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take care of yourself in the meanwhile, for I do not think that there can be a doubt that you are threatened by a very real and imminent danger. How do you go back? By train from Waterloo. It is not yet nine. The streets will be crowded, so I trust that you may be in safety. And yet you cannot guard yourself too closely. I am armed. That is well. To-morrow I shall set to work upon your case. I shall see you at Horsham, then? No, your secret lies in London. It is there that I shall seek it. Then I shall call upon you in a day, or in two days, with news as to the box and the papers. I shall take your advice in every particular. He shook hands wit ray ban sale today h us and took his leave. Outside the wind still screamed and the rain splashed and pattered against the windows. This strange, wild story seemed to ray ban sale today

long silence, broken only by his heavy breathing and by the measured tapping of Sherlock Holme ray ban sale today s finger-tips upon the edge of the table. Then my friend rose and threw open the door. Get out! said he. What, sir! Oh, Heaven bless you! No more words. Get ray ban sale today out! And no more words were needed. There was a rush, a clatter upon the stairs, the bang of a door, and the crisp rattle of running footfalls from the street. After all, Watson, said Holmes, reaching up his hand for his clay pipe, I am not retained by the police to supply their deficiencies. If Horner were in danger it would be another thing; but this fellow will not appear against him, and the case must collapse. I suppose that I am commuting a felony, but it is just possible that I am saving a soul. This fellow will not go wrong again; he

little out of the common. They often vanish before the ceremony, and occasionally during the honeymoon; but I cannot call to mind anything quite so prompt as this. Pray ray ban sale today let me have the details. I warn you that they are very incomplete. Perhaps we may make them less so. Such as they are, they are set forth in a single articl ray ban sale today e of a morning paper of yesterday, which I will read to you. It is headed, Singular Occurrence at a Fashionable Wedding: The family of Lord Robert St. Simon has been thrown into the greatest consternation by the strange and painful episodes which have taken place in connection with his wedding. The ceremony, as shortly announced in the papers of yesterday, occurred on the previous morning; but it is only now that it has been possible to confirm the strange rumours which

upon my experience, that the lowest and vilest alleys in London do not present a more dreadful re ray ban sale today cord of sin than does the smiling and beautiful countryside. You horrify me! But the reason is very obvious. The pressure of public opinion can do in the town what the law cannot accomplish. There is no lane so vile that the scream of a tortured child, or the thud of a drunkards blow, does not beget sympathy and indignation among the neighbours, and then the whole machinery of justice is ever so close that a word of complaint can set it going, and there is but a step between the crime and the dock. But look at these lonely houses, eac ray ban sale today h in its own fields, filled for the most part with poor ignorant folk who know little of the law. Think of the deeds of hellish cruelty, the hidden wickedness

Then someone came into your room and placed the ray ban sale today pistol there in order to inculpate you. It must have been so. And when? It could only have been at meal-time, or else at the hours when I would be in the schoolroom with the children. As you were when you got the note? Yes, from that time onward for the whole morning. Thank you, Miss Dunbar. Is there any ray ban sale today other point which could help me in the investigation? I can think of none. There was some sign of violence on the stonework of the bridge a perfectly fresh chip just opposite the body. Could you suggest any possible explanation of that? Surely it must be a mere coincidence. Curious, Miss Dunbar, very curious. Why should it appear at the very time of the tragedy, and why at the very place? But what could have caused it? Only great violence

lunchtime I noticed that his face was very grave. This is a more ser ray ban sale today ious matter than I had expected, Watson, said he. It is fair to tell you so, though I know it will only be an additional reason to you for running your head into danger. I should know my Watson by now. But there is danger, and you should know it. Well, it is not the first we have shared, Holmes. I hope it may not be the last. What is the particular danger this time? We are up against a very hard case. I have identified Mr. John Garrideb, Counsellor at Law. He is none other than Killer Evans, of sinister and murderous reputation. I ray ban sale today fear I am none the wiser. Ah, it is not part of your profession to carry about a portable Newgate Calendar in your memory. I have been down to see friend Lestrade at the Yard. There may be an

interrupted, however, by Ralph, the old butler, who came in with a fresh supply of coals. I thought you might run short in the night-time, sir. It is bitter weather and these rooms are cold. He hesitated before leaving the room, and when I looked round he was standing facing me with a wistful look upon his wrinkled face. Beg your pardon, sir, but I could not help hearing what you said of young Master G ray ban sale today odfrey at din ray ban sale today ner. You know, sir, that my wife nursed him, and so I may say I am his foster-father. Its natural we should take an interest. And you say he carried himself well, sir? There was no braver man in the regiment. He pulled me out once from under the rifles of the Boers, or maybe I should not be here. The old butler rubbed his skinny hands. Yes, sir, yes, that is Master Godfrey

exhibits a very fine North African lion. Sahara King was its name, and it was the habit, both of Ronder and his wife, to give exhibitions inside its cage. Here, you see, is a photograph of the performance by which you will perceive that Ronder was a huge porcine person and that his wife was a very magnificent woman. It was deposed at the inquest that ray ban sale today there had been some signs that the lion was dangerous, but, as usual, familiarity begat contempt, and no notice was taken of the fact. It was usual for either Ronder or his wife to feed the lion at night. Sometimes one went, sometimes both, but they never ray ban sale today allowed anyone else to do it, for they believed that so long as they were the food-carriers he would regard them as benefactors and would never molest them. On this particular night, seven