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but his life appeared to have been a very quiet and innocent one. There the matter stands at present, and the questions which have to be solvedwhat Neville St. Clair was doing in the opium den, what happened to him when there, where is he now, and what Hugh Boone had to do with his disappearanceare all as far from a solution as ever. I confess that I cannot recall any case within my experience which looked at the first glance so simple and yet which presented such difficulties. While Sherloc ray ban prescription glasses k Holmes had been detailing this singular series of events, we had been whirling through the outskirts of the great town until the last straggling houses had been left behind, and we rattled alon ray ban prescription glasses g with a country hedge upon either side of us. Just as he finished, however, we drove through two scattered

bed? No. It was clamped to the floor. Did you ever see a bed fastened like that before? I cannot say that I have. The lady could not move her bed. It must always be in the same relative position to the ventilator and to t ray ban prescription glasses he ropeor so we may call it, since it was clearly never meant for a bell-pull. Holmes, I cried, I ray ban prescription glasses seem to see dimly what you are hinting at. We are only just in time to prevent some subtle and horrible crime. Subtle enough and horrible enough. When a doctor does go wrong he is the first of criminals. He has nerve and he has knowledge. Palmer and Pritchard were among the heads of their profession. This man strikes even deeper, but I think, Watson, that we shall be able to strike deeper still. But we shall have horrors enough before the night is over; for goodness sake let

doubtless heard of the Beryl Coronet? One of the most precious public possessions of the empire, said I. Precisely. He opened the case, and there, imbedded in soft, flesh-coloured velvet, lay the magnificent piece of jewellery which he had named. There are thirty-nine enormous beryls, said he, and the price of the gold chasing is incalculable. The lowest estimate would put the worth of the coronet at double the sum which I have asked. I am prepared to leave it with you as my security. I took the precious case into my hands and looked in some perplexity from it ray ban prescription glasses to my illustrious client. ray ban prescription glasses You doubt its value? he asked. Not at all. I only doubt The propriety of my leaving it. You may set your mind at rest about that. I should not dream of doing so were it not absolutely certain that I should

curtain. Yes, there is one rough fellow near the door. That will be Sam Merton the faithful but rather fatuous Sam. Where is this gentleman, Billy? In the waiting-room, sir. Show him up when I ring. Yes,sir. If I am not in the room, show him in all the same. Yes, sir. Watson waited until the door was closed, and then he turned earnestly to his companion. Look here, Holmes, this is simply impossible. This is a desperate man, who sticks at nothing. He may have come to murder you. I should not be surprised. I insist upon staying with you. You would be horribly in the way. In his way? No, my de ray ban prescription glasses ar fellow in my way. ray ban prescription glasses Well, I cant possibly leave you. Yes, you can, Watson. And you will, for you have never failed to play the game. I am sure you will play it to the end. This man has come for his

after his visit to Prague, that he is in secret correspondence with a Bohemian dealer in London, who presumably represents someone in Pragu ray ban prescription glasses e, and that he received a packet from him this very day, all point in one direction. What he takes and why he take ray ban prescription glasses s it are still beyond our ken, but that it emanates in some way from Prague is clear enough. He takes it under definite directions which regulate this ninth-day system, which was the first point which attracted my attention. But his symptoms are most remarkable. Did you observe his knuckles? I had to confess that I did not. Thick and horny in a way which is quite new in my experience. Always look at the hands first, Watson. Then cuffs, trouserknees, and boots. Very curious knuckles which can only be explained by the mode of progression

and I heard my name in a hoarse whisper ray ban prescription glasses . The blind was three-quarters down, but one ray of sunlight slanted through and struck the bandaged head of the injured man. A crimson patch had soaked through the white linen compress. I sat beside him and bent my head. All right, Watson. Dont look so scared, he muttered in a very weak voice. Its not as bad as it seems. ray ban prescription glasses Thank God for that! Im a bit of a single-stick expert. as you know. I took most of them on my guard. It was the second man that was too much for me. What can I do, Holmes? Of course, it was that damned fellow who set them on. Ill go and thrash the hide off him if you give the word. Good old Watson! No, we can do nothing there unless the police lay their hands on the men. But their get-away had been well prepared. We may be sure of

your telling me once about a quarrel over the ill-usage of a dog. That blew over all right. But left some vindictive feeling, perhaps. No, no, I am sure they were real friends. Well, then, we must explore the matter of the girl. Do you know her? Everyone knows her. She is the beauty of the neighbourhood -a real beauty, Holmes, who would draw attention everywhere. I knew that McPherson was attracted by her, but I had no notion that it had gone so far as these letters would seem to indicate. But who is she? She is the daughter of old Tom ray ban prescription glasses Bellamy who owns all the boats and bathing-cots at Fulworth. He was a fi ray ban prescription glasses sherman to start with, but is now a man of some substance. He and his son William run the business. Shall we walk into Fulworth and see them? On what pretext? Oh, we can easily find a

instead of shrinking Holmes advanced to meet him. I also have a question to ask you, Sir Robert, he said in his sternest tone. Who is this? And what is it doing here? He turned and tore open the coffin-lid behind him. In the glare of the lantern I saw a body swathed in a sheet from head to foot with dreadful, witch-like features, all nose and chin, projecting at one end, the dim, glazed eyes staring from a discoloured and crumbling face. The baronet had staggered back with a cry and supported himself against a stone sarcophagus. How came yo ray ban prescription glasses u to know of this? he cried. And then, with some return of his truculent manner: What business is it of yours? My name is Sherlock Holmes, said my comp ray ban prescription glasses anion. Possibly it is familiar to you. In any case, my business is that of every other good citizen to