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May I see it? Certainly. He snatched it from her in his eagerness, and smoothing it out upon the table he drew over the lamp and examined it intently. I had left my chair and was gazing at it over his shoulder. The envelope was a very coarse one and was stamped with the Gravesend postmark and with the date of that very day, or rather of the day before, for it was considerably after midnight. Coarse writing, murmured Holmes. Surely this is not your husbands writing, madam. No, but the enclosure is. I perceive also that whoever addressed the envelope had to go and inquire as to the address. How can you tell that? The name, you see, is in perfectly blac ray ban sunglasses outlet k ink, which has dried itself. The rest is of the greyish colour, which shows that blotting-paper has been used. If it had been written ray ban sunglasses outlet

boomed out every quarter of an hour. How long they seemed, those quarters! Twelve struck, and one and two and three, and still we sat wai ray ban sunglasses outlet ting silently for whatever might befall. Suddenly there was the momentary gleam of a light up in the direction of the ventilator, which vanished immediately, but was succeeded by a strong smell of burning oil and heated metal. Someone in the next room had lit a dark-lantern. I ray ban sunglasses outlet heard a gentle sound of movement, and then all was silent once more, though the smell grew stronger. For half an hour I sat with straining ears. Then suddenly another sound became audiblea very gentle, soothing sound, like that of a small jet of steam escaping continually from a kettle. The instant that we heard it, Holmes sprang from the bed, struck a match, and lashed furiously

never denied him a wish. Perhaps it would have been better for both of us had I been sterner, but I meant it for the best. It was naturally my intention that he should succeed me in my business, but he was not of a business tu ray ban sunglasses outlet rn. He was wild, wayward, and, to speak the truth, I could not trust him in the handling of large sums of money. When he was young he became a member of an aristocratic club, and there, having charming manners, he was soon the intimate of a number of men with long purses and expensive habits. He learned to play heavily at cards and to squander money on the turf, until he had again and again to come to me and implore me to give ray ban sunglasses outlet him an advance upon his allowance, that he might settle his debts of honour. He tried more than once to break away from the dangerous company

there was an old sporting man. To-day it was an elderly woman. They held me in view all day. Really, sir, you compliment me. Old Baron Dowson said the night before he was hanged that in my case what the law had gained the stage had lost. And now you give my little impersonations your kindly praise? It was you you yourself? Holmes shrugged his sh ray ban sunglasses outlet oulders. You can see in the corner the parasol which you so politely handed to me in the Minories before you began to suspect. If ray ban sunglasses outlet I had known, you might never Have seen this humble home again. I was well aware of it. We all have neglected opportunities to deplore. As it happens, you did not know, so here we are! The Counts knotted brows gathered more heavily over his menacing eyes. What you say only makes the matter worse. It was not your agents

one roaring in rage, the other screaming in a strange shrill falsetto of terror. It was a very narrow thing for the professors life. The savage creature had him fairly by the throat, its fangs had bitten deep, and he was senseless before we could reach them and drag the two apart. It might have been a dangerous task for us, but Benn ray ban sunglasses outlet etts voice and presence brought the great wolflhound instantly to reason. The uproar had brought the sleepy and astonished coachman from his room above the stables. Im not surprised, said he, shaking his head. Ive seen him at it before. I knew the dog would get him sooner or later. The hound was secured, and together we carried the professor up to his room, where Bennett, who had a medical degree, helped me to dress his torn throat. The sh ray ban sunglasses outlet arp teeth had passed

authority upon ceramics. And yet all that evening, and all that night with a short interval for rest, and all next morning, I was sucking in ray ban sunglasses outlet knowl ray ban sunglasses outlet edge and committing names to memory. There I learned of the hall-marks of the great artist-decorators, of the mystery of cyclical dates, the marks of the Hung-wu and the beauties of the Yung-lo, the writings of Tang-ying, and the glories of the primitive period of the Sung and the Yuan. I was charged with all this information when I called upon Holmes next evening. He was out of bed now, though you would not have guessed it from the published reports, and he sat with his much-bandaged head resting upon his hand in the depth of his favourite armchair. Why, Holmes, I said, if one believed the papers, you are dying. That, said he, is the very

the lady ray ban sunglasses outlet herself. There was no gainsaying that she would have graced any assembly in the world. Who could have imagined that so rare a flower would grow from such a root and in such an atmosphere? Women have seldom been an attraction to me, for my brain has always governed my heart, but I could not look upon her perfect clear-cut face, with all the soft freshness of the downlands in her delicate colouring, without realizing that no young man would cross her path unscathed. Such was the girl who had pushed open the door and stood now, wide-eyed and intense, in front of Harold Stackhurst. I know already that Fitzroy is dead, she said. Do not be afraid to tell me the particulars. This other gentleman of yours let us know the news, explained the father. There is no reason why my sister shoul ray ban sunglasses outlet d

which is now never used. We were followed, however, by her pet spaniel, which yapped continually at the door, so I felt some safer place was needed. I got rid of the spaniel, and we carried the body to the crypt of the church. There was no indignity or irreverence, Mr. Holmes. I do not feel that I have wronged the dead. Your conduct seems to me inexcusable, Sir Robert. Th ray ban sunglasses outlet e baronet shook his head impatiently. It is easy to preach, said he. Perhaps you would have felt differently if you had been in my position. One cannot see all ones hopes and all ones plans shattered at the last moment and make no effort to save them. It seemed to me that i ray ban sunglasses outlet t would be no unworthy resting-place if we put her for the time in one of the coffins of her husbands ancestors lying in what is still consecrated