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his departure, to the effect that a small parcel of considerable value which she had been expecting was waiting for her at the offices of the Aberdeen Shipping Company. Now, if you are well up in your London, you will know that the office of the company is in Fresno Street, which branches out of Upper Swandam Lane, where you found me to-night. Mrs. St. Clair had her lunch, started for the City, did s tortoise ray ban glasses ome shopping, proceeded to the companys office, got her packet, and found herself at exactly 4:35 walking through Swandam tortoise ray ban glasses Lane on her way back to the station. Have you followed me so far? It is very clear. If you remember, Monday was an exceedingly hot day, and Mrs. St. Clair walked slowly, glancing about in the hope of seeing a cab, as she did not like the neighbourhood in which she found

the ill-trimmed lawn and examined with deep attention the outsides of the windows. This, I take it, belongs to the room in which you u tortoise ray ban glasses sed to sleep, the centre one to your sisters, and the one next to the main building to Dr. Roylotts chamber? Exactly so. But I am now sleeping in the middle one. Pending the alterations, as I understand. By the way, there does not seem to be any very p tortoise ray ban glasses ressing need for repairs at that end wall. There were none. I believe that it was an excuse to move me from my room. Ah! that is suggestive. Now, on the other side of this narrow wing runs the corridor from which these three rooms open. There are windows in it, of course? Yes, but very small ones. Too narrow for anyone to pass through. As you both locked your doors at night, your rooms were unapproachable from

of it within a few minutes of returning home. Obviously someth tortoise ray ban glasses ing had occurred during the morning, then, to cause her to change her mind. What could that something be? She could not have spoken to anyone when she was out, for she had been in the company of the bridegroom. Had she seen someone, then? If she had, it must be someone from America because she had spent so short a time in this country that she could hardly have allo tortoise ray ban glasses wed anyone to acquire so deep an influence over her that the mere sight of him would induce her to change her plans so completely. You see we have already arrived, by a process of exclusion, at the idea that she might have seen an American. Then who could this American be, and why should he possess so much influence over her? It might be a lover; it might be a husband.

personal dates handled so unkindly. As a matter of cold fact, Holmes made his debut in A Study in Scarlet and in The Sign of Four, two small booklets which appeared between 1887 and 1889. It was in 1891 that A Scandal in Bohemia, the first of the long series of short stories, appeared in The Strand Magazine. The public seemed appreciative and desirous of more, so that from that date, thirty-nine years ago, they have been produced in a broken series which now contains no fewer than fifty-six stor tortoise ray ban glasses ies, republished in The Adventures, The Memoirs, The Retu tortoise ray ban glasses rn, and His Last Bow. and there remain these twelve published during the last few years which are here produced under the title of The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes. He began his adventures in the very heart of the later Victorian era, carried

without your aid. He walked across the room to the bell. Our London friend Mr. Bennett, answered the call. Come in, Mr. Bennett. These two gentlemen have come from London under the impression that they have been summoned. You handle all my correspondence. Have you a note of anything going to a person named H tortoise ray ban glasses olmes? No, sir, Bennett answered with a flush. That is conclusive, sa tortoise ray ban glasses id the professor, glaring angrily at my companion. Now, sir he leaned forward with his two hands upon the table it seems to me that your position is a very questionable one. Holmes shrugged his shoulders. I can only repeat that I am sorry that we have made a needless intrusion. Hardly enough, Mr. Holmes! the old man cried in a high screaming voice, with extraordinary malignancy upon his face. He got between us and

photographs. names, details, everything about them. It was a beastly book a book no man, even if he had come from the gutter, could have put together. But it was Adelbert Gruners book all the same. Souls I have ruined. tortoise ray ban glasses He could have put that on the outside if he had been so minded. However, thats neither here nor there, for the book would not serve you, and, if it would, you cant get it. Where is it? How can I tell you where it is now? Its more than a year since I left him. I know where he kept it then. Hes a precise, tidy cat of a man in many of his ways, so maybe it is still in the pigeon-hole of the old bureau tortoise ray ban glasses in the inner study. Do you know his house? Ive been in the study, said Holmes. Have you. though? You havent been slow on the job if you only started this morning. Maybe dear

which contains some score of young fellows preparing for various professions, with a staff of several masters. Stackhurst himself was a well-known rowing Blue in his day, and an excel tortoise ray ban glasses lent all-round scholar. He and I were always friendly from th tortoise ray ban glasses e day I came to the coast, and he was the one man who was on such terms with me that we could drop in on each other in the evenings without an invitation. Towards the end of July, 1907, there was a severe gale, the wind blowing up-channel, heaping the seas to the base of the cliffs and leaving a lagoon at the turn of the tide. On the morning of which I speak the wind had abated, and all Nature was newly washed and fresh. It was impossible to work upon so delightful a day, and I strolled out before breakfast to enjoy the exquisite air. I walked along

good Berkshire air. Well, you are in the right place for that. There is a deal of it lying about. But mind what I have told you about Sir Robert. Hes the sort that strikes first and speaks afterwards. Keep clear of the park. Surely, Mr. Barnes! We certainly shall. By the way, that was tortoise ray ban glasses a most beautiful spaniel that was whining in the hall. I should say it was. That was the real Shoscombe breed. There aint a better in England. I am a dog-fancier myself, said Holmes. Now, if it is a fair question, what would a prize dog like that cost? More than I could pay, sir. It was Sir Robert himself who gave me this one. Thats why I have to keep it on a lead. It would be off to the Hall in tortoise ray ban glasses a jiffy if I gave it its head. We are getting some cards in our hand, Watson, said Holmes when the landlord had