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certainly speak to the police, I said. And be laughed at for my pains. Nothing of the sort. Th ray ban off en let me do so? No, I forbid you. I wont have a fuss made about such nonsense. It was in ray ban off vain to argue with him, for he was a very obstinate man. I went about, however, with a heart which was full of forebodings. On the third day after the coming of the letter my father went from home to visit an old friend of his, Major Freebody, who is in command of one of the forts upon Portsdown Hill. I was glad that he should go, for it seemed to me that he was farther from danger when he was away from home. In that, however, I was in error. Upon the second day of his absence I received a telegram from the major, imploring me to come at once. My father had fallen over one of the deep chalk-pits which abound

the case complete. You had heard, Ryder, of this blue stone of the Countess of Morcars? It was Catherine Cusack who told me of it, said he in a crackling voice. I seeher ladyships waiting-maid. Well, the temptation of sudden wealth so easily acquired was too much for you, as it has been ray ban off for better men before you; ray ban off but you were not very scrupulous in the means you used. It seems to me, Ryder, that there is the making of a very pretty villain in you. You knew that this man Horner, the plumber, had been concerned in some such matter before, and that suspicion would rest the more readily upon him. What did you do, then? You made some small job in my ladys roomyou and your confederate Cusackand you managed that he should be the man sent for. Then, when he had left, you rifled the jewel-case,

morning ray ban off letters, if I remember right, were from a fish-monger and a tide-waiter. Yes, my correspondence has certainly the charm of variety, he answered, smiling, and the humbler are usually the more interesting. This looks like one of those unwelcome social summonses which call upon a man either to be bored or to lie. He broke the seal and glanced over the contents. Oh, come, it may prove to be something of interest, after all. Not social, then? No, distinctly professional. And from a noble client? One of the highest in England. My dear fellow, I ray ban off congratulate you. I assure you, Watson, without affectation, that the status of my client is a matter of less moment to me than the interest of his case. It is just possible, however, that that also may not be wanting in this new investigation.

you very well. Then, as to sitting here or there, or amusing yourself in any manner indicated, that need cause you no inconvenience. As regards your hair, it is no doubt a pity, especially as I could not help remarking its beauty during our short interview, but I am afraid that I must remain firm upon this point, and I only hope that the increased salary may recompense you for the loss. Your duties, as far as the child is concerned, are very light. Now do try to come, and I shall meet you with the dog-cart at Winchester. Let me know your train. Yours faithfully, JEPHRO RUCASTLE. That is the letter which I have just receive ray ban off d, Mr. Holmes, and my mind is ray ban off made up that I will accept it. I thought, however, that before taking the final step I should like to submit the whole matter to your

formalities had not yet been completed, but next morning, in the company of Mr. Jo ray ban off yce Cummings, the rising barrister who was entrusted with the defence, we were allowed to see the young lady in her cell. I had expected from all that we had heard to see a beautiful woma ray ban off n, but I can never forget the effect which Miss Dunbar produced upon me. It was no wonder that even the masterful millionaire had found in her something more powerful than himself something which could control and guide him. One felt, too, as one looked at the strong, clear-cut, and yet sensitive face, that even should she be capable of some impetuous deed, none the less there was an innate nobility of character which would make her influence always for the good. She was a brunette, tall, with a noble figure and commanding

your very clear narrative in my pocket, and I filled up the blanks when this American gentleman called. I understand that up to this week you were unaware of his existence. That is so. He called last Tuesday. Did he tell you of our interview to-day? Yes, he came straight back to me. He had been very angry. Why should he be angry? He seemed to think it was some ray ban off ref ray ban off lection on his honour. But he was quite cheerful again when he returned. Did he suggest any course of action? No, sir, he did not. Has he had, or asked for, any money from you? No, sir, never! You see no possible object he has in view? None, except what he states. Did you tell him of our telephone appointment? Yes, sir, I did. Holmes was lost in thought. I could see that he was puzzled. Have you any articles of great value in your

my closest pal. Well, when the war was over, and we all got back, I wrote to his father and asked where Godfrey was. No answer. I waited a bit and then I wrote again. This time I had a reply, short and gruff. Godfrey had gone on a voyage round the world, and it was not likely that he would be back for a year. That was all. I wasnt satisfied, Mr. Holmes. The whole thing seemed to me so damned unnatural. He was a good lad, and he would not drop a pal like that. It was not like him. Then, again, I happened to know that he was heir t ray ban off o a lot of money, and also that his father and he did not always hit it off too well. The old man was sometimes a bu ray ban off lly, and young Godfrey had too much spirit to stand it. No, I wasnt satisfied, and I determined that I would get to the root of the matter. It

Holmess authority for saying that the whole story concerning the politician, t ray ban off he lighthouse, and the trained cormorant will be given to the public. There is at least o ray ban off ne reader who will understand. It is not reasonable to suppose that every one of these cases gave Holmes the opportunity of showing those curious gifts of instinct and observation which I have endeavoured to set forth in these memoirs. Sometimes he had with much effort to pick the fruit, sometimes it fell easily into his lap. But the most terrible human tragedies were often involved in those cases which brought him the fewest personal opportunities, and it is one of these which I now desire to record. In telling it, I have made a slight change of name and place, but otherwise the facts are as stated. One forenoon it was late