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touched at Pondicherry in January and February in 83. There were thirty-six ships of fair tonnage which were reported there during those months. Of these, one, the Lone Star, instantly attracted my attention, since, although it was reported as having cleared from London, the name is that which is given to one of the states of the Union. Texas, I think. I was not and am not sure which; but I knew that the ship must have an American origin. What then? I searched the Dundee records, and when I found that the barque Lone Star was there ray ban lenses for sale in January, 85, my suspicion became a certainty. I then inquired as to the vessels which lay at present in the port of London. Yes? The Lone Star had arrived here last week. I went do ray ban lenses for sale wn to the Albert Dock and found that she had been taken down the river by the

have not. It must be those wretched gipsies in the plantation. Very likely. And yet if it were on the lawn, I wonder that you did not hear it also. Ah, but I sleep more heavily than you. Well, it is of no great consequence, at any rate. She smiled back at me, closed my door, and a few moments later I heard her key turn in the lock. Indeed, said Holmes. Was it your custom always to lock yourselves i ray ban lenses for sale n at night? Always. And why? I think that I mentioned to you that the doctor kept a cheetah and a baboon. We had no feeling of security ray ban lenses for sale unless our doors were locked. Quite so. Pray proceed with your statement. I could not sleep that night. A vague feeling of impending misfortune impressed me. My sister and I, you will recollect, were twins, and you know how subtle are the links which bind two

laughing. I think that I shall have a whisky and soda and a cigar after all this cross-questioning. I had formed my conclusions as to the case before our client came into the room. My dear Holmes! I have notes of several similar cases, though none, as I remarked before, which were quite as prompt. My whole examination served to turn my conjecture into a certainty. Circumstantial evidence is occasionally very convincing, as when you find a trout in the milk, to quote Thoreaus example. But I have heard all that you have heard. Without, however, the knowledge of pre-existing cases which serves me so well. There was a parallel instance in Aberdeen some years back, and something on very much the same lines at Munich the year ray ban lenses for sale after the Franco-Prussian War. ray ban lenses for sale It is one of these casesbut, hullo,

which made him a very different person to the round, jovial man to whom I was accustomed. His cheeks were red, his brow was all crinkled with anger, and the veins stood out at his temples with passion. He locked the door and hurried past me without a word or a look. This aroused my curiosity, so when I went out for a walk in the grounds with my charge, I strolled round to the side from which I could see the windows of this part of the house. There were four of them in a row, three of which were simply dirty, while the fourth ray ban lenses for sale was shuttered up. They were evidently all deserted. As I strolled up and down, glancing at them occasionally, Mr. Rucastle came ou ray ban lenses for sale t to me, looking as merry and jovial as ever. Ah! said he, you must not think me rude if I passed you without a word, my dear young lady. I

well dressed and elegant, but with something in his bearing which suggested the shyness of the student rather than the self-possession of the man of the world. He shook hands with Holmes, and then looked with some surprise at me. This matter is very delicate, Mr. Holmes, he said. Consider the relation in which I stand to Professor Presbury both privately and publicly. I really can hardly justify myself if I speak before any third person. Have no fear, Mr. Bennett. Dr. Watson is the very soul o ray ban lenses for sale f discretion, and I can assure you that this is a matter in which I am very likely to need an assistant. As you like, Mr. Holmes. You will, I am sure, understand my having some reserves in the matter. You will appreciate ray ban lenses for sale it, Watson, when I tell you that this gentleman, Mr. Trevor Bennett, is

of Continental crime. Who could possibly have read what happened at Prague and have any doubts as to the mans ray ban lenses for sale guilt! It was a purely technical legal point and the suspicious death of a witness that saved him! I am as sure that he killed his wife when the socalled accident happened in the Splugen Pass as if I had seen him do it. ray ban lenses for sale I knew, also, that he had come to England and had a presentiment that sooner or later he would find me some work to do. Well, what has Baron Gruner been up to? I presume it is not this old tragedy which has come up again? No, it is more serious than that. To revenge crime is important, but to prevent it is more so. It is a terrible thing, Mr. Holmes, to see a dreadful event, an atrocious situation, preparing itself before your eyes, to clearly understand whither it

incisive scent was apparent. It seemed to centre on the hall table. I ray ban lenses for sale turned, placed my hat there, knocked it off, stooped to pick it up, and contrived to bring my nose within a foot of the gloves. Yes, it was undoubtedly from them that the curious tarry odour was oozing. I passed on into the study with my case complete. Alas, that I should have to show my hand so when I tell my own story! It was by concealing such links in the chain that Watson was enabled to produce his meretricious finales. Colonel Emsworth was not in his room, but he came quickly enough on receipt of Ralphs message. We heard his quick, heavy step in the passage. The door was flung open and he rushed in wit ray ban lenses for sale h bristling beard and twisted features, as terrible an old man as ever I have seen. He held our cards in his hand,

and ingenious part of all your story? I cannot tell, Mr. Holmes. There i ray ban lenses for sale s a chalk-pit by the camp, with a deep green pool at the base of it. Perhaps in the depths of that pool Well, well, it is of little consequence now. The case is closed. Yes, said the woman, the case is closed. We had risen to go, but there was something in the womans voice which arrested Holmess attention. He turned swiftly upon her. Your life is not your own, he said. Keep your hands off it. Wha ray ban lenses for sale t use is it to anyone? How can you tell? The example of patient suffering is in itself the most precious of all lessons to an impatient world. The womans answer was a terrible one. She raised her veil and stepped forward into the light. I wonder if you would bear it, she said. It was horrible. No words can describe the