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This is ray ban replacement temples the envelope, he continued. The postmark is Londoneastern division. Within are the very words which were upon my fathers last message: K. K. K.; and then Put the papers on the sundial. What have you done? asked Holmes. Nothing. Nothing? To tell the truthhe sank his face into his thin, white handsI have felt helpless. I h ray ban replacement temples ave felt like one of those poor rabbits when the snake is writhing towards it. I seem to be in the grasp of some resistless, inexorable evil, which no foresight and no precautions can guard against. Tut! tut! cried Sherlock Holmes. You must act, man, or you are lost. Nothing but energy can save you. This is no time for despair. I have seen the police. Ah! But they listened to my story with a smile. I am convinced that the inspector has formed the opinion that the

down my face before I came to the Brixton Road. My sister asked me what was the matter, and why I was so pale; but I told her that I had been upset by the ray ban replacement temples jewel robbery at the hotel. ray ban replacement temples Then I went into the back yard and smoked a pipe and wondered what it would be best to do. I had a friend once called Maudsley, who went to the bad, and has just been serving his time in Pentonville. One day he had met me, and fell into talk about the ways of thieves, and how they could get rid of what they stole. I knew that he would be true to me, for I knew one or two things about him; so I made up my mind to go right on to Kilburn, where he lived, and take him into my confidence. He would show me how to turn the stone into money. But how to get to him in safety? I thought of the agonies I had gone through

oclock. It is three now. He will be here in an hour. Then I have just time, with your assistance, to get clear upon the subject. Turn over those papers and arrange the extracts in their order of time, while I take a glance as to who our client is. He picked a red-covered volume from a line of books of reference besi ray ban replacement temples de the mantelpiece. Here he is, said he, sitting down and flattening it out upon his knee. Lord Robert Walsingham de Vere St. Simon, se ray ban replacement temples cond son of the Duke of Balmoral. Hum! Arms: Azure, three caltrops in chief over a fess sable. Born in 1846. Hes forty-one years of age, which is mature for marriage. Was Under-Secretary for the colonies in a late administration. The Duke, his father, was at one time Secretary for Foreign Affairs. They inherit Plantagenet blood by direct descent,

gravely. It would cease to be a danger if we could define it, said he. But at any time, day or night, a telegram would bring me down to your help. That is enough. She rose briskly from her chair with the anxiety all swept from her face. I shall go down to Hampshire quite easy in my mind now. I shall ray ban replacement temples write to Mr. Rucastle at onc ray ban replacement temples e, sacrifice my poor hair tonight, and start for Winchester to-morrow. With a few grateful words to Holmes she bade us both good-night and bustled off upon her way. At least, said I as we heard her quick, firm steps descending the stairs, she seems to be a young lady who is very well able to take care of herself. And she would need to be, said Holmes gravely. I am much mistaken if we do not hear from her before many days are past. It was not very long before my

fervour of her tropical nature. She was a woman who would do nothing by halves, and the measure of her love for her husband was the measure also of her hatred for me. It is probable that she misunderstood our relations. I would not wish to wrong her, but she loved so vividly in a physical sense tha ray ban replacement temples t she could hardly understand the mental, and even spiritual, tie which held her husband to me, or imagine that it was only my desire to influence his power to good ends which kept me under his roof. I can see now that I was wrong. Nothing could justify me in remaining ray ban replacement temples where I was a cause of unhappiness, and yet it is certain that the unhappiness would have remained even if I had left the house. Now, Miss Dunbar, said Holmes, I beg you to tell us exactly what occurred that evening. I can tell you

are a Britisher wth solid references, and he is bound to take notice of what you say. I would go with you if you wished, but I have a very busy day to-morrow, and I could always follow you if you are in any trouble. Well, I have not made such a journey for years. It is nothing, Mr. Garrideb. I have figured out our connections. You leave at twelve and should be there soon after two. Then you can be back the same night. All you have to do is to see this man, explain the matter, and get an affidavit of his existence. By the Lord! he added hotly, considering Ive come all the way from the centre of America, it is surely little enough if you go a hundred miles in order to put this matter through. ray ban replacement temples Quite so, said Holmes. I think what this g ray ban replacement temples entleman says is very true. Mr. Nathan Garrideb shrugged

his wife, who might have been older. She had been Godfreys nurse, and I had heard him speak of her as second only to his mother in his affections, so I was drawn to her in spite of her queer appearance. The mother I liked also a gentle little white mouse of a woman. It was only the colonel himself whom I barred. We had a bit of barney right away, and I should have walked back to the station if I had not felt ray ban replacement temples that it might be playing his game for me to do so. I was shown straight into his study, and there I found him, a huge, bow-backed man with a smoky skin and a straggling gray beard, seated behind his littered desk. A red-veined nose jutted out like a vultures bea ray ban replacement temples k, and two fierce gray eyes glared at me from under tufted brows. I could understand now why Godfrey seldom spoke of his

never raise my veil. Do you know anything about her history? Nothing at all. Did she give references when she came? No, sir, but she gave hard cash, and plenty of it. A quarters rent right down on the table in advance and no arguing about terms. In these times a poor woman like me cant afford to turn down a chance like that. Did she give any reason for choosing your h ray ban replacement temples ouse? Mine stands well back from the road and is m ray ban replacement temples ore private than most. Then, again, I only take the one, and I have no family of my own. I reckon she had tried others and found that mine suited her best. Its privacy she is after, and she is ready to pay for it. You say that she never showed her face from first to last save on the one accidental occasion. Well, it is a very remarkable story, most remarkable, and I dont