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be discovered, and the ominous bloodstains upon the sill gave litt ray ban white sunglasses le promise that he could save himself by swimming, for the tide was at its very highest at the moment of the tragedy. And now as to the villains who seemed to be immediately implicated in the matter. The Lascar was known to be a man of the vilest antecedents, but as, by Mrs. St. Clairs story, he was known to have been at the foot of the stair within a very few seconds of her husbands appearance at the window, he could hardly have been more than an accessory to the crime. His defence was one of absolute ignorance, and he protested th ray ban white sunglasses at he had no knowledge as to the doings of Hugh Boone, his lodger, and that he could not account in any way for the presence of the missing gentlemans clothes. So much for the Lascar manager. Now

as the bell-rope? remarked H ray ban white sunglasses olmes. Yes, there were several little changes carried out about that time. They seem to have been of a most interesting characterdummy bell-ropes, and ventilators which do not ventilate. With your permission, Miss Stoner, we shall now carry our researches into the inner apartment. Dr. Grimesby Roylotts chamber was larger than that of his stepdaughter, but was as plainly furnished. A camp-bed, a small wooden shelf full of books, mostly of a technical character, an armchair beside the bed, a plain wooden chair against the wall, a round table, and a large iron safe were the principal th ray ban white sunglasses ings which met the eye. Holmes walked slowly round and examined each and all of them with the keenest interest. Whats in here? he asked, tapping the safe. My stepfathers business

as white as when it fell. The grey pavement had been cleaned and scraped, but was still dangerously slippery, so that there were fewer passengers than usual. Indeed, from the direction of the Metropolitan Station n x ray ban white sunglasses xxx o one was coming save the single gentleman whose eccentric conduct had drawn my attention. He was a man of about fifty, tall, portly, and imposing, with a massive, strongly marked face and a commanding figure. He was dressed in a sombre yet rich style, in black frock-coat, shining hat, neat brown gaiters, and well-cut pearl-grey trousers. Yet his actions were in absurd contrast to the dignity of his dress and features, for he was running hard, with occasional little springs, such as a weary man gives who is little accustomed to set any tax upon his legs. As he ran he jerked his

about, Billy? Billy sank his voice, as one who discusses great secrets of State. I dont mind telling you, sir, but it should go no farther. Its this case of the Crown diamond. What the hundred ray ban white sunglasses -thousand-pound burglary? Yes, sir. They must get it back, sir. Why, we had the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary both sitting on that very sofa. Mr. Holmes was very nice to them. He soon put them at their ease and promised he would do all he could. Then there is Lord Cantlemere Ah! Yes, sir, you know what that means. Hes a stiffun, sir, if I may s ray ban white sunglasses ay so. I can get along with the Prime Minister, and Ive nothing against the Home Secretary, who seemed a civil, obliging sort of man, but I cant stand his Lordship. Neither can Mr. Holmes, sir. You see, he dont believe in Mr. Holmes and he was against

he is! said Bennett in a startled whisper. Looking between the branches we saw the tall, erect figure emerge from the hall door and look around him. He stood leaning forward, his hands swinging straight before him, his head turning from side to side. The secretary with a last wave slipped off among the trees, and we saw him presently rejoin his e ray ban white sunglasses mployer, the two entering the house together in what seemed to be a ray ban white sunglasses nimated and even excited conversation. I expect the old gentleman has been putting two and two together, said Holmes as we walked hotelward. He struck me as having a particularly clear and logical brain from the little I saw of him. Explosive, no doubt, but then from his point of view he has something to explode about if detectives are put on his track and he suspects his own

Merville. Well, sir, said she in a voice like the wind from an iceberg, your name is familiar to me. You have called. as I un ray ban white sunglasses derstand, to malign my fiance, Baron Gruner. It is only by my fathers request that I see you at all, and I warn you in advance that anything you can say ray ban white sunglasses could not possibly have the slightest effect upon my mind. I was sorry for her, Watson. I thought of her for the moment as I would have thought of a daughter of my own. I am not often eloquent. I use my head, not my heart. But I really did plead with her with all the warmth of words that I could find in my nature. I pictured to her the awful position of the woman who only wakes to a mans character after she is his wife a woman who has to submit to be caressed by bloody hands and lecherous lips. I spared her nothing

could only be described as ferocious. On one occasion, being plagued by a little dog belonging to McPherson, he had caught the creature up and hurled it through the plate-glass window, an action for which Stackhurst would certainly have given him his dismissal had he not been a very valuable teacher. Such was the strange complex man who now appeared beside us. He seemed to be honestly shocked at the sight before him, though the incident of the dog may show that there was no great sympathy between the dead man and himself. Poor fellow! Poor fellow! What can I do? How can I help? Were you with him? Can you tell us what has happened? No, no, I was late this morning. I was not on the beach at all. I have come straight from The Gables. What can I do? You can hurry to the pol x ray ban white sunglasses xxx ice-station at

jack, which absolved us from fishing for the day. About eleven oclock we started for a walk, and he obtained leave to take the black spaniel with us. This is the place, said he as we came to two high park gates with heraldi ray ban white sunglasses c griffins towering above them. About midday, Mr Barnes informs me, the old lady takes a drive, and the carriage must slow down while the gates are opened. When it comes through, and before it gathers speed, I want you, Watson, to stop the coachman with some question. Never mind me. I shall stand behind this holly-bush and see what I can see. It was not a long vigil. Within a quarter of an hour we saw the big open yellow barouche coming down the long ray ban white sunglasses avenue, with two splendid, high-stepping gray carriage horses in the shafts. Holmes crouched behind his bush with the dog.