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degree, and which it is the object of these papers to illustrate. Some, too, have baffled his analytical skill, and would be, as narratives, beginnings without an ending, while others have been but partially cleared up, and have their explanations founded rather upon conjecture and surmise than on that absolute logical proof which was so dear to him. There is, however, o ray ban matte wayfarer ne of these last which was so remarkable in its details and so startling in its results that I am tempted to give some account of it in spite of the fact that there are points in connection with it which never have been, and probably never will be, entirely cleared up. The year 87 furnished us with a long series of cases of greater or less interes ray ban matte wayfarer t, of which I retain the records. Among my headings under this one twelve

business. Very glad to see you. I dine at seven. There is a woodcock, I believe. By the way, in view of recent occurrences, perhaps I ought to ask Mrs. Hudson to examine its crop. I had been delayed at a case, and it ray ban matte wayfarer was a little after half-past six when I found myself in Baker Street once more. As I approached the house I saw a tall man in a Scotch bonnet with a coat which was buttoned up to his chin waiting outside in the bright semicircle which was ray ban matte wayfarer thrown from the fanlight. Just as I arrived the door was opened, and we were shown up together to Holmes room. Mr. Henry Baker, I believe, said he, rising from his armchair and greeting his visitor with the easy air of geniality which he could so readily assume. Pray take this chair by the fire, Mr. Baker. It is a cold night, and I observe

surface. Then it flashed through my mind that the pai ray ban matte wayfarer n of my death would depend very much upon the position in which I met it. If I lay on my face the weight would come upon my spine, and I shuddered to think of that dreadful snap. Easier the other way, perhaps; and yet, had I the nerve to lie and look up at that deadly black shadow wavering down upon me? Already I was unable to stand erect, when my eye caught something which brought a gush of hope back to my heart. I have said that though the floor and ceiling were of iron, the walls were of wood. As I gave a last hurried glance around, I saw a thin line of yellow light between two of the boards, which broadened and broadened as a small ray ban matte wayfarer panel was pushed backward. For an instant I could hardly believe that here was indeed a door which led

down a life-preserver from the wall. I knew my man, however, and I clapped a pistol to his head before he could strike. Then he became a little more reasonable. I told him that we would give him a price for the stones he held1000 pounds apiece. That brought out the first signs of grief that he had shown. Why, dash it all! said he, Ive let them go at six hundred for the three! I soon managed to get the address of the receiver who had them, on promising him that there wou ray ban matte wayfarer ld be no prosecution. Off I set to him, and after much chaffering I got our stones at 1000 pounds apiece. Then I looked in upon your son, told him that all was right, and eventually got to my bed about two oclock, after what I may call a really hard days work. A day which has saved England from a great public scandal, s ray ban matte wayfarer aid

devoted as ever. Then came Miss Grace Dunbar. She answered our advertisement and became governess to our two children. Perhaps you have seen her portrait in the papers. The whole world has proclaimed that she also is a very beautiful woman. Now, I make no pretence to be more moral than my neighbours, and I will admit to you that I could not live under the same roof with such a woman and in daily contact with her without feeling a passionate regard for her. Do you blame me, Mr. Holmes? I do not bla ray ban matte wayfarer me you for feeling it. I should blame you if you expressed it, since this young lady was in a sense under your protection. Well, maybe so, said the millionaire, though for a moment the reproof had brought the old angry gleam into his eyes. Im not pretending to be any bett ray ban matte wayfarer er than I am. I guess all

careful to avoid any indiscretion. I repeat, however, that this enables me to fix the date, which was the latter end of June, 1902, shortly after the conclusion of the South African War. Holmes had spent several days in bed, as was h ray ban matte wayfarer is habit from time to time, but he emerged that morning with a long foolscap document in his hand and a twinkle of amusement in his austere gray eyes. There is a chance for you to make some money. friend Watson, said he. Have you ever heard the name of Garrideb? I admitted that I h ray ban matte wayfarer ad not. Well, if you can lay your hand upon a Garrideb, theres money in it. Why? Ah, thats a long story rather a whimsical one, too. I dont think in all our explorations of human complexities we have ever come upon anything more singular. The fellow will be here presently for cross-

Well, they found nothing valuable downstairs, so they tried their luck upstairs. That is how I read it. What do you make of it, Mr. Holmes? I must think it over, Inspector. Come to the window, Watson. Then, as we stood together, he read over the fra ray ban matte wayfarer gment of paper. It began in the middle of a sentence and ran like this: … face bled considerably from the cuts and blows, but it was nothing to the bleeding of his heart as he saw that lovely face, the face for which he had been prepared to sacrifice his very life, looking out at his agony and ray ban matte wayfarer humiliation. She smiled yes, by Heaven! she smiled, like the heartless fiend she was, as he looked up at her. It was at that moment that love died and hate was born. Man must live for something. If it is not for your embrace, my lady, then it shall

My wire! I sent no wire. I mean the wire which you sent to Mr. Josiah Amberley about his wife and his money. If this is a joke, sir, it is a very questionable one, said the vicar angrily. I have never heard of the gentleman you name, and I have not sent a wire to anyone. Our client and I looked at each other in amazement. Perhaps there is some mistake, said I; are there perhaps two vicarages? Here is the wire itself, signed Elman and dated from the Vicarage. There is only one vicarage, si ray ban matte wayfarer r, and only one vicar, and this wire is a scandalous forgery, the origin of which shall certainly be investigated by the police. Meanwhile, I can see no possi ray ban matte wayfarer ble object in prolonging this interview. So Mr. Amberley and I found ourselves on the roadside in what seemed to me to be the most primitive village