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low, monotonous voice, their conversation coming in gushes, and then suddenly tailing off into silence, each mumbling out his own thoughts and paying little heed to the words of his neighbour. At the farther end was a small brazier of burning charcoal, beside which on a three-legged wooden stool there sat a tall, thin old man, with his jaw resting upon his two fists, and his elbows upon his knees, staring into the fire. As I entered, a sallow Malay attendant had hurried up with a pipe for me and a supply of the drug, beckoning me to an empty berth. Thank you. I have not come to stay, said I. There is a friend of mine here, Mr. Isa Whitney, and I wish to speak w ray ban new wayfarer review ith him. There was a movement and an exclamation from my right, and peering through the gloom, I saw Whit ray ban new wayfarer review ney, pale, haggard, and

I have one or two things which I would wish to do now that I am in town. But I shall return by the twelve oclock train, so as to be there in time for your coming. And you may expect us early in the afternoon. I have myself some small business matters to attend to. Will you not wait and breakfast? No, I must go. My heart is lightened already since I have confided my trouble to you. I shall look forward to seeing you again this afternoon. She dropped her thick black veil over her face and glided from the room. And what do you t ray ban new wayfarer review hink of it all, Watson? asked Sherlock Holmes, leaning back in his chair. It seems to me to b ray ban new wayfarer review e a most dark and sinister business. Dark enough and sinister enough. Yet if the lady is correct in saying that the flooring and walls are sound, and that the door, window, and

then? asked Holmes. Yes, and I confess that the contents startled me beyond measure. Have you good authority for what you say? The best possible. Lord St. Simon sank into a chair and passed his hand over his forehead. What will the Duke say, he murmured, when he hears that one of the family has been subjected to such humiliation? It is the purest accident. I cannot allow that there is any humiliation. Ah, you look on these things from another standpoint. I fail to see that anyone is to blame. I can hardly see how the lady could ray ban new wayfarer review have acted otherwise, though her abrupt method of doing it was undoubtedly to be regretted. Having no mother, she had no one to advise her at such a crisis. It was a slight ray ban new wayfarer review , sir, a public slight, said Lord St. Simon, tapping his fingers upon the table. You must make

think you a quite exceptional woman. I will try. What is it? We shall be at the Copper Beeches by seven oclock, my friend and I. The Rucastles will be gone by that time, and Toller will, we hope, be incapable. There only remains Mrs. Toller, who might give the alarm. If you could send her into the cellar on some errand, and then turn the key upon her, you would ray ban new wayfarer review facilitate matters immensely. I will do it. Excellent! We shall then look thoroughl ray ban new wayfarer review y into the affair. Of course there is only one feasible explanation. You have been brought there to personate someone, and the real person is imprisoned in this chamber. That is obvious. As to who this prisoner is, I have no doubt that it is the daughter, Miss Alice Rucastle, if I remember right, who was said to have gone to America. You were chosen,

shaken by what I saw. The passage was dark save that one window halfway along it threw a patch of light. I could see that something was coming along the passage, something dark and crouching. Then suddenly it emerged into the light, and I saw that it was he. He was crawling, Mr. Holmes crawling! He was not quite on his hands and knees. I ray ban new wayfarer review should rather say on his hands and feet, with his face sunk between his hands. Yet he seemed to move with ease. I was so paralyzed by the sight that it was not until he had ray ban new wayfarer review reached my door that I was able to step forward and ask if I could assist him. His answer was extraordinary. He sprang up, spat out some atrocious word at me, and hurried on past me, and down the staircase. I waited about for an hour, but he did not come back. It must have been

from the latter phases of my frie ray ban new wayfarer review nds career . During the first years of the century he became a valuable assistant. Johnson, I grieve to say, made his name first as a very dangerous villain and served two terms at Parkhurst. Finally he repented and allied himself to Holmes, acting as his agent in the huge criminal underworld of London and obtaining information which often proved to be of vital importance. Had Johnson been a nark of the police he would soon have been exposed, but as he dealt w ray ban new wayfarer review ith cases which never came directly into the courts, his activities were never realized by his companions. With the glamour of his two convictions upon him, he had the en-tree of every night-club, doss house, and gamblingden in the town, and his quick observation and active brain made him an ideal

the utmost amazement. How in the world did you come here? he asked in amazement. Wait a bit! I see that you are tired out and that wounded shoulder of yours wants looking after. I am a doctor, and Ill soon have you tied up. But, man alive! you are in far greater danger here than ever you were on the battlefield. You are in the Leper Hospital, and you have slept in a lepers bed. Need I tell you more, Jimmie? It seems that in view of the approaching battle all these poor creatures had be ray ban new wayfarer review en evacuated t ray ban new wayfarer review he day before. Then, as the British advanced, they had been brought back by this, their medical superintendent, who assured me that, though he believed he was immune to the disease, he would none the less never have dared to do what I had done. He put me in a private room, treated me kindly,

? They have always been the best of friends. They had the same tastes, the two of them, and she loved the horses as much as he did. Every day at the same hour she would drive down to see them and, above all, she loved the Prince. He would prick up his ears when he heard the wheels on the gravel, and he would trot out each morning to the carriage to get his lump of suga ray ban new wayfarer review r. But thats all over now. Why? Well, she seems to have lost all interest in the horse ray ban new wayfarer review s. For a week now she has driven past the stables with never so much as Good-morning! You think there has been a quarrel? And a bitter, savage, spitelful quarrel at that. Why else would he give away her pet spaniel that she loved as if he were her child? He gave it a few days ago to old Barnes, what keeps the Green Dragon, three miles off,