ladys father. The effect, at any rate, was all that could be desired. Three days later appeared a paragraph in the Morning Post to say that the marriage between Baron Adelbert Gruner and Miss Violet de Merville would not take place. The same paper had the first police-court hearing of the proceedings against Miss Kitty Winter on the grave charge of

round the edge of the water, my comrade ray ban eyeglasses cheap s in Indian file behind me. Most of the pool was quite shallow, but under the cliff where the beach was hollowed out it was four or five feet deep. It was to this part that a swimmer would naturally go, for it formed a beautiful pellucid green pool as clear as crystal. A line of rocks lay above it at the base of the cliff, and along this I led the way, p ray ban eyeglasses cheap eering eagerly into the depths beneath me. I had reached the deepest and stillest pool when my eyes caught that for which they were searching, and I burst into a shout of triumph. Cyanea! I cried. Cyanea! Behold the Lions Mane! The strange object at which I pointed did indeed look like a tangled mass torn from the mane of a lion. It lay upon a rocky shelf some three feet under the water, a curious