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the gentleman of whom we are in quest. But a cripple! s ray ban sunglasses aid I. What could he have done single-handed against a man in the prime of life? He is a cripple in the sense that he walks with a limp; but in other respects he appears to be a powerful and well-nurtured man. Surely your medical experience would tell you, Watson, that weakness in one limb is often compensated for by exceptional strength in the others. Pray continue your narrative. Mrs. St. Clair had fainted at the sight of the blood upon the window, and she was escorted home in a cab by the police, as her presence could be of no help to them in their investigations. Inspector Bar ray ban sunglasses ton, who had charge of the case, made a very careful examination of the premises, but without finding anything which threw any light upon the matter. One

absolutely follow my advice in every respect. I shall most certa ray ban sunglasses inly do so. The matter is too serious for any hesitation. Your life may depend upon your compliance. I assure you that I am in your hands. In the first place, both my friend and I must spend the night in your room. Both Miss Stoner and I gazed at him in asto ray ban sunglasses nishment. Yes, it must be so. Let me explain. I believe that that is the village inn over there? Yes, that is the Crown. Very good. Your windows would be visible from there? Certainly. You must confine yourself to your room, on pretence of a headache, when your stepfather comes back. Then when you hear him retire for the night, you must open the shutters of your window, undo the hasp, put your lamp there as a signal to us, and then withdraw quietly with everything which you

lips tight, and turned his face towards us. No doubt you think me mad? said he. I see that you have had some great trouble, responded Holmes. God knows I have!a trouble which is enough to unseat my reason, so sudden and so terrib ray ban sunglasses le is it. Public disgrace I might have faced, although I am a man whose character has never yet borne a stain. Private affliction also is th ray ban sunglasses e lot of every man; but the two coming together, and in so frightful a form, have been enough to shake my very soul. Besides, it is not I alone. The very noblest in the land may suffer unless some way be found out of this horrible affair. Pray compose yourself, sir, said Holmes, and let me have a clear account of who you are and what it is that has befallen you. My name, answered our visitor, is probably familiar to your ears.

critical moment. ray ban sunglasses So I gather. You can go, Billy. That boy is a problem, Watson. How far am I justified in allowing him to be in dange ray ban sunglasses r? Danger of what, Holmes? Of sudden death. Im expecting something this evening. Expecting what? To be murdered, Watson. No, no, you are joking, Holmes! Even my limited sense of humour could evolve a better joke than that. But we may be comfortable in the meantime, may we not? Is alcohol permitted? The gasogene and cigars are in the old place. Let me see you once more in the customary armchair. You have not, I hope, learned to despise my pipe and my lamentable tobacco? It has to take the place of food these days. But why not eat? Because the faculties become refined when you starve them. Why, surely, as a doctor, my dear Watson, you must admit that what your

did August 26th, ray ban sunglasses which preceded it. The thing is beyond coincidence. I was forced to agree. Let us, then, form the provisional theory that every nine days the professor takes some strong drug which has a passing but highly poisonous effect. His naturally violent nature is intensified by it. He learned to take this drug while he was in Prague, and is now supplied with it by a Bohemian intermediary in London. This all hangs together, Watson! But the dog, the face at the window, the creeping man in the passage? Well, well, we have made a beginning. I should not expect any fresh developments u ray ban sunglasses ntil next Tuesday. In the meantime we can only keep in touch with friend Bennett and enjoy the amenities of this charming town. In the morning Mr. Bennett slipped round to bring us the latest report. As

into the refuse heap, as he will you also. Your refuse heap is more likely to be a grave, and maybe thats the best. I tell you, you foolish woman, if you marry this man hell be the death of you. It may be a broken heart or it may be a broken neck, b ray ban sunglasses ut hell have you one way or the other. Its not out of love for you Im speaking. I dont care a tinkers curse whether you live or die. Its out of hate for him and to spite him and to get back on him for what he did to me. But its all the same, and you neednt look at me like that, my fine lady, for you may be lower than I am before you are through with it. I shoul ray ban sunglasses d prefer not to discuss such matters, said Miss de Merville coldly. Let me say once for all that I am aware of three passages in my fiances life in which he became entangled with

man had not been on the beach more than a quarter of an hour at the most. Stackhurst had followed him from The Gables, so there could be no doubt about that. He had gone to bathe and had stripped, as the naked footsteps sh ray ban sunglasses owed. Then he had suddenly huddled on his clothes again they were all dishevelled and unfastened and he had returned without bathing, or at any rate without drying himself. And the reason for his change of purpose had been that he had been scourged in som ray ban sunglasses e savage, inhuman fashion, tortured until he bit his lip through in his agony, and was left with only strength enough to crawl away and to die. Who had done this barbarous deed? There were, it is true, small grottos and caves in the base of the cliffs, but the low sun shone directly into them, and there was no place for

the park gates. A tall, dark figure was awaiting us there, who proved to be our London acquaintance, Mr. John Mason, the trainer. Good-evening, gentlemen, said he. I got your note, Mr. Holmes. Sir Robert has not returned yet, but I hear that he is expected to-night. How far is this crypt from the house? asked Holmes. A good quarter of a mile. Then I think we can disregard him altogether. I cant afford to do that, Mr. Holmes. The moment he arrives he will want to see me to get the last news of Shoscombe Prince. I see! In that case we must work without you, Mr. Mason. You can show us the crypt and then leave us. It was pitch-dark and without a moon, but Mason led u ray ban sunglasses s over the grass-lands until a dark mass loomed up in front of us which proved to be the ancient chapel. We entere ray ban sunglasses d the broken