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away after theories and fancies. You are right, said Holmes demurely; you do find it very hard t ray ban sunglasses store o tackle the facts. Anyhow, I have grasped one fact which you seem to find it difficult to get hold of, replied Lestrade with some warmth. And that is That McCarthy senior met his death from McCarthy junior and that all theories to the contrary are the merest moonshine. Well, moonshine is a brighter thing than fog, said Holmes, laughing. But I am very much mistaken if this is not Hatherley Farm upon the left. Yes, that is it. It was a widespre ray ban sunglasses store ad, comfortable-looking building, two-storied, slate-roofed, with great yellow blotches of lichen upon the grey walls. The drawn blinds and the smokeless chimneys, however, gave it a stricken look, as though the weight of this horror still lay heavy upon it.

from coming up to me. I heard her voice downstairs, but I knew that she could not ascend. Swiftly I threw off my clothes, pulled on those of a begga ray ban sunglasses store r, and put on my pigments and wig. Even a wifes eyes could not pierce so complete a disguise. But then it occurred to me that there might be a search in the room, and that the clothes might betray me. I threw open the window, reopening by my violence a small cut which I had inflicted upon myself in the bedroom that morning. Then I seized my coat, which was weighted by the coppers which I had just transferred to it from ray ban sunglasses store the leather bag in which I carried my takings. I hurled it out of the window, and it disappeared into the Thames. The other clothes would have followed, but at that moment there was a rush of constables up the stair, and a few

have had three consultations and one small job, and that is absolutely all that my profession has brought me. My gross takings amount to 27 pounds 10s. Every day, from nine in the morning until four in the afternoon, I waited in my little den, until at last my heart began to sink, and I came to believe ray ban sunglasses store that I should never have any practice at all. Yesterday, however, just as I was thinking of leaving the office, my clerk entered to say there was a gentleman waiting who wished to see me upon business. He brought up a card, too, with the name of Colonel Lysand ray ban sunglasses store er Stark engraved upon it. Close at his heels came the colonel himself, a man rather over the middle size, but of an exceeding thinness. I do not think that I have ever seen so thin a man. His whole face sharpened away into nose and

shoes. I believe I have the honour of addressing Miss Mary Holder. Might I ask you a question or two? Pray do, sir, if it may help to clear this horrible affair up. You heard nothing yourself last night? Nothing, until my uncle here began to speak loudly. I heard that, and I came down. You shut up the windows and doors the night before. Did you fasten all the windows? Yes. Were they all fastened this morn ray ban sunglasses store ing? Yes. You have a maid who has a sweetheart? I think that you remarked to your uncle last night that she had been out to see him? Yes, and she was the girl who waited in the drawing-room, and who may have heard uncles remarks about the coronet. I see. You infer th ray ban sunglasses store at she may have gone out to tell her sweetheart, and that the two may have planned the robbery. But what is the good of all

palm. What! What! How is this, Mr. Holmes? Too bad, Lord Cantlemere, too bad! cried Holmes. My old friend here will tell you that I have an impish habit of practical joking. Also that I can never resist a dramatic situation. I took the liberty the very great liberty, I admit ray ban sunglasses store of putting the stone into your pocket at th ray ban sunglasses store e beginning of our interview. The old peer stared from the stone to the smiling face before him. Sir, I am bewildered. But yes it is indeed the Mazarin stone. We are greatly your debtors, Mr. Holmes. Your sense of humour may, as you admit, be somewhat perverted, and its exhibition remarkably untimely, but at least I withdraw any reflection I have made upon your amazing professional powers. But how The case is but half finished; the details can wait. No doubt, Lord

marriage, Dolores by name a friend rather th ray ban sunglasses store an a servant. She takes her food to her. Then the child is in no immediate danger? Mrs. Mason, the nurse, has sworn that she will not leave it night or day. I can absolutely trust her. I am more uneasy about poor little Jack, for, as I told you in my note, he has twice been assaulted by her. But n ray ban sunglasses store ever wounded? No, she struck him savagely. It is the more terrible as he is a poor little inoffensive cripple. Fergusons gaunt features softened as he spoke of his boy. You would think that the dear lads condition would soften anyones heart. A fall in childhood and a twisted spine, Mr. Holmes. But the dearest, most loving heart within. Holmes had picked up the letter of yesterday and was reading it over. What other inmates are there in your house, Mr.

the well-worn low armchair on one side o ray ban sunglasses store f the fire, while he had curled down with his pipe in his mouth upon the opposite chair, when our visitor arrived. If I had said that a mad bull had arrived it would give a clearer impression of what occurred. The door had flown open and a huge negro had burst into the room. He would have been a comic figure if he had not b ray ban sunglasses store een terrific, for he was dressed in a very loud gray check suit with a flowing salmon-coloured tie. His broad face and flattened nose were thrust forward, as his sullen dark eyes, with a smouldering gleam of malice in them, turned from one of us to the other. Which of you genlmen is Masser Holmes? he asked. Holmes raised his pipe with a languid smile. Oh! its you, is it? said our visitor, coming with an unpleasant, stealthy step

Sussex, I remarked. It may have been the southwest gale that brought it up. Come back ray ban sunglasses store to my house, both of you, and I will give you the terrible experience of one who has good reason to remember his own meeting with the same peril of the seas. When we reached my study we found that Murdoch was so far recovered that he could sit up. He was dazed in mind, and every now and then was shaken by a paroxysm of pain. In broken words he explained that ray ban sunglasses store he had no notion what had occurred to him, save that terrific pangs had suddenly shot through him, and that it had taken all his fortitude to reach the bank. Here is a book, I said, taking up the little volume, which first brought light into what might have been forever dark. It is Out of Doors, by the famous observer, J. G. Wood. Wood himself very