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straight off, and then blotted, none would be of a deep black shade. This man has written the name, and there has then been a pause before he wrote the address, which can only mean that he was not familiar with it. It is, of course, a trifle, but there is nothing so important as trifles. Let us now see the letter. Ha! there has been an enclosure here! Yes, there was a ring. Hi ray ban polarized s signet-ring. And you are sure that this is your husbands hand? One of his hands. ray ban polarized One? His hand when he wrote hurriedly. It is very unlike his usual writing, and yet I know it well. Dearest do not be frightened. All will come well. There is a huge error which it may take some little time to rectify. Wait in pa-tience.NEVILLE. Written in pencil upon the fly-leaf of a book, octavo size, no water-mark. Hum! Posted to-

with his cane at the bell-pull. You see it, Watson? he yelled. You see it? But I saw nothing. At the moment when Holmes struck the light I heard a low, clear whistle, but the sudden glare flashing into my weary eyes made it impossible for me to tell what it was at which my friend lashed so savagely. I could, however, see that his face was deadly pale and filled with horror and loathing. He had ceased to strike and was gazing up at the ventilator when suddenly there broke fro ray ban polarized m the silence of the night the most horrible cry to which I have ever listened. It swelled up louder and louder, a hoarse yell of pain a ray ban polarized nd fear and anger all mingled in the one dreadful shriek. They say that away down in the village, and even in the distant parsonage, that cry raised the sleepers from their beds. It

which he was keeping, ray ban polarized but each time the influence of his friend, Sir George Burnwell, was enough to draw him back again. And, indeed, I could not wonder that such a man as Sir George Burn-well should gain an influence over him, for he has frequently brought him to my house, and I have foun ray ban polarized d myself that I could hardly resist the fascination of his manner. He is older than Arthur, a man of the world to his finger-tips, one who had been everywhere, seen everything, a brilliant talker, and a man of great personal beauty. Yet when I think of him in cold blood, far away from the glamour of his presence, I am convinced from his cynical speech and the look which I have caught in his eyes that he is one who should be deeply distrusted. So I think, and so, too, thinks my little Mary, who has a

but your play-acting, busybody self! You admit that you have dogged me. Why? Come now, Count. You used to shoot lions in Algeria. Well? But why? Why? The sport the excitement the danger! And, no doubt, to free the country from a pest? Exactly! My reasons in a nutshell! The Count sprang to his feet, and his hand involuntarily moved back to his hip-pocket. Sit down, sir, sit down! There was another, more practical, reason. I want that yellow diamond! Count Sylvius lay back in his chair with an evil smile. Upon my word! said he. You knew that I w ray ban polarized as after you for that. The real reason why you are here to-night is to find out how much I kn ray ban polarized ow about the matter and how far my removal is absolutely essential. Well, I should say that, from your point of view, it is absolutely essential, for I know

dangerously near the carotid artery, and the haemorrhage was serious. In half an hour the danger was past, I had given the patient an injection of morphia, and he had sunk into deep sleep. Then, and only then, were we able to look at each other and to take stock of the situation. I think a first-class surgeon should see him, said I. For Gods sake, no! ray ban polarized cried Bennett. At present the scandal is confined to our own household. It is safe with us. If it gets beyond these walls it will never stop. Consider his position at the university, his European reputation, the feelings of his daughter. Quite so, said Holmes. I think it may be quite possible to keep the matter to ourselves, and also to prevent its recurrence now that we have a free hand. The key from the watch-chain, M ray ban polarized r. Bennett. Macphail

impression which I intended to convey. And now, Watson, have you learned your lessons? At least I have tried to. Good. You could keep up an intelligent conversation on the subject? I believe I could. Then hand me that little box from the mantelpiece. He opened the lid and took out a small object most carefully wrapped in some fine Eastern silk. This he unfolded, and disclosed a delicate little sauce ray ban polarized r of the most beautiful deep-blue colour. It needs careful handling, Watson. This is the real egg-shell pottery of the Ming dynasty. No finer piece ever passed through Christi ray ban polarized es. A complete set of this would be worth a kings ransom in fact, it is doubtful if there is a complete set outside the imperial palace of Peking. The sight of this would drive a real connoisseur wild. What am I to do with

be brought into the matter, growled the younger man. The sister turned a sharp, fierce look upon him. This is my business, William. Kindly leave me to manage it in my own way. By all accounts there has been a crime committed. If I can help to show who did it, it is the least I can do for him who is gone. She listened to a short account from my companion, with a composed concentration which showed me that she possessed strong character as well as great beauty. Maud Bellamy will always remain in my memory as a m ray ban polarized ost complete and remarkable woman. It seems that she already knew me by sight, for she turned to me at the end. Bring them to justice, Mr. Holmes. You have my sympathy and m ray ban polarized y help, whoever they may be. It seemed to me that she glanced defiantly at her father and brother as she spoke.

ground. We opened such a coffin, removed the contents, and placed her as you have seen her. As to the old relics which we took out, we could not leave them on the floor of the crypt. Norlett and I removed them, and he descended at night and burned them in the central furnace. There is my story, Mr. Holmes, though how you forced my hand so that I have to tell it is more than I can say. Holmes sat for some time lost in thought. There is one flaw in you ray ban polarized r narrative, Sir Robert, he said at last. Your bets on the race, and therefore your hopes for the future, would hold good ev ray ban polarized en if your creditors seized your estate. The horse would be part of the estate. What do they care for my bets? As likely as not they would not run him at all. My chief creditor is, unhappily, my most bitter enemy a