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my best land ever since. There was no rest for me, no peace, no forgetfulness; turn where I would, there was his cunning, grinning face at my elbow. It grew worse as Alice grew up, for he soon saw I was more afraid of her knowing my past than of the police. Whatever he wanted he ray ban predator polarized must have, and whatever it was I gave him without question, land, money, houses, until at last he ray ban predator polarized asked a thing which I could not give. He asked for Alice. His son, you see, had grown up, and so had my girl, and as I was known to be in weak health, it seemed a fine stroke to him that his lad should step into the whole property. But there I was firm. I would not have his cursed stock mixed with mine; not that I had any dislike to the lad, but his blood was in him, and that was enough. I stood firm. McCarthy

conviction for robbery having been given against the prisoner, the magistrate refused to deal summarily with the offence, but referred it to the Assizes. Horner, who had shown signs of intense emotion during the proceedings, fainted away at the conclusion and was carried out of court. Hum! So much ray ban predator polarized ray ban predator polarized for the police-court, said Holmes thoughtfully, tossing aside the paper. The question for us now to solve is the sequence of events leading from a rifled jewel-case at one end to the crop of a goose in Tottenham Court Road at the other. You see, Watson, our little deductions have suddenly assumed a much more important and less innocent aspect. Here is the stone; the stone came from the goose, and the goose came from Mr. Henry Baker, the gentleman with the bad hat and all the other characteristics

I disregarded them, and I kept a keen eye upon my two companions. Ferguson appeared to be a morose and silent man, but I could see from the little that he said that he was at least a fellow-countryman. Colonel Lysander Stark stopped at last before a low door, which he unlocked. Within was a small, square room, in which the three of us could hardly get at one time. Ferguson remained outside, and the colonel ushered me in. We are now, said he, actually within the hydraulic press, and it would be a particularly unpleasant thing for us if anyone were to turn it on. The cei ray ban predator polarized ling of this small chamber is really the end of the descending piston, and it comes down with the force of many tons upon this metal floor. There ray ban predator polarized are small lateral columns of water outside which receive the force, and which

snow in front of me. There was a double line of tracks of a booted man, and a second double line which I saw with delight belonged to a man with naked feet. I was at once convinced from what you had told me that the latter was your son. The first had walked both ways, but the other had run swiftly, and as his tread was marked in places over the depression of the boot, it was obvious that he had passed after the other. I followed them up and found they led to the hall window, where Boots had worn all the snow awa ray ban predator polarized y while waiting. Then I walked to th ray ban predator polarized e other end, which was a hundred yards or more down the lane. I saw where Boots had faced round, where the snow was cut up as though there had been a struggle, and, finally, where a few drops of blood had fallen, to show me that I was not mistaken.

must confess that when I consider that this is a man who would certainly brush any obstacle from his path, and when I remember that his wife may have been an obstacle and an object of dislike, as that man ray ban predator polarized Bates plainly told us, it seems to me Exactly. And to me also. But what were his relations with the governess, and how did you discover them? Blu ray ban predator polarized ff, Watson, bluff! When I considered the passionate, unconventional, unbusinesslike tone of his letter and contrasted it with his self-contained manner and appearance, it was pretty clear that there was some deep emotion which centred upon the accused woman rather than upon the victim. Weve got to understand the exact relations of those three people if we are to reach the truth. You saw the frontal attack which I made upon him, and how

criminal practice in England. And yet your observation was precise. You had seen the lady rise from beside the childs cot with the blood upon her lips. I did. Did it not occur to you that a bleeding wound may be sucked for some other purpose than to draw the blood from it? Was there not a queen in English history who sucked such a wound to draw poison from it? Poison! A South American household. My instinct felt the presence of those weapons upon the wall before my eyes ever saw them. It might have been ot ray ban predator polarized her poison, but that was what occurred to me. When I saw that little empty quiver beside the small birdbow, it was just what I expected to see. If the child were pricked with one ray ban predator polarized of those arrows dipped in curare or some other devilish drug, it would mean death if the venom were not sucked

night on guard. This fellow has clearly proved a broken reed. Well, there is nothing for it but another journey to Harrow Weald. We found The Three Gables a very different establishment to the order ray ban predator polarized ly household of the previous day. A small group of idlers had assembled at the garden gate, while a couple of constables were ray ban predator polarized examining the windows and the geranium beds. Within we met a gray old gentleman, who introduced himself as the lawyer together with a bustling, rubicund inspector, who greeted Hoimes as an old friend. Well, Mr. Holmes, no chance for you in this case, Im afraid. Just a common, ordinary burglary, and well within the capacity of the poor old police. No experts need apply. I am sure the case is in very good hands, said Holmes. Merely a common burglary, you say? Quite so. We

confirms the mans story. He has the local repute of being a miser as well as a harsh and exacting husband. That he had a large sum of money in that strong-room of his is certain. So also is it that young Dr. Ernest, an unmarried man, played chess w ray ban predator polarized ith Amberley, and probably played the fool with his wife. All this seems plain sailing, and one would think that there was no more to be said and yet! -and yet! Where lies the difficulty? In my imagination, perhaps. Well, leave it there, Watson. Let us escape from this weary workaday world by the side door of music. Carina sings to-ni ray ban predator polarized ght at the Albert Hall, and we still have time to dress, dine, and enjoy. In the morning I was up betimes, but some toast crumbs and two empty eggshells told me that my companion was earlier still. I found a