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now taken up my pen to describe. It was in the latter days of September, and the equinoctial gales had set in with exceptional violence. All day the wind had screamed and t ray ban new aviator he rain had beaten against the windows, so that even here in the heart of great, hand-made London we were forced to raise our minds for the instant from the routine of life and to recognise the presence of those great elemental forces which shriek at mankind through the bars of his civilisation, like untamed beasts in a cage. As evening drew in, the storm grew higher and louder, and the wind cried and sobbed like a child in the chimney. Sherlock Holmes sat moodily at one side of the fireplace cross-indexing his records of crime, while I at the other was deep in one of Clark Russell ray ban new aviator s fine sea-stories until the howl of the

with me as they once were, he remarked. I had no doubt that the gang of roughs who assaulted me had carried off both my hat and the bird. I did not care to spend more money in a hopeless attempt at recovering them. Very naturally. By the way, about the bird, we were compelle ray ban new aviator d to eat it. To eat it! Our visitor half rose from his ch ray ban new aviator air in his excitement. Yes, it would have been of no use to anyone had we not done so. But I presume that this other goose upon the sideboard, which is about the same weight and perfectly fresh, will answer your purpose equally well? Oh, certainly, certainly, answered Mr. Baker with a sigh of relief. Of course, we still have the feathers, legs, crop, and so on of your own bird, so if you wish The man burst into a hearty laugh. They might be useful to me as relics

and ran with her along the corridor and down a winding ray ban new aviator stair. The latter led to another broad passage, and just as we reached it we heard the sound of running feet and the shouting of two voices, one answering the other from the floor on which we were and from the one beneath. My guide stopped and looked about her like one who is at her wits end. Then she threw open a door which led into a bedroom, through the window of whic ray ban new aviator h the moon was shining brightly. It is your only chance, said she. It is high, but it may be that you can jump it. As she spoke a light sprang into view at the further end of the passage, and I saw the lean figure of Colonel Lysander Stark rushing forward with a lantern in one hand and a weapon like a butchers cleaver in the other. I rushed across the bedroom, flung

important and lowliest manifestations that the keenest pleasure is to be derived. It is pleasant to me to observe, Watson, that you have so far grasped this truth that in these little records of our cases whic ray ban new aviator h you have been good enough to draw up, and, I am bound to say, occasionally to embellish, you have given prominence not so much to the many causes célèbres and sensational trials in which I have figured but rather to those incidents which may have been trivial in themselves, but which have given room for those faculties of deduction and of logical synthesis which I have made my special province. And yet, said I, smiling, I cannot quite hold myself absolved from the charge of sensationalism which has been urged against my records. You have erred, perh ray ban new aviator aps, he observed, taking up a

I feel myself about it now. I thank God that my plans did not work out as I intended. She would have none of it, and she wanted to leave the house instantly. Why did she not? Well, in the first place, others were dependent upon her, and it was no light matter for her to let them all down by sacrificing h ray ban new aviator er living. When I had sworn as I did that she should ray ban new aviator never be molested again, she consented to remain. But there was another reason. She knew the influence she had over me, and that it was stronger than any other influence in the world. She wanted to use it for good. How? Well, she knew something of my affairs. They are large, Mr. Holmes large beyond the belief of an ordinary man. I can make or break and it is usually break. It wasnt individuals only. It was communities, cities, even

the card. I am afraid you must make yet another effort, Watson, said he. This gentleman is also in the plot already, though I certainly did not expect to see him this morning. However, he is in a position to tell us a good deal which I want to know. A moment later he was in the room. Mr. John Garrideb, Counsellor at Law, was a short, powerful man with the round, fresh, clean-shaven face characteristic of so many American men of affairs. The general effect was chubby and rather child ray ban new aviator like, so that one received the impression of quite a young man with a broad set smile upon his face. His eyes, however, were arresting. Seldom in any human head have I seen ray ban new aviator a pair which bespoke a more intense inward life, so bright were they, so alert, so responsive to every change of thought. His accent was

we passed the window I caught a glimpse of the inspectors smile and shake of the head. These clever fellows have always a touch of madness. That was what I read in the inspectors smile. Now, Watson, we are at the ray ban new aviator last lap of our little journey, said Holmes when we were back in the roar of central London once more. I think we had best clear the matter up at once, and it would be well that you should come with me, for it is safer to have a witness when you are dealing with such a lady as Isadora Klein. We had taken a cab and were speeding to some address in Grosvenor Square. Holmes had been sunk in tho ray ban new aviator ught, but he roused himself suddenly. By the way, Watson, I suppose you see it all clearly? No, I cant say that I do. I only gather that we are going to see the lady who is behind all this

hotel bill. Next morning, when we did at last arrive in London, it was hard to say which of us was in the worse humour. You had best take Baker Street as we pass, said I. Mr. Holmes may have some fresh instructions. If they are not worth more than the last ones they are not of much use, said Amberley with a malevolent scowl. None the less, he kept me company. I had already warned Holmes by ray ban new aviator telegram of the hour of our arrival, but we found a message waiting that he was at Lewisham and would expect us there. That was a surprise, but an even greater one was to find that he was not alone in the sitting-room of our client. A stern-looking, impassive man sat beside him, a dark man with gray-tinted glasses and a large ray ban new aviator Masonic pin projecting from his tie. This is my friend Mr. Barker, said Holmes.