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mistake had been made in not arresting Boone instantly, as he was allowed some few minutes during which he might have communicated with his friend the Lascar, but this fault was soon remedied, and he was seized and searched, without anything being found which could incriminate him. There were, it is true, some blood-stains upon his right shirtsleeve, but he pointed to his ring-finger, which had been cut near the ray ban wayfarer nail, and explained that the bleeding came from there, adding that he had been to the window not long before, and that the stains which had been observed there came doubtless from the same source. He denied strenuously having ever seen Mr. Neville St. Clair and swore that the presence of ray ban wayfarer the clothes in his room was as much a mystery to him as to the police. As to Mrs. St. Clairs

are likely to want into the room which you used to occupy. I have no doubt that, in spite of the repairs, you could manage there for one night. Oh, yes, easily. The rest you will leave in our hands. But what will you do? We shall spend the night in your room, and we shall investigate the cause of this noise which has disturbed you. I believe, Mr. Holmes, that you have already made up your mind, said Miss Stoner, laying her hand upon my companions sleeve. Perhaps I have. Then, ray ban wayfarer for pitys sake, tell me what was the cause of my sisters death. I should prefer to have clearer proofs before I speak. You can at least tell me wheth ray ban wayfarer er my own thought is correct, and if she died from some sudden fright. No, I do not think so. I think that there was probably some more tangible cause. And now, Miss

I am Alexander Holder, of the banking firm of Holder & Stevenson, of Threadneedle Street. The name was indeed well known to us as belonging to the senior partner in the second largest private banking concern in the City of London. What could have happened, then, to bring one of the foremost citizens of London to this most pitiable pass? We waited, all curiosity, until with another effort he braced himself to tell his st ray ban wayfarer ory. I feel that time is of value, said he; that is why I hastened here when the police inspector suggested that I should secur ray ban wayfarer e your co-operation. I came to Baker Street by the Underground and hurried from there on foot, for the cabs go slowly through this snow. That is why I was so out of breath, for I am a man who takes very little exercise. I feel better now, and I will

digestion gains in the way of blood supply is so much lost to the brain. I am a brain, Watson. The rest of me is a mere appendix. Therefore, it is the brain I must consider. But this danger, Holmes? Ah. yes, in case it should come off, it would perhaps be as well that you should burden your memory with the name and address of the murderer. You can give it to Scotland Yard, with my love and a parting blessing. Sylvius is the name Count Negretto Sylvius. Write it down, man, write it down! 136 Moorside Gardens, N. W. Got it? Watsons honest face was twitching with anxiety. He knew only too well the immense risks taken by Holmes and was well aware that what he said was m ray ban wayfarer ore likely to be under-statement than e ray ban wayfarer xaggeration. Watson was always the man of action, and he rose to the occasion. Count

Holmes had imagined, times had not been easy with him. Without exactly accusing him of being responsible for our presence, the professor had been very rough and rude in hi ray ban wayfarer s speech, and evidently felt some strong grievance. This morning he was quite himself again, however, and had delivered his usual brilliant lec ray ban wayfarer ture to a crowded class. Apart from his queer fits, said Bennett, he has actually more energy and vitality than I can ever remember, nor was his brain ever clearer. But its not he its never the man whom we have known. I dont think you have anything to fear now for a week at least, Holmes answered. I am a busy man, and Dr. Watson has his patients to attend to. Let us agree that we meet here at this hour next Tuesday, and I shall be surprised if before we leave you again we are not

aid the icy voice. I have obeyed my fathers wish in seeing you, but I am not compelled to ray ban wayfarer listen to the ravings of this person. With an oath Miss Winter darted forward, and if I had not caught her wrist she would have clutched this maddening woman by the hair. I dragged her towards the door and was lucky to get her back into the cab without a public scene, for she was beside herself with rage. In a cold way I felt pretty furious myself, Watson, for there was something indescribably annoying in the calm aloofness and supreme self-complaisance of the woman whom we were trying to save. So now once again you know exactly how we stand, and it is clear that I must plan some fresh opening move, for this gambit wont work. Ill keep in touch with you, Watson, for it is ray ban wayfarer more than likely that you will

concealment. Then, again, there were those distant figures on the beach. They seemed too far away to have been connected with the crime, and the broad lagoon in which McPherson had intended to bathe lay between him and them, lapping up to the rocks. On the sea two or three fishing-boats were at no great distance. Their occupants might be examined at our leisure. There were several roads for inquiry, but none which led to any very obvious goal. When I at last returned to the body I found that a little group of wondering folk had gathered round it. Stackhurst was, of course, still there, and Ian Murdoch had just arrived with Anderson, the village constabl x ray ban wayfarer xxx e, a big, ginger-moustached man of the slow, solid Sussex breed a breed which covers much good sense under a heavy, silent exterior. He

gap which was once the porch, and our guide, stumbling among heaps of loose masonry, picked his way to the corner of the building, where a steep stair led down into the crypt. Striking a match, he illuminated the melancholy place dismal and evil-smelling, with ancient crumbling walls of rough-hewn stone, and piles of coffins, some of lead and some of ray ban wayfarer stone, extending upon one side right ray ban wayfarer up to the arched and groined roof which lost itself in the shadows above our heads. Holmes had lit his lantern, which shot a tiny tunnel of vivid yellow light upon the mournful scene. Its rays were reflected back from the coffin-plates, many of them adorned with the griffin and coronet of this old family which carried its honours even to the gate of Death. You spoke of some bones, Mr. Mason. Could you show