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his orgies had always been confined to one day, and he had come back, twitching and shattered, in the evening. But now the spell had been upon him eight-and-forty hours, and he lay there, doubtless among the dregs of the docks, breathing in the poison or sleeping off the effects. There he was to be found, she was sure of it, at the Bar of tortoise ray ban sunglasses Gold, in Upper Swandam Lane. But what was she to do? How could she, a young and timid woman, make her way into such a place and pluck her husband out from among the ruffians who surrounded him? There was the case, and of course there was b tortoise ray ban sunglasses ut one way out of it. Might I not escort her to this place? And then, as a second thought, why should she come at all? I was Isa Whitneys medical adviser, and as such I had influence over him. I could manage it better if

deep waters, said he; pray go on with your narrative. Two years have passed since then, and my life has been until lately lonelier than ever. A month ago, however, a dear friend, whom I have known for many years, has done me the honour to ask my han tortoise ray ban sunglasses d in marriage. His name is ArmitagePercy Armitagethe second son of Mr. Armitage, of Crane Water, near Reading. My stepfather has offered no opposition to the match, and we are to be married in the course of the spring. Two days ago some repairs were started in the west wing of the buil tortoise ray ban sunglasses ding, and my bedroom wall has been pierced, so that I have had to move into the chamber in which my sister died, and to sleep in the very bed in which she slept. Imagine, then, my thrill of terror when last night, as I lay awake, thinking over her terrible fate, I

important, all the same. As to the note, it is important also, or at least the initials are, so I congratulate you again. Ive wasted time enough, said Lestrade, rising. I believe in hard work and not in sitting by the fire spinning fine theories. Good-day, Mr. Holmes, and we shall see which gets to the bottom of the matter first. He gathered up the garments, thrust them into the bag, and made for the door. Just one hint to you, Lestrade, drawled Holmes be tortoise ray ban sunglasses fore his rival vanish tortoise ray ban sunglasses ed; I will tell you the true solution of the matter. Lady St. Simon is a myth. There is not, and there never has been, any such person. Lestrade looked sadly at my companion. Then he turned to me, tapped his forehead three times, shook his head solemnly, and hurried away. He had hardly shut the door behind him when

am sure if I had known Well, then, you know now. And if you ever put your foot over that threshold againhere in an instant the smile hardened into a grin of rage, and he glared down at me with the face of a demonIll throw you to the mastiff. I was so terrified that I do not know what I did. I suppose that I must have rushed past him into my room. I remember nothing until I found myself lying on my bed trembling all over. Then I thought of you, Mr. Holmes. I could not live there longer without some advice. I was frightened of the hou tortoise ray ban sunglasses se, of the man, of the woman, of the servants, even of the child. They were all horrible to me. If I could only bring you down all would be well. Of course I might have fled from the house, but my tortoise ray ban sunglasses curiosity was almost as strong as my fears. My mind was soon made

correspondence was collected. And the box, said Holmes. Ah, yes, the box. The professor brought back a little wooden box from his travels. It was the one thing which suggested a Continental tour, for it was one of those quaint carved things which one tortoise ray ban sunglasses associates with Germany. This he placed in his instrument cupboard. One day, in looking for a canula, I took up the box. To my surprise he was very angry, and reproved me in words which were tortoise ray ban sunglasses quite savage for my curiosity. It was the first time such a thing had happened, and I was deeply hurt. I endeavoured to explain that it was a mere accident that I had touched the box, but all the evening I was conscious that he looked at me harshly and that the incident was rankling in his mind. Mr. Bennett drew a little diary book from his pocket. That

said, on the express stipulation tortoise ray ban sunglasses that he should not be personally involved in the matter. I have no doubt, Mr. H tortoise ray ban sunglasses olmes, with your great powers you could easily trace my client back through me, but I must ask you, as a point of honour, to refrain from doing so, and not to break in upon his incognito. Holmes gave a whimsical smile. I think I may safely promise that, said he. I may add that your problem interests me, and that I shall be prepared to look into it. How shall I keep in touch with you? The Carlton Club will find me. But in case of emergency, there is a private telephone call, XX.31. Holmes noted it down and sat, still smiling, with the open memorandum-book upon his knee. The Barons present address, please? Vernon Lodge, near Kingston. It is a large house. He has been fortunate in

bullet through my shoulder. I stuck on to my horse, however, and he galloped several miles before I fainted and rolled off the saddle. When I came to myself it was nightfall, and I raised myself up, feeling very weak and ill. To my tortoise ray ban sunglasses surprise there was a house close beside me, a fairly large house with a broad stoep and many windows. It was deadly cold. You remember the kind of nu tortoise ray ban sunglasses mb cold which used to come at evening, a deadly, sickening sort of cold, very different from a crisp healthy frost. Well, I was chilled to the bone, and my only hope seemed to lie in reaching that house. I staggered to my feet and dragged myself along, hardly conscious of what I did. I have a dim memory of slowly ascending the steps, entering a wide-opened door, passing into a large room which contained several beds,

about the size of it. He is a devil of a fellow and must lead her a most uneasy life. Yet I have heard that she is devoted to him. But what is amiss at Shoscombe? Ah, that is just what I want to know. And here, I expect, is the man who can tell us. The door had opened and the page had shown in a tall, clean-shaven man with the tortoise ray ban sunglasses firm, austere expression which is only seen upon those who have to control horses or boys. Mr. John Mason had many of both under his sway, and he looked equal to the task. He bowed with cold self-possession and seated himself upon the chair to which Holmes had waved him. You had my note, Mr. Holmes? Yes, but it explained nothing. It was too delicate a thing for me to put the details on paper. tortoise ray ban sunglasses And too complicated. It was only face to face I could do it. Well, we are