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want a fire in my room to-day, and send down to Fordham, the Horsham lawyer. I did as he ordered, and when the lawyer arrived I was asked to step up to the room. The fire was burning brightly, and in the grate there was a mass of black, fluffy ashes, as of burned paper, while the brass box stood open and empty beside it. As I glanced a ray ban sport t the box I noticed, with a start, that upon the lid was printed the treble K which I had read in the morning upon the envelope. I wish you, John, said my uncle, to witness my will. I leave my estate, with all its advantages and all its disadvantages, to my brother, your father, whence it will, no doubt, descend to you. If you can enjoy it in peace, well and good! If you find you cannot, take my advice, my boy, and le ray ban sport ave it to your deadliest enemy. I am sorry

in front of him, that man would not have given me such complete information as was drawn from him by the idea that he was doing me on a wager. Well, Watson, we are, I fancy, nearing the end of our quest, and the only point which remains to be determined is whether we should go on to this Mrs. Oakshott tonight, or whether we should reserve it for to-morrow. It is clear from what that surly fellow said that there are others besides ourselves who ray ban sport are anxious about the matter, and I should His remarks were suddenly cut short by a loud hubbub which broke out f ray ban sport rom the stall which we had just left. Turning round we saw a little rat-faced fellow standing in the centre of the circle of yellow light which was thrown by the swinging lamp, while Breckinridge, the salesman, framed in the door of his

that they were very old hands. But now, ray ban sport thanks to this lucky chance, I think that we have got them right enough. But the inspector was mistaken, for those criminals were not destined to fall into the hands of justice. ray ban sport As we rolled into Eyford Station we saw a gigantic column of smoke which streamed up from behind a small clump of trees in the neighbourhood and hung like an immense ostrich feather over the landscape. A house on fire? asked Bradstreet as the train steamed off again on its way. Yes, sir! said the station-master. When did it break out? I hear that it was during the night, sir, but it has got worse, and the whole place is in a blaze. Whose house is it? Dr. Bechers. Tell me, broke in the engineer, is Dr. Becher a German, very thin, with a long, sharp nose? The station-master

rearing of a child who may some day play a considerable part in the history of the country. But if you have why, then, how could any gentleman ask you to condescend to accept anything under the three figures? Your salary with me, madam, would commence at 100 pounds a year. You may imagine, Mr. ray ban sport Holmes, that to me, destitute as I was, such an offer seemed almost too good to be true. The gentleman, however, seeing perhaps the look of incredulity upon my face, opened a pocket-book and took out a note. It is also my custom, said he, smiling in the most pleasant fashion until his eyes were just two little shining ray ban sport slits amid the white creases of his face, to advance to my young ladies half their salary beforehand, so that they may meet any little expenses of their journey and their wardrobe. It

or two. Why, then, was this lady still clasping it in her left ha ray ban sport nd? Why should she carry it so carefully? She did not need to refer to it in the interview. Does it not seem remarkable? Well, sir, as you put it, perhaps it does. I think I should like to sit quietly for a few ray ban sport minutes and think it out. He seated himself upon the stone ledge of the bridge, and I could see his quick gray eyes darting their questioning glances in every direction. Suddenly he sprang up again and ran across to the opposite parapet, whipped his lens from his pocket, and began to examine the stonework. This is curious, said he. Yes, sir, we saw the chip on the ledge. I expect its been done by some passer-by. The stonework was gray, but at this one point it showed white for a space not larger than a sixpence. When

thin, quavering voice at the other end of the line. Yes, yes, I am Mr. Nathan Garrideb. Is Mr. Holmes there? I should very much like to have a word with Mr. Holmes. My friend took the i ray ban sport nstrument and I heard the usual syncopated dialogue. Yes, he has been here. I understand that you dont know him… . How long? … Only two days! … Yes, yes, of course, it is a most captivating prospect. Will you be at home this evening? I suppose your namesake will not be there? … Very good, we will come then, for I would rather have a chat without him… . Dr. Watson will come with me… . I understand from your note that you did not go out of ray ban sport ten… . Well, we shall be round about six. You need not mention it to the American lawyer… . Very good. Good-bye! It was twilight of a lovely spring evening, and even

Holmes, granting that I was too hard on Douglas and, God kn ray ban sport ows, I am sorry for it! what else could I do with my whole future at stake? Sherlock Holmes shrugged his shoul ray ban sport ders. Well, well, said he, I suppose I shall have to compound a felony as usual. How much does it cost to go round the world in first-class style? The lady stared in amazement. Could it be done on five thousand pounds? Well, I should think so, indeed! Very good. I think you will sign me a check for that, and I will see that it comes to Mrs. Maberley. You owe her a little change of air. Meantime, lady he wagged a cautionary forefinger have a care! Have a care! You cant play with edged tools forever without cutting those dainty hands. Chapter 8 Chapter 8 The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier The ideas of my friend Watson,

but once inside the door they were at his mercy. The inspector examined the pipe with interest. One of our officers mentioned the smell of gas, sa ray ban sport id he, but of course the window and door were open then, and the paint or some of it was already about. He had begun the work of painting the day before, according to his story. But what next, Mr. Holmes? Well, then came an incident which was rather unexpected to myself. I was slipping through the pantry windo ray ban sport w in the early dawn when I felt a hand inside my collar, and a voice said: Now, you rascal, what are you doing in there? When I could twist my head round I looked into the tinted spectacles of my friend and rival, Mr. Barker. It was a curious fore-gathering and set us both smiling. It seems that he had been engaged by Dr. Ray Ernests