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suggestive detail which might help us? There is one thing, said John Ope ray ban sunglasses tortoise nshaw. He rummaged in his coat pocket, and, drawing out a piece of discoloured, blue-tinted paper, he laid it out upon the table. I have some remembrance, said he, that on the day when my uncle burned the papers I observed that the small, unburned margins which lay amid the ashes were of this particular colour. I found this single sheet upon the floor of his room, and I am inclined to th ray ban sunglasses tortoise ink that it may be one of the papers which has, perhaps, fluttered out from among the others, and in that way has escaped destruction. Beyond the mention of pips, I do not see that it helps us much. I think myself that it is a page from some private diary. The writing is undoubtedly my uncles. Holmes moved the lamp, and we both bent

The bird gave a gulp, and I felt the stone pass along its gullet and down into its crop. But the creature flapped and struggled, and out came my sister to know what was the matter. As I turned to speak to her the brute broke l ray ban sunglasses tortoise oose and fluttered off among the others. Whatever were you doing with that bird, Jem? says she. Well, said I, you said youd give me one for Christmas, and I was feeling which was the fattest. Oh, says she, weve set yours aside for youJems bird, we call it. Its the big white one over yonder. Theres twenty-six of them, which makes one for you, and one for us, and two dozen for the market. Thank you, Maggie, says I; but if it is all the same to you, Id rather have that one I was handling just now. The other ray ban sunglasses tortoise is a good three pound heavier, said she, and we fattened it

U.S.A. That is all. Terse and to the point, remarked Holmes, ray ban sunglasses tortoise stretching his long, thin legs towards the fire. There was a paragraph amplifying this in one of the society papers of the same week. Ah, here it is: There will soon be a call for protection in the marriage marke ray ban sunglasses tortoise t, for the present free-trade principle appears to tell heavily against our home product. One by one the management of the noble houses of Great Britain is passing into the hands of our fair cousins from across the Atlantic. An important addition has been made during the last week to the list of the prizes which have been borne away by these charming invaders. Lord St. Simon, who has shown himself for over twenty years proof against the little gods arrows, has now definitely announced his approaching marriage with Miss

such a situation. The teleg ray ban sunglasses tortoise ram which we eventually received came late one night just as I was thinking of turning in and Holmes was settling down to one of those all-night chemical researches which he frequently indulged in, when I would leave him stooping over a retort and a test-tube at night and find him in the same position when I came down to breakfast in the morning. He opened the yellow envelope, and then, glancing at the message, threw it across to me. Just look up the trains in Br ray ban sunglasses tortoise adshaw, said he, and turned back to his chemical studies. The summons was a brief and urgent one. Please be at the Black Swan Hotel at Winchester at midday to-morrow, it said. Do come! I am at my wits end. HUNTER. Will you come with me? asked Holmes, glancing up. I should wish to. Just look it up, then.

the schoolroom grate. She was very much afraid of her husband, who treated her with a harshness for which I frequently reproached him, and I could only imagine that she acted in this way because she did not wish him to know of our interview. Yet she kept your reply very carefully? Yes. I was surprised to hear that she had it in her hand when she died. Well, what happened then? I went down as I had promised. When I reached the bridge she was waiting for me. Never did I realize till that moment ray ban sunglasses tortoise how this poor creature hated me. She was like a mad woman i ray ban sunglasses tortoise ndeed, I think she was a mad woman, subtly mad with the deep power of deception which insane people may have. How else could she have met me with unconcern every day and yet had so raging a hatred of me in her heart? I will not say what she

. I could take you round now if you have the time. Unfortunately, I have not. But these specimens are so well labelled and classified that they hardly need your personal explanation. If I should be able to look ray ban sunglasses tortoise in to-morrow, I presume that there would be no objection to my glancing over them? None at all. You are most welcome. The place will, of course, be shut up, but Mrs. Saunders is in the basement up to four oclock and would let you in with her key. Well, I happen to be clear to-morrow afternoon. If you would say a word to Mrs. Saunders it would be quite in order. By the way, who is your house-agent? Our client was amazed at the sudden question. Holloway and Steele, in th ray ban sunglasses tortoise e Edgware Road. But why? I am a bit of an archaeologist myself when it comes to houses, said Holmes, laughing. I was

a poor way after his African experiences, and both his mother and I were of opinion that complete rest and change were needed. Kindly pass that explanation on to any other friends who may be interested in the matter. Certainly, I answered. But perhaps you would have the goodness to let me have the name of the steamer and of the line by which he sailed, together with the date. I have no doubt that I should be able to get a letter through to him. My request seemed both to puzzle and to irritate my host. His great eyebrows came down over his eyes, and he tapped his fingers impatiently on the table. He looked up at last with the expression of one who has seen his adversary make a dangerous move at c ray ban sunglasses tortoise hess, and has decided how to meet it. Many people, Mr. Dodd, said he, would take offenc ray ban sunglasses tortoise e at

mind if someone knew the truth before I died. Well, says I, if you wont have the regulars, there is this detective man what we read about -beggin your pardon, Mr. Holmes. And she, she fair jumped at it. Thats the man, ray ban sunglasses tortoise says ray ban sunglasses tortoise she. I wonder I never thought of it before. Bring him here, Mrs. Merrilow, and if he wont come, tell him I am the wife of Ronders wild beast show. Say that, and give him the name Abbas Parva. Here it is as she wrote it, Abbas Parva. That will bring him if hes the man I think he is. And it will, too, remarked Holmes. Very good, Mrs. Merrilow. I should like to have a little chat with Dr. Watson. That will carry us till lunch-time. About three oclock you may expect to see us at your house in Brixton. Our visitor had no sooner waddled out of the room no other verb can