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repute of a brave soldier. Others were of a date during the rec ray ban women eyeglasses onstruction of the Southern states, and were mostly concerned with politics, for he had evidently taken a strong part in opposing the carpet-bag politicians who had been sent down from the North. Well, it was the beginning of 84 when my father came to live at Horsham, and all went as well as possible with us until the January of 85. On the fourth day after the new year I heard my father give a sharp cry of surprise as we sat together at the breakfast-table. There he was, sitting with a newly opened envelope in one hand and five dried orange pips in the outstret ray ban women eyeglasses ched palm of the other one. He had always laughed at what he called my cock-and-bull story about the colonel, but he looked very scared and puzzled now that the same

in this weather. You look cold, Mr. Ryder. Pray take the basket-chair. I will just put on my slippers before we settle this little matter of yours. Now, then! You want to know what became of those geese? Yes, sir. Or rather, I fancy ray ban women eyeglasses , of that goose. It was one bird, I imagine in which you were interestedwhite, with a black ray ban women eyeglasses bar across the tail. Ryder quivered with emotion. Oh, sir, he cried, can you tell me where it went to? It came here. Here? Yes, and a most remarkable bird it proved. I dont wonder that you should take an interest in it. It laid an egg after it was deadthe bonniest, brightest little blue egg that ever was seen. I have it here in my museum. Our visitor staggered to his feet and clutched the mantelpiece with his right hand. Holmes unlocked his strong-box and held up the blue

have only to put it into words to gain the reputation of being excellent company for the remainder of your existence. Part 10 THE ADVENTURE OF THE NOBLE BACHE ray ban women eyeglasses LOR The Lord St. Simon marriage, and its curious termination, have long ceased to be a subject of interest in those exalted circles in which the unfortunate bridegroom moves. Fresh scandals have eclipsed it, and their more piquant details have drawn the gossips away from this fou ray ban women eyeglasses r-yearold drama. As I have reason to believe, however, that the full facts have never been revealed to the general public, and as my friend Sherlock Holmes had a considerable share in clearing the matter up, I feel that no memoir of him would be complete without some little sketch of this remarkable episode. It was a few weeks before my own marriage, during

Holmes, when I got back to my lodgings and found little enough in the cupboard, and two or three bills upon the table. I began to ask myself whether I had not done a very foolish thing. Afte ray ban women eyeglasses r all, if these people had strange fads and expected obedience on the most extraordinary matters, they were at least ready to pay for their eccentricity. Very few governesses in England are getting 100 pounds a year. Besides, what use was my hair to me? Many people are improv ray ban women eyeglasses ed by wearing it short and perhaps I should be among the number. Next day I was inclined to think that I had made a mistake, and by the day after I was sure of it. I had almost overcome my pride so far as to go back to the agency and inquire whether the place was still open when I received this letter from the gentleman himself. I

now, Watson, suppose for a moment that we visualize you in the character of a woman who, in a cold, premeditated fashion, is about to get rid of a rival. ray ban women eyeglasses You have planned it. A note has been written. The victim has come. You have your weapon. The crime is done. It has been workmanlike and complete. Do you tell me that after carrying out so crafty a crime you would now ruin your reputation as a criminal by forgetting to fling your weapon into those adjacent reed-beds which would forever cover it, but you must needs carry it carefully home and put it in your ray ban women eyeglasses own wardrobe, the very first place that would be searched? Your best friends would hardly call you a schemer, Watson, and yet I could not picture you doing anything so crude as that. In the excitement of the moment No, no, Watson, I

I am not too strong, and my researches are very absorbing. But you can imagine, Mr. Holmes, what a terrific shock pleasant but terrific it was for me when I heard of this unparalleled good fortune. It only needs one more Garrideb to complete the matter, and surely we can find one. I had a brother, but he ray ban women eyeglasses is dead, and female relatives are disqualified. But there must surely be others in the world. I had heard that you handled strange cases, and that was why I sent to you. Of course, this American gentleman is quite right, and I should have taken his advice first, but I acted for the best. I think you acted very wisely indeed, said Holmes. But are you really anxious to acquire an estate in America? Certainly not, sir. Nothing would induce me to leave my collection. ray ban women eyeglasses But this gentleman has

letter was written in the afternoon, and a good deal has happened since then. If Colonel Emsworth had not kicked me out Kicked you ou ray ban women eyeglasses t! Well, that was what it amounted to. He is a hard ray ban women eyeglasses nail, is Colonel Ems-worth. The greatest martinet in the Army in his day, and it was a day of rough language, too. I couldnt have stuck the colonel if it had not been for Godfreys sake. I lit my pipe and leaned back in my chair. Perhaps you will explain what you are talking about. My client grinned mischievously. I had got into the way of supposing that you knew everything without being told, said he. But I will give you the facts, and I hope to God that you will be able to tell me what they mean. Ive been awake all night puzzling my brain, and the more I think the more incredible does it become. When I

strong-room might also be the death-chamber, and the subsequent inquiry which led to the discovery of the bodies in a disused well, cleve ray ban women eyeglasses ray ban women eyeglasses rly concealed by a dog kennel, should live in the history of crime as a standing example of the intelligence of our professional detectives. Well, well, MacKinnon is a good fellow, said Holmes with a tolerant smile. You can file it in our archives, Watson. Some day the true story may be told. Chapter 11 Chapter 11 The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger When one considers that Mr. Sherlock Holmes was in active practice for twenty-three years, and that during seventeen of these I was allowed to cooperate with him and to keep notes of his doings, it will be clear that I have a mass of material at my command. The problem has always been not to find but to choose.