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than the words. It is so. I know all about McCarthy. The old man sank his fac ray ban rb3025 55mm e in his hands. God help me! he cried. But I would not have let the young man come to harm. I give you my word that I would have spoken out if it went against him at the Assizes. I am glad to hear you say so, said Holmes gravely. I would have spoken now had it not been for my dear girl. It would break her heartit will break her heart when she hears that I am arrested. It may not come to that, said Holmes. What? I am no official agent. I understand that it was your daughter who requi ray ban rb3025 55mm red my presence here, and I am acting in her interests. Young McCarthy must be got off, however. I am a dying man, said old Turner. I have had diabetes for years. My doctor says it is a question whether I shall live a month. Yet I would

there can be little doubt that the individual must be brought into frequent contact with burning tallowwalks upstairs at night probably with his hat in one hand and a guttering candle in the other. Anyhow, he never got tallow-stains from a gas-jet. Are you satisfied? Well, it is very ingenious, said I, laughing; but since, as you said just now, there has been no crime committed, and no harm done save the loss of a goose, all t ray ban rb3025 55mm his seems to be rather a waste of energy. Sherlock Holmes had opened his mouth to reply, when the door flew open, and Peterson, the commissionaire, rushed into the apartment with flushed cheeks and the face of a man who is dazed with astonishment. The goose, Mr. Holmes! The goose, sir! he gasped. Eh? What of it ray ban rb3025 55mm , then? Has it returned to life and flapped off through

living in this strange, out-of-the-way place? And where was the place? I was ten miles or so from Eyford, that was all I knew, but whether north, south, east, or west I had no idea. For that matter, Reading, and ray ban rb3025 55mm possibly other large towns, were within that radius, so the place might not be so secluded, after all. Yet it was quite certain, from the absolute stillness, that we were in the country. I paced up and down the room, humming a tune under my breath to keep up my spirits and feeling that I was thoroughly earning my fifty-guinea fee. Suddenly, without any preliminary sound in the midst of the utter stillness, the door of my room swung slowly open. The woman was standing in the aperture, the darkness of the hall behind her, the yellow light from my lamp beat ray ban rb3025 55mm ing upon her eager and

extinguishes all other loves, and I think that she must have been one. She had hardly listened to his instructions when she saw you ray ban rb3025 55mm coming downstairs, on which she closed the window rapidly and told you about one of the servants escapade with her wooden-legged lover, which was all perfectly true. Your boy, Arthur, went to bed after his interview with you but he slept badly on account of his uneasiness about his club debts. In the middle of the night he heard a soft tread pass his door, so he rose and, looking out, was surprised to see his cousin walking very stealthily along the passage until she disappeared into your dressing-room. Petrified with astonishment, the lad slipped on some clothes and waited ray ban rb3025 55mm there in the dark to see what would come of this strange affair. Presently she emerged

with deep lines upon it, the scars of many a crisis. Cold gray eyes, looking shrewdly out from under bristling brows, surveyed us each in turn. He bowed in perfunctory fashion as Holmes mentioned my name, and then with a masterful air of possession he drew a chair up to my companion and seated hi ray ban rb3025 55mm mself with his bony knees almost touching him. Let me say right here ray ban rb3025 55mm , Mr. Holmes, he began, that money is nothing to me in this case. You can burn it if its any use in lighting you to the truth. This woman is innocent and this woman has to be cleared, and its up to you to do it. Name your figure! My professional charges are upon a fixed scale, said Holmes coldly. I do not vary them, save when I remit them altogether. Well, if dollars make no difference to you, think of the reputation. If you pull

its chubby neck there was this small puckered mark. Without speaking, Holmes examined it with care. Finally he shook one of the dimpled fists which waved in front of him. Good-bye, little man. You have made a strange start in life. Nurse, I should wis ray ban rb3025 55mm h to have a word with you in private. He took her aside and spoke earnestly for a few minutes. I only heard the last words, which were: Your anxiety will soon, I hope, be set at rest. The woman, who seemed to be a sour, silent kind of creature, withdrew with the child. What is Mrs. Mason like? asked ray ban rb3025 55mm Holmes. Not very prepossessing externally, as you can see, but a heart of gold, and devoted to the child. Do you like her, Jack? Holmes turned suddenly upon the boy. His expressive mobile face shadowed over, and he shook his head. Jacky has very

banged your front door alone? I have a young girl. Try and get Sutro to spend a night or ray ban rb3025 55mm two in the house. You might possibly want protection. Against whom? Who knows? The matter is certainly obscure. If I cant find what they are after, I must approach the matter from the other end and try to get at the principal. Did this house-agent man give any address? Simply his card and occupation. Haines-Johnson, Auctioneer and Valuer. I dont think we shall find him in the directory. Honest business men dont conceal their place of business. Well, you will let me know any fresh development. I have taken up your case, and you may rely upon it that I shall see it through. As we passed through the hall Holmess eyes, which missed nothing, lighted upon several trunks and cases which were piled in a ray ban rb3025 55mm corner.

had taken two upper circle seats at the Haymarket Theatre. At the last moment she had complained of a headache and had refused to go. He had gone alone. There seemed to be no doubt about the fa ray ban rb3025 55mm ct, for he produced the unused ticket which he had taken for his wife. That is remarkable most remarkable, said Holmes, whose interest in the case ray ban rb3025 55mm seemed to be rising. Pray continue, Watson. I find your narrative most arresting. Did you personally examine this ticket? You did not, perchance, take the number? It so happens that I did, I answered with some pride. It chanced to be my old school number, thirty-one, and so is stuck in my head. Excellent, Watson! His seat, then, was either thirty or thirty-two. Quite so, I answered with some mystification. And on B row. That is most satisfactory. What